ABC Islands and Colonial Ports

ABC Islands and Colonial Ports

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Trip to the ABC islands
Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao – the alphabet of the Caribbean begins with these three islands off the coast of Venezuela. The ABC islands are considered the “Netherlands of the Caribbean”, and their Dutch colonial past is still visible in the pastel-coloured architecture. There are plenty of colours on show underwater, too: Their breathtaking biodiversity renders these three island beauties a Mecca for water sports fans.

Idyllic sailing along the trade winds
Throughout winter and spring, the Caribbean trade winds provide ideal speeds and perfect stability while
delivering extremely pleasant air and water temperatures. The many hours out at sea are a real joy for the
tall ship and a delight for those looking to enjoy the freedom beneath the sails. All this in stunning waters.

Cartagena’s colonial centre
When in the old days, the Spanish fleet entered the port twice a year to sell weapons and horses and load gold, silver and gems, all of Cartagena was out and about. Founded in 1533, the historic town exudes the flair of colonial times until today. With its colourful houses, Andalusian palaces and numerous churches, the historical centre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A lecturer accompanies the trip
Knowledge, entertainment and facts – our expert is on hand to give talks on a wide variety of specialist subjects. He will also be on board to answer any questions that you may have.

Trip Name
ABC Islands and Colonial Ports
Vessel Type: Tall Ship (Sailing) Length: 105 metres Passenger Capacity: 96 Built: 2001 Launched in 2001, Sea Cloud II is a stunning vessel, built along traditional lines, but offering deluxe accommodation. She combines timeless elegance of sailing ships of the past with the highest safety standards and the luxurious comfort of modern cruise ships. Just like her legendary sister ship Sea Cloud, the 29,600 square feet of sails is set by hand which is a truly magical sight. Built to accommodate 96 passengers in five star luxury, she offers a range of beautifully appointed suites and cabins which are furnished with great style. All accommodations have outside views and the bathrooms, in light marble, are unusually spacious and extremely comfortable. The finest, carefully chosen fabrics, combined with leather, rattan and other materials, brass and gold, precious woods and marble together create an impressive ensemble. No expense has been spared to create a sympathetic ambience in both the accommodations and public areas and this is reflected throughout the vessel. Public areas include an elegant lounge, library, fitness centre, boutique, lido bar and hospital. The single sitting dining room is airy and modern and the quality of the cuisine and service will be to the highest of standards, as one would expect on a Sea Cloud cruise. Relax on the Lido deck and experience the natural grandeur of travelling under sail, rekindling memories of a bygone age. Please note deck and suite plans are indicative only and may vary slightly.


Day 1 - Day 1 - Willemstad/Curacao
Curaçao, alphabetically the last of the ABC, is the largest in the Netherlands Antilles in terms of land area. The neat capital, Willemstad, a trading post for the Dutch West India Company in the 17th century, with its well preserved colonial architecture, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The picturesque location of the wide harbour canal, boulevards with beautifully restored facades and colourful, typically Dutch gabled houses make Willemstad a lively "Little Amsterdam", in the bright Caribbean light, beneath palm trees, with azure bays and pearl-white beaches.
Day 2 - Day 2 - Kralendijk/Bonaire
The second largest island in the ABC islands, which forms part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is an idyllic natural paradise with many different faces. In the hilly northern region, lush tropical greenery prevails and in the some areas have a desert-like character with cactuses as high as trees and natural salt lakes that attract whole flocks of pink flamingos. The island also gleams with rugged rocky cliffs, mangrove forests, several small bays, endless sandy beaches and a long offshore coral reef.
Day 3 - Day 3 - Oranjestad/Aruba
Aruba, the most westerly island in the Netherlands Antilles, is also the last in the arc of the Antilles before you reach the South American mainland. Its capital, Oranjestad, founded in 1796, shows that everything here is a bit different. Caribbean pastel-coloured houses and Delft tiles, carved wooden doors and Dutch gables, all-around balconies and colonial galleries. All of these features combine to create a style which can only have one name - Aruban. Aruba also offers a distinctive natural landscape, with an inland desert, extensive sand dunes, oddly formed cliffs, impressive cactus forests, strangely shaped divi-divi trees and countless aloe plants.
Day 4 - Days 4 & 5 - At Sea
Day 5 - Day 6 - Cartagena/Colombia
Cartagena was once the richest city in the New World and a popular target for pirate attacks, since a large part of the Spanish treasure was stored there. Sir Francis Drake also instilled terror into the Spanish city. After Drake's invasion, the city was fortified with an 11-kilometre (7 miles)-long rampart and the immense San Felipe fortifications. Today Cartagena is one of the most beautiful colonial cities on the American continent and is protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
Day 6 - Day 7 - At Sea
Day 7 - Day 8 - Colon
Since 1914, the Panama Canal has linked the Atlantic to the Pacific. This technological marvel of locks and canals also comprises two artificial lakes. The Gatúnsee, one of the world's largest dammed lakes, has now regained a unique range of flora and fauna. In fact, nature has reclaimed the lake for itself, with the rainforest sprawling over its banks. The former hills are now islands on which an astonishing variety of species has formed, due to its isolation. The largest island, Barro Colorado, is completely untouched and has been a nature reserve since 1923. Scientists from all over the world come here to try and discover the jungle's last secrets.
Day 8 - Please Note:
Itinerary subject to change!

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    • Trip to the ABC islands
    • Idyllic sailing along the trade winds
    • Cartagena’s colonial centre
    • A lecturer accompanies the trip