Sights and Sounds of Cuba (Variety Voyager)

Sights and Sounds of Cuba (Variety Voyager)

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Experience a harmonious balance between conventional cruising and private yachting, along with an exciting voyage of discovery, unraveling the wonders of the Cuba awaiting to be discovered. Each day you will discover a new port of call, a hidden cove with crystal blue waters to cool you, a glimpse of ancient history to amaze you and rich cultural diversity to intrigue you. The colonial cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad, the verdant landscapes of Vinales / Pinar del Rio and the crystal clear seas and amazing underwater life in Maria La Gorda.

Trip Name
Sights and Sounds of Cuba (Variety Voyager)
Vessel Type: Motor Yacht Length: 68 metres Passenger Capacity: 72 Built: 2012 The new build 68m - 223ft state of the art Mega Yacht will accommodate just 72 passengers in 36 cabins. Built under the latest International “Safety of Life At Sea” (SOLAS 2010) regulations and classified by the American Bureau of Shipping (A.B.S.), the Variety Voyager guarantees guests safety with incomparable comfort and elegance.   The Variety Voyager will seduce her passengers with her sleek lines and ample deck space, very much what one expects from a millionaire’s super yacht. Inside, cabins and public areas are finished with warm fabrics, rich marbles, axminster carpeting and soft tones wood panelling. Everywhere, unobstructed views of the ocean and of the ports visited. And above all, the professional service of a crew of 28, always with a smile and a true desire to satisfy. Ship Categories & locations may vary on some trips, please check for details.


Day 1 - Day 1: Cienfuegos
Meeting at 9 am at the Melia Cohiba Havana for your 4 and a ½ hour bus transfer with fellow passengers toCienfuegos where you will embark your ship. After checking in you will have the opportunity to take a 3 hourOptional Cienfuegos city tour and discover the only city in Cuba founded by French settlers, also known as thePearl of the South. In 2005 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Our walking tour will take us to agraphic arts workshop and to Parque Marti in the centre to see some outstanding examples of its architecturerepresenting the new ideas of modernity and urban planning as developed in Latin America from the 19thCentury. Dinner on board and overnight at sea to Casilda/ Trinidad.
Day 2 - Day 2: Havana
After breakfast, we will start our Optional walking exploration in Old Havana. Witness a mixture of beautifulold baroque and neo-classical monuments, arcades and private balconies. For an enhanced sightseeingexperience, flag down a uniquely decorated local “bicitaxi,” or bicycle taxi. We will stop at a local restaurant forlunch, followed by a scenic drive in vintage American cars to Finca Vigia, beloved home of Ernest Hemingwaywhere he lived for 21 years and wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea. Upon our returnfrom Finca Vigia, enjoy some free time before we make our way to Café El Mercurio for dinner, and then to theCafé Taberna to experience the wonderful salsa music of the Buena Vista Social Club style performance.Overnight in Sierra Maestra Port- Old Havana.
Day 3 - DAY 3: Havana
Disembark in the early morning for an optional excursion to Fusterlandia, the studio of artist Jose RodriguezFuster. The brightly colored mermaids, roofs, walls, benches, and doorways were greatly inspired by Gaudi inBarcelona and Brancusi in Rome, but most of all by Picasso and Dubuffet. Enjoy 2 hours or leisure to experiencethe wonders of Havana on your own before returning to the ship for embarkation. Lunch, dinner, and overnightonboard as we sail to Maria La Gorda.
Day 4 - DAY 4: Maria La Gorda
After breakfast, we disembark in Maria La Gorda for our optional excursion, where we will visit a local school tomeet the Cuban children and their teachers, and discuss the differences and levels of the Cuban and Americaneducational systems, particularly in the rural areas of the country. Visit the headquarters of GuanahacabibesNational Park, one of the country's largest nature reserves on the westernmost tip of the island. The peninsulais one of the last refuges of aboriginals fleeing from the Spanish conquistadors and also holds some 140archeological sites linked to life of aboriginals known as Guanahatabeyes. Time-permitting, we will venture intothe park, followed by free time for swimming, snorkelling and a BBQ lunch in Maria La Gorda before embarkingthe Voyager. Dinner and overnight on board as we sail to the Island of Youth-Isla de la Juventud.
Day 5 - Day 5: Isla Juventud
Until 1977, the island was called the Isle of Pines. In 1978 Fidel Castro turned the island into one grandCommunist school for students from around the world and thus the Island of Youth.Your Optional Juventud excursion starts. Disembark on the beach where you will board the bus for the shortdrive, enjoying panoramic sightseeing until you reach the Presidio Modelo, an abandoned panopticon prisonwhere both Fidel and Raul Castro were imprisoned from 1953-1955. Enjoy lunch in an authentic local restaurantbefore visiting an art school and the maternity ward of a local hospital. There will be some free time forindependent exploration and enjoyment around Nueva Gerona’s grand boulevard before returning to embarkthe ship. Overnight at sea to Casilda/Trinidad.
Day 6 - Day 6: Casilda/ Trinidad
Disembark for our Trinidad Optional excursion. A meticulously well-preserved Spanish colonial city, with itsrich architecture, cobblestone streets, palaces and plazas, it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Museum City ofCuba.” This morning we will walk through the town and then meet with a representative of the Office of theCity Historian, interacting with residents along the way. We will attend a presentation and visit a scale model ofthe city. Stop at the Romantic Museum located in the old palace of the Count Brunet, with samples of furnitureand decorative arts, or the Palacio Cantero Museum. Visit the studio of Lazaro, a very unique woodcarver andtake part in a sightseeing tour of this UNESCO World Heritage site. Lunch at a typical Cuban Restaurant, orsimilar followed by a visit the studio of Lazaro Niebla, a very unique woodcarver. Depart Trinidad by bus anddrive to Cienfuegos, where we will meet the Voyager for an overnight in port. Captain’s Farewell Dinneronboard.
Day 7 - Day 7: Cienfuegos
Enjoy breakfast on board before disembarking for full day Optional excursion of Cienfuegos. The city wasfounded by French settlers and thus offers a unique architecture. Cienfuegos is also known as the Pearl of theSouth and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the graphic arts workshop and the Benny MoreSchool of Art. Walk around the city centre and admire outstanding examples of French neo classical architecturefrom the 19th Century. A special treat will be a concert by the singers of the Chorus of Cienfuegos, or stringquartet. After lunch we will stroll around the city, meet the locals, and visit the galleries and the local market.Overnight in Cienfuegos.
Day 8 - Day 8: Cienfuegos
Disembark at 9 am after breakfast, for a 4 and a ½ hour bus transfer with other passengers back to Havana -Melia Cohiba Hotel.
Day 9 - Please Note:
These itineraries may be subject to change as a result of weather and other factors not in ourcontrol. Our vessels have been granted the longest stays of any cruise boats in the port of Havana.Since space at the dock itself is severely limited, this itinerary might involve a combination of having totender in to shore, as well as docking at one of only two piers.

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    • Visit Cienfuegos
    • the only city in Cuba founded by French settlers, also known as the Pearl of the South
    • Explore Casilda for Trinidad
    • a meticulously well-preserved Spanish colonial city, with its rich architecture, cobblestone streets, palaces and plazas, it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Museum City of Cuba”
    • Discover Havana. Old Havana is considered one of the most impressive historical city centers in the Caribbean and in the Americas