Belize & Roatan (Grande Mariner)

Belize & Roatan (Grande Mariner)

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There’s nowhere quite like it in the world. This tropical adventure carries passengers through the untouched, clear-blue waters of paradise for twelve days of kayaking, snorkeling, and island exploration.

Belize is an eco-lover’s dream where flora, fauna and cultural heritage are the primary attractions. Swim and snorkel in the pristine tropical waters at several of the 200 cays which lie just off the mainland. This country is world-renown by serious snorkeling enthusiasts as an exceptional must-experience destination. The extensive barrier reef system teams with colorful and varied marine life including blue striped grunts, damsel fish, and sergeant majors. Naturalists onboard will enhance your knowledge of the area’s fragile ecosystems, wildlife, archaeology and ancient civilizations.

This itinerary features stops at Roatan and Utila located in the Bay Islands chain off the north coast of Honduras. These islands exude authentic Caribbean charm and have diverse topography from white sand beaches to jungle-covered hills. Meet native people who have maintained their identity and traditions despite the intrusion of the modern world. Optional tours from Belize City include excursions to a Mayan ruins site, the celebrated Belize Zoo, and more. Explore this world with BSSA. You’ll find this totally unspoiled, natural destination as impressive as we do.

Trip Name
Belize & Roatan (Grande Mariner)
Vessel Type: Small Ship Cruise Length: 56m Passenger Capacity: 88 Built/ Refurbished : 1998 / 2010 She was refurbished in 2010, with totally new cabin configurations including new décor, new bathrooms, new furniture in the cabins, a renovated lounge, new décor, and brand new furniture. So if you want to take in a few rays on the sun deck, relax and enjoy the vista-view lounge, or just have a few quiet moments in your cabin as the sea drifts past your open picture window, the Grande Mariner is ready.


Day 1 - Belize City, Belize
Get up-close to the people, places and marine life of this unique area learning about the local ecosystems, traditions and history. This bustling city is home to a diverse group of inhabitants from a sorted history of settlements. Now, Belize City is the heart of Belize.
Day 2 - Goff Cay
Ideally located on the edge of the barrier reef, Goff Cay supports thriving populations of lobster, conch and enormous sea turtles. Beautiful beaches and the sparkling Caribbean Sea make for a picture-perfect tropical destination, seen only on post cards.
Day 3 - Water Cay
Anchor in the calm waters at Water Cay and admire the stunning seascape views on the ship’s main deck. Water Cay is located adjacent to the deep water channel, approximately twenty minutes from the mainland and minutes from the world’s second largest barrier reef by boat. Crystal clear waters are ideal for fishing, swimming, snorkeling and deep sea diving.
Day 4 - Southwater Cay
Patch reefs, white sand and extensive seagrass meadows surround this idyllic island. Be greeted by the beautiful fisherman's dock, filled with yachts and local fishing ships. Watch for falling coconuts from high trees as you step onto the island. Explore the waters or the islands’ mangrove habitats at this stop.
Day 5 - Placencia Village, Belize
Replete with palm-lined beaches, this 16-mile peninsula has become known as an eco-destination. Step off the bow ramp of the ship and onto the sandy shore to visit this village. Once a fisherman's town, now offers a variety of shops, restaurants, wildlife-watching and galleries, which are all available to visit while the ship is docked here. This evening, enjoy entertainment by local performers onboard.
Day 6 - Lime Cay
Part of the Sapodillas Cayes Marine Reserve, Lime Cay is among the southern most group of islands in the Belize Barrier Reef which is the second longest barrier reef in the entire world. Swim, snorkel or kayak on the spectacularly clear waters. Treat yourself to a nap on these unspoiled beaches, but be sure to not miss the activities on the island! Hermit crab races, local cuisine and lively entertainment await!
Day 7 - Punta Gorda Town, Belize
This southernmost city is a seaport and fishing town that is also home to a unique mix of Garifuna, Creole and Mayan cultures. These communities combine on shop days, when the entire neighborhood triples when vendors come to sell their respective goods. Explore the village market and browse an array of family-owned shops. On an optional tour, indulge in the decadence of traditional Mayan chocolate as you visit a local cacao farm and learn how cacao farming supports the community.
Day 8 - West Snake Cay
West Snake Caye is one of the district’s and even maybe one of Belize’s best kept secrets. Coral white sand and aqua blue waters combine with patch reefs and colorful fish to create a lush destination not to be missed. This is a quintessential swimming and snorkeling location for passengers to explore Central America's waters at their very best.
Day 9 - Monkey River
The Monkey River maintains importance for a number of ecological and practical reasons. This body of water connects the Mayan Mountains to the coastal waters known as the Gulf of Honduras. Here the region boasts one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Wildlife is abundant; channels wind through coastal mangroves and offer great possibilities of manatee sightings. Look up and you may even catch sight of a Howler monkey, for whom the river was named.
Day 10 - Utila, Honduras
Enjoy the gentle pace of this island paradise. Utila is a snorkeler’s retreat with a reputation for being the best diving destination in Central America. The island offers more than eighty diving sites among its widespread reefs abounding with marine life. Experience the best of Central American cuisine, locals and loyal visitors will recommend, "tacos if you’re busy the next day or quesadillas if you have the morning off to recover." Between eating and swimming, you may opt to visit the local Iguana Farm, where there are plenty of reptiles and even more photo opportunities!
Day 11 - Roatan, Honduras
The largest of the Honduran Bay Islands, Roatan is a favorite spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. Admire the natural beauty of this island from Fantasy Island Resort, where we will be spending one night. Here, you will have your choice of a range of activities. Swim with dolphins, dive into the second largest reef in the world, or simply relax on the beach.
Day 12 - Please Note:
Transfers between Goldson Airport in Belize City or Galvez International Airport in Roatan to and from the vessel are included. Optional sighting tours are at an additional cost. All itineraries including ports, activities and routes are subject to change based on availability, weather, river, water levels and sea conditions.

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    • Ports Visited
    • Belize City, Goff Cay, Water Cay, Southwater Cay, Placencia Village, Lime Cay, Punta Gorda Town, West Snake Cay, Monkey River, Utilla, Roatan
    • Waterways Navigated
    • Caribbean Sea, Victoria Channel, Bay Islands, Lago de Izabal, Gulf of Honduras, Honduras Bay