Grand Kimberley Coast (Island Sky)

Grand Kimberley Coast (Island Sky)

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Enjoy 10 day Kimberley cruise aboard Island Sky. Experience an unforgettable world of exclusive moments, incredible cultures and charming surprises.

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Grand Kimberley Coast (Island Sky)
Vessel Type: Luxury Small Ship Length: 90 metres Passenger Capacity: 116  Built / refurbished: 1992 / 2010 / 2017 Sister ship to Hebridean Sky. Island Sky and Hebridean Sky are truly sisters. Built in the same Italian Shipyard, both boast spacious, well-appointed suites, stylish common areas, and redundant core technology that allows them to operate smoothly, even under the most challenging of conditions. Both ships are all-suite, all-inclusive small expedition vessels with touches of elegance throughout. The Island Sky is scheduled for additional upgrades in 2017, including the addition of tinted sliding glass doors to all cabins on the Promenade Deck. Services: World-Class Cuisine Complimentary Wine or Beer with Dinner Live Entertainment Complimentary Coffee/Tea station Voyage Photographer On-board MD and Facilities Dedicated Passenger Service Manager Pre-voyage hotel night Complimentary Expedition Jacket Facilities: Elevator serving all passenger decks Upgraded WIFI Internet Library with computers Panoramic Top Deck Observation Platform Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment Lounge with Audiovisual Facilities DVD Movie Library Tinted sliding glass doors in all cabins on the Promenade Deck World-Class Cuisine: Great expeditions require great food! Our team of world-class chefs offer breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that change daily. They have boat-loads of creativity, so you are sure to experience a variety of remarkable cuisine throughout your voyage. Accommodations: All Suites Feature: Exterior views Your choice of queen-sized or two twin-sized beds Sitting area with sofa and side chair Flat Screen TV with DVD/CD player Telephone Independent temperature controls Mini-Bar Marble-appointed bathroom with fine toiletries Hair dryer 220 square feet or more Sofa can be converted to bed for third person PLEASE NOTE - DECK PLANS CAN VARY.


Day 1 - DAY 1 Arrive Broome, Embark Ship
We’ll meet you at the airport before setting out on a fleeting exploration of this historic pearling town. This afternoon be welcomed aboard your expedition ship. A relaxed dinner this evening allows you the chance to meet your fellow travellers and sets the tone for the next nine nights on board.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Buccaneer Archipelago, Adele Island
There’s promise of yet more turquoise waters today as your ship arrives in the Buccaneer Archipelago, home to more than 800 islands. Cruise to Adele Island and join your expedition team member for an exploration of this remote coastal area by Zodiac. The island is surrounded by Adele Reef, teeming with an array of coral and marine life including reef sharks and stingrays. Back on board, toast the end of an epic adventure during a farewell dinner. Then, take in the amber glow of a Kimberley sunset for the last time as your ship sets sail towards Broome.
Day 3 - DAY 3 Talbot Bay, Horizontal Falls
Subject to tidal conditions, set out on a thrilling ride through the falls aboard a high-powered fast boat. Hold on tight as your boat skims across Talbot Bay to the mouth of the falls before making its way through the churning waters.Today your ship cruises through to Talbot Bay, known for its epic 12-metre tides that create an astonishing natural spectacle, the Horizontal Falls. Here, enjoy a Signature Experience. The adventure continues as you jump aboard your Zodiac vessel for an exploration of Cyclone Creek. See dramatic folding in the rock formations as you navigate through the creek, accompanied by your expedition team member.
Day 4 - DAY 4 Montgomery Reef, Doubtful Bay, Raft Point
Excitement builds this morning as you join your expedition team for an in-depth exploration of Montgomery Reef by Zodiac. Witness the reef rise out of the ocean as the tidal waters cascade rapidly into the surrounding channels. Keep an eye out for unique bird life and turtles who may pop their heads up from time to time.Start your day with a phenomenal Signature Experience. Then, cruise through Doubtful Bay, a hotspot for whale watching during the season. Later, step ashore at Raft Point to visit an ancient Wandjina rock art site. When available, you'll be joined by a local Indigenous guide.
Day 5 - DAY 5 Careening Bay, Prince Regent Reserve, St George's Basin
Reach Careening Bay today, home to the historic Mermaid Boab Tree. It was here in 1820 that Lieutenant Phillip Parker King used the area’s massive tides to beach his damaged ship, the HMC Mermaid. During this time, King's carpenter carved the ship’s name into a boab tree that overlooks the bay. Continue on to Prince Regent Nature Reserve, only accessible by boat. Explore this protected area and see why it is recognised as a national biodiversity hotspot. Next, it's on to the untouched coastal area of Hanover Bay. While you're here, you might like to hop aboard your Zodiac for an enthralling visit to St George's Basin. If the tide allows, perhaps catch a glimpse of a saltwater crocodile, among other marine life.
Day 6 - DAY 6 Prince Frederick Harbour, Hunter River, Mitchell Falls
Your expedition ship arrives at Prince Frederick Harbour today, home to soaring red cliffs and mangroves. With its extreme tides and pristine ecosystems, the harbour is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including saltwater crocodiles and mudskippers. Keen birdwatchers should keep an eye out for kingfishers, egrets, herons and white-bellied sea eagles. It's time to jump aboard your Zodiac vessels for an exploration of the Hunter River and Naturalist Island. As your day of discovery draws to a close, you might choose to set out on a helicopter flight and view the natural spectacle of Mitchell Falls from above (own expense).
Day 7 - DAY 7 Bigge Island
In caves throughout the island, see examples of first contact art depicting European tall ships dating from the 15th to 18th century. Having been repainted annually for the past 5,000 years, it is thought to be the oldest continuous sacred painting tradition on the planet.Discover Bigge Island today, known for its Indigenous rock art created by the Wunambal people. During your time here, take in a Signature Experience.
Day 8 - DAY 8 Vansittart Bay, Jar Island
An intriguing exploration of Vansittart Bay awaits today. Join your expedition team and set out across the bay's vast salt flats to view the wreckage of a US Air Force C-53 that crash landed on the beach during World War II. Later, step ashore at Jar Island and see examples of mysterious Bradshaw (Gwion Gwion) paintings, dating back some 20,000 years.
Day 9 - DAY 9 Koolama Bay, King George River And Falls
Anticipation builds as your Zodiac approaches King George Falls, plunging 80 metres over a towering sandstone cliff. Edge closer to this epic cascade and learn how it turns to a raging torrent during the monsoonal wet season.Wake this morning as your ship cruises into Koolama Bay. Hear how this harbour was renamed following the Japanese bombing of the MV Koolama in 1942. Next, it's on to King George River. Join your expedition team and jump aboard a Zodiac to meander through the river's gorge system, passing hidden mangrove-fringed coves and soaring red cliffs. It is here you’ll experience your first Signature Experience.
Day 10 - DAY 10 Disembark Ship Wyndham, Depart Kunununrra
Arriving into Wyndham this morning means it’s time to say goodbye to your ship. You’ll transfer to Kununurra where your tour ends.
Day 11 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
23-05-202001-06-2020NZD $11,895Magellan Suite. From
23-05-202001-06-2020NZD $13,445Columbus Deck Superior
23-05-202001-06-2020NZD $15,745Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
23-05-202001-06-2020NZD $16,195Marco Polo Deck Premium
23-05-202001-06-2020NZD $16,745Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
23-05-202001-06-2020NZD $17,595Explorer Owners Balcony
23-05-202001-06-2020NZD $18,495Explorer Deck Island Suite
01-06-202010-06-2020NZD $15,545Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
01-06-202010-06-2020NZD $15,995Marco Polo Deck Premium
01-06-202010-06-2020NZD $16,545Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
01-06-202010-06-2020NZD $17,395Explorer Owners Balcony
01-06-202010-06-2020NZD $18,295Explorer Deck Island Suite
01-06-202010-06-2020NZD $11,695Magellan Suite. From
01-06-202010-06-2020NZD $13,245Columbus Deck Superior
10-06-202019-06-2020NZD $11,895Magellan Suite. From
10-06-202019-06-2020NZD $13,445Columbus Deck Superior
10-06-202019-06-2020NZD $15,745Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
10-06-202019-06-2020NZD $16,195Marco Polo Deck Premium
10-06-202019-06-2020NZD $16,745Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
10-06-202019-06-2020NZD $17,595Explorer Owners Balcony
10-06-202019-06-2020NZD $18,495Explorer Deck Island Suite
19-06-202028-06-2020NZD $11,695Magellan Suite. From
19-06-202028-06-2020NZD $13,245Columbus Deck Superior
19-06-202028-06-2020NZD $15,545Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
19-06-202028-06-2020NZD $15,995Marco Polo Deck Premium
19-06-202028-06-2020NZD $16,545Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
19-06-202028-06-2020NZD $17,395Explorer Owners Balcony
19-06-202028-06-2020NZD $18,295Explorer Deck Island Suite
06-07-202015-07-2020NZD $11,895Magellan Suite. From
06-07-202015-07-2020NZD $13,445Columbus Deck Superior
06-07-202015-07-2020NZD $15,745Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
06-07-202015-07-2020NZD $16,195Marco Polo Deck Premium
06-07-202015-07-2020NZD $16,745Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
06-07-202015-07-2020NZD $17,595Explorer Owners Balcony
06-07-202015-07-2020NZD $18,495Explorer Deck Island Suite
15-07-202024-07-2020NZD $11,695Magellan Suite. From
15-07-202024-07-2020NZD $13,245Columbus Deck Superior
15-07-202024-07-2020NZD $15,545Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
15-07-202024-07-2020NZD $15,995Marco Polo Deck Premium
15-07-202024-07-2020NZD $16,545Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
15-07-202024-07-2020NZD $17,395Explorer Owners Balcony
15-07-202024-07-2020NZD $18,295Explorer Deck Island Suite
01-08-202010-08-2020NZD $11,895Magellan Suite. From
01-08-202010-08-2020NZD $13,445Columbus Deck Superior
01-08-202010-08-2020NZD $15,745Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
01-08-202010-08-2020NZD $16,195Marco Polo Deck Premium
01-08-202010-08-2020NZD $16,745Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
01-08-202010-08-2020NZD $17,595Explorer Owners Balcony
01-08-202010-08-2020NZD $18,495Explorer Deck Island Suite
10-08-202019-08-2020NZD $11,395Magellan Suite. From
10-08-202019-08-2020NZD $12,945Columbus Deck Superior
10-08-202019-08-2020NZD $15,245Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
10-08-202019-08-2020NZD $15,695Marco Polo Deck Premium
10-08-202019-08-2020NZD $16,245Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
10-08-202019-08-2020NZD $17,095Explorer Owners Balcony
10-08-202019-08-2020NZD $17,995Explorer Deck Island Suite
19-08-202028-08-2020NZD $11,345Magellan Suite. From
19-08-202028-08-2020NZD $12,895Columbus Deck Superior
19-08-202028-08-2020NZD $15,195Erikson Deck Deluxe Balcony
19-08-202028-08-2020NZD $15,645Marco Polo Deck Premium
19-08-202028-08-2020NZD $16,195Marco Polo Deck Corner Suite
19-08-202028-08-2020NZD $17,045Explorer Owners Balcony
19-08-202028-08-2020NZD $17,945Explorer Deck Island Suite


    • Montgomery Reef. Board your Zodiac to experience Montgomery Reef as the tide recedes, getting up close to unique marine life.
    • Spectacular Horizontal Falls. Board a high powered fast-boat to ride the massive tide at the spectacular Horizontal Falls.
    • King George River And Falls. Explore the sandstone gorge carved by King George River to the 80 metre cascade of King George Falls, the highest in WA.