Caribbean Sea – Hidden Highlights & Panama Canal (Roald Amundsen)

Caribbean Sea – Hidden Highlights & Panama Canal (Roald Amundsen)

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This exploration cruise takes you island hopping in the Caribbean, ending the journey with a transit through the Panama Canal. From Nassau, we visit stunning tropical islands in the Bahamas, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Nicaragua, and Panama. You’ll see the best beaches, lagoons, and coral reefs the Caribbean has, and enjoy a relaxing onboard yoga and wellness programme.

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Caribbean Sea – Hidden Highlights & Panama Canal (Roald Amundsen)
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 140 metres Passenger Capacity: 530 Built: 2019 In 2019, Hurtigruten adds a brand new ship to its fleet: the MS Roald Amundsen. The state of the art vessel features new and environmentally sustainable hybrid technology that will reduce fuel consumption and show the world that hybrid propulsion on large ships is possible. MS Roald Amundsen is the first of two hybrid ships Hurtigruten will add to its fleet over the next few years, cutting emissions by sailing with electrical propulsion. Hybrid technology, combined with the advanced construction of the hull and effective use of electricity on board will reduce fuel consumption and CO2-emissions on the ships by 20 percent. The build of these two ships represents the largest single investment in the history of Hurtigruten.  The future of shipping will be silent and emission free. MS Roald Amundsen will lead the way towards an even more sustainable way of traveling. Sailing on electrical power is not only a great benefit for the environment, but it will also enhance the impact of experiencing nature for the guests. The ship will be specially constructed for voyages in polar waters and serve as a comfortable basecamp at sea – bringing adventurers from all over the world to the most spectacular destinations in the most sustainable way. Facilities on board One of the most eye-catching exterior design features of the ships will be the two-level indoor/outdoor Observation Deck wrapped around the top of the ships’ raked bow. In a vast area behind it, you’ll find the core of the onboard experience: Amundsen Science Center.   Packed with state of the art technology and high tech gadgets such as touch screens and science equipment, the immersive edutainment area will be the place guests and staff/crew meet, mingle and create a deeper understanding for the areas they explore. The flexible venue will feature lecture spaces, a small library, and speciality areas for workshops in photography, biology, and more. The area, featuring large windows, will also be the onboard HQ for Hurtigruten’s hand picked Expedition Team.   The stunning scenery will be reflected in a rich and comfortable interior design. Scandinavian materials from nature, such as granite, oak, birch and wool will be used to create relaxed and stylish cabins and public areas. All cabins are outside, 50 % will have private balconies, aft suites will feature private outdoor Jacuzzis with spectacular views.  MS Roald Amundsen will feature three restaurants inspired by Nordic and Norwegian heritage: Aune Main Dining, named after the Norwegian ship chandler and polar expedition supplier Tinus Aune. Fredheim - the ships’ informal and social meeting place – named after a 1900s hunting station on Svalbard. Lindstrøm, a speciality restaurant named after Adolf Lindstrøm, the favorite chef of the Norwegian polar heroes. Artwork on board When the world’s first hybrid powered expedition ship embarks on her maiden voyage, every piece of art on board will be handpicked by HM Queen Sonja of Norway’s art foundation - the Queen Sonja Print Award. Read more about the exciting collaboration here.  


Day 1 - Day 1 Beautiful Bahamanian Resort
A former pirate haven, lively Nassau still trades in rum and cigars, but now sports a bustling central shopping district and endless options to wine and dine. New Providence Island and Paradise Island are also renowned for their beaches and splendid coral reefs. Take some time to explore more with a Pre-Programme before your expedition.
Day 2 - Day 2 Serenity at Sea
Enjoy a pleasant day at sea on the way to the Inagua Islands. The Expedition Team will begin their lecture series on the Caribbean. Spend time on deck looking for birds or other marine life following the ship’s wake. Make the most of the perfect climate and join a yoga workshop out on deck.
Day 3 - Day 3 Flamingos, Lighthouses, and… Salt
With 140 different species of exotic birds including over 80,000 flamingos, Inagua is a birdwatcher’s dream. The mangroves are also a natural habitat for nesting Hawkbill and Green sea turtles. Visit one of the three remaining kerosene-burning, hand-cranked lighthouses in The Bahamas or learn about the Island’s main industry, salt production, from the friendly locals.
Day 4 - Day 4 Sleepy Capital
As capitals go, few are as calm and quiet as Cockburn. The long, narrow streets are lined with old street lamps and 18th and 19th century British Bermudian architecture. The National Museum houses Taino artefacts and an exhibit of the Molasses Reef Wreck, the oldest known European shipwreck in the Americas, dated 1505.
Day 5 - Day 5 Relax Onboard
Join the Expedition Team for interesting lectures, learn the basics of expedition photography, and spend time out on deck enjoying the fresh sea air as you scout for wildlife. Use the Science Center’s state-of-the-art microscopes to observe the tiniest creatures in samples taken during this voyage. Continue your yoga routine and unwind with guided meditation.
Day 6 - Day 6 Jamaica's Hidden Retreat
Once a beach escape for celebrities in the 1940s, this quiet town is tucked well away from Jamaica’s more touristic areas. With its makeshift markets and chatty street vendors, there is a romantic, slow-paced rhythm here. Trek to the stunning Reach Waterfall and famed Blue Lagoon or take a bamboo raft to the aptly named Monkey Island.
Day 7 - Day 7 The Melting Pot of ‘Mobay’
Christopher Colombus first anchored here in 1494, calling it the “Gulf of Good Weather”. Today, it buzzes with locals and visitors out enjoying the beaches and exuberant eateries. Visit Rose Hall to learn about ‘Mobay’’s colonial history, explore hidden underground caves, or board a bamboo raft down the glistening Martha Brae River.
Day 8 - Day 8 Cayman’s Cosmopolitan Capital
There is an endless array of activities available in George Town. Go on a submarine tour, board a glass-bottom boat, go snorkelling, scuba-diving, parasailing, visit rum distilleries and art galleries, and of course, enjoy duty-free shopping and restaurants galore. The 19th century National Museum contains over 8,000 exhibits, including a 14-ft traditional handmade catboat.
Day 9 - Day 9 At Your Leisure
As we sail toward Central America, spend this sea day at your leisure. Take advantage of the many onboard facilities, relax and meditate in our yoga workshop, or join in on lectures as we recap our voyage.
Day 10 - Day 10 ‘The Sea of Seven Colours’
This tiny Colombian island in the Spanish Caribbean is a rare and unspoiled find off the grid. Tour the deserted golden beaches by buggy cart or go in search of pirate Henry Morgan’s hidden treasure. The diverse coral reefs are the centre point of UNESCO’s Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, and kaleidoscopic marine life inspires the above nickname.
Day 11 - Day 11 The Caribbean’s Best Kept Secret
Most of the Creole population live in colourful wooden houses on Great Corn, engaging in lobster fishing. Hike up Mount Pleasant Hill for views of the coves and stunning horseshoe bays. Pristine coral reefs surround both islands, tantalising snorkelers with the likes of barracudas, nurse sharks, hammerheads, green sea turtles, and spotted eagle rays.
Day 12 - Day 12 ‘Galápagos of the Caribbean’
Bocas del Toro is a stunning archipelago brimming with deserted sandy beaches, teeming coral reefs, and lush rainforest. It is home to Panama's first National Marine Park and one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. This `Galápagos of the Caribbean´ supports wildlife such as manatees, dolphins, turtles, sloths, monkeys, and iguanas.
Day 13 - Day 13 "Eco-Conscious" Paradise
More than 365 cayes, islands and reefs make up the San Blas Islands. Only 49 are inhabited, exclusively by Guna Yala Indians, who protect their islands by only accepting ecologically friendly tourism and shunning mass market cruise ships. Try fresh red snapper with coconut rice and a Coco-Loco drink, before relaxing in a beach-side hammock.
Day 14 - Day 14 Connecting Two Oceans
We enter the Panama Canal near the city of Colón. Experience the Canal transit and the ingenuity of the lock's system firsthand as MS Roald Amundsen is lifted over 26 metres above sea level, passing through man-made channels and lakes to eventually emerge in the Caribbean Ocean, effectively crossing from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Day 15 - Day 15 City on the Canal
Your voyage ends in Panama City, which is much more than just its famous canal. Visit the ruins of Old Panama City which was devastated by notorious pirate Henry Morgan. Hike Ancón Hill and enjoy views of the skyscraper-lined cityscape and of Casco Antiguo district which boasts a real mix of architectural styles.
Day 16 - Please Note:
Hurtigruten offers unique expedition cruises to some of the most remote and pristine waters of the world. As with all expeditions; nature prevails. Weather, and ice and sea conditions, sets the final framework for all Hurtigruten’s operations. Safety and unparalleled guest experiences are at all times our top priorities. All our indicative itineraries are continuously evaluated for adaptions, whether this is due to constraints the elements unexpectedly presents – or exciting possibilities nature and wildlife offer. That is why we call it an expedition.

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    • See colourful cities and beautiful remote islands around several Caribbean countries
    • Enjoy onboard yoga and meditation classes with a professional instructor
    • Spot wildlife such as whales, turtles, dolphins, sharks, monkeys and iguanas
    • Experience a transit of the Panama Canal aboard your expedition ship