Costa Rica & Panama: Crossing the Panama Canal: Panama to Costa Rica

Costa Rica & Panama: Crossing the Panama Canal: Panama to Costa Rica

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A Costa Rica & Panama Canal cruise is one full of adventures, excitement and lifetime memories.The jungles with their spectacular plants and wildlife, the unique white sand beaches and the crossing of the legendary Panama Canal, are only some of the myriad treasures this Panama cruise has to offer.

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Costa Rica & Panama: Crossing the Panama Canal: Panama to Costa Rica
Vessel Type: Luxury Yacht Length: 53 metres Passenger Capacity: 49 Built / refurbished: 1993 / 2009 Imagine a place far from home that feels just like home, where the borders are delineated by the golden shores of the sea; and home is wherever the anchors drop. Imagine 173 feet of comfort, sleek beauty, and safety classified by the latest International “Safety of Life at Sea” (SOLAS) standards. Imagine your floating home on board the sleek, classic design Mega Yacht as she spreads her white sails through the seas under the name PANORAMA, waving her Greek flag through the wind. Discover the world by sea at 11 knots per hour, in her un-rushed pace, one island or seashore at a time on board the ultimate 3 masted motor sailer cruiser. Panorama loves to seduce her select 49 guests with her classic lines and wood paneled lounges redefining what yachting was meant to be. A spacious lounge with ample space, dining areas decorated with warm colors, rich library and two decks for sunbathing, shaded areas and outdoor bar and loungers are just some of the elements that define her essence. 360° views of unobstructed ocean are your eyes’ canvas painted with ocean blue and deep green mountains. Embrace freedom as the Panorama sets her white sails seduced by the clear winds of the sea. Mingle with likeminded travelers in our public areas, enjoy a moment to yourself in our ample deck space, or retreat to one of our 25 ocean view cabin-sanctuaries all offering windows or portholes connecting you with mother nature’s wonders. Panorama’s experienced crew of 18 is trained with hospitality at heart to pamper her guests and guarantee the ultimate home away from home experience.


Day 1 - Day 1 | Saturday: Colon 2000 Port - Panama Canal Crossing, Panama
Embarkation 15:00-16:00. Welcome drinks, safety drill and sailing to Quepos. Overnight at anchor
Day 2 - Day 2 | Sunday: Flamenco Marina/Panama City, Panama
Optional Morning Excursion to MANUEL ANTONIO RESERVE, one of the highlights of the cruise.After lunch on board, you can take the optional Forest Canopy excursion. Afternoon sailing to nearby Playa Biesanz for an afternoon swim. (Forest Canopy tour excursionparticipants rejoin the ship in Playa Biesanz). Tropical evening on board. Late night sailing to DrakeBay. Overnight at sea.
Day 3 - Day 3 | Monday: Playa Muerto/Darien, Panama
OPTIONAL EXCURSION IN THE CORCOVADO NATIONAL PARK / OSA PENINSULA, a naturepreserve and tropical rainforest that occupies almost a third of the Osa Peninsula. Visitors arealmost guaranteed to see some of the most incredible wildlife living in the jungles of the reserveincluding red-eyed tree frogs, quetzals, tapirs, harpy eagles, white-lipped peccaries, monkeys, andscarlet macaws. Swimmers can have the amazing opportunity to share the warm waters withmarlins, dolphins, and pilot whales. Early afternoon sailing to Golfito. IMMIGRATION PROCEDURES AT ANCHOR.
Day 4 - Day 4 | Tuesday: Granito de Oro - Coiba Islands, Panama
Midday arrival in Granito de Oro for swimming and snorkeling in a pristine environment. Deck BBQand sailing to nearby Coiba Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest island in CentralAmerica. Afternoon walking tour with our Ship Naturalist who will take you for a short walk to discover thelocal forest and animal life. Free time for swimming and snorkeling on Coiba. In the afternoon, weleave Coiba. Overnight at sea.
Day 5 - Day 5 | Wednesday: Golfito, Costa Rica
Morning arrival at Iguana Island, a wildlife-rich territory, a bird-watching paradise, and keysanctuary for frigate birds. Snorkel the shallow reefs at the protected Isla Iguana Bay. Free timefor swimming and snorkelling. You will see lots of colorful tropical fish, Morey Eels, Rays and eventurtles swimming in the warm Pacific waters. On land you will spot crabs and iguanas. The wildliferefuge of Isla Iguana was founded in 1981 and includes over 50 hectare of land and water. Theisland is a snorkeling and diving paradise as it has the biggest area of well-preserved coral reefs inthe Gulf of Panama with 17 different coral species, more than 350 tropical fishes and over 200species of invertebrates.
Day 6 - Day 6 | Thursday: Drake Bay, Costa Rica
Optional excursion in the Darien National park. We are then welcomed by Embera Indians, oneof the 7 indigenous groups living in Panama. They are proud and very friendly and known for theirbeautiful handicrafts and well preserved traditions. We return to ship for lunch and sail to PanamaCity Flamenco Marina.
Day 7 - Day 7 | Friday: Quepos - Playa Biesanz, Costa Rica
Morning Optional Panama City tour. Discover the old Panama City, Casco Viejo, its architecture,cathedrals and historical buildings. We return to the ship for lunch, and the ship is positioned atthe Canal entrance for the Canal transit starting at 17.00 pm. We reach and cross the Pedro Migueland Miraflores Locks before we enter the Gatun Lake and cross the Gatun Locks
Day 8 - Day 8 | Saturday: Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
Disembarkation at 9:00 am after breakfast.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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17-02-202424-02-2024EUR €3,890Category A
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24-02-202402-03-2024EUR €3,890Category A
02-03-202409-03-2024EUR €2,490Category C
02-03-202409-03-2024EUR €2,950Category B
02-03-202409-03-2024EUR €3,890Category A


    • Manuel Antonio National Park. As you venture deep into Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos, our guest Naturalist will help you spot on the treetops for endangered white-faced Capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys three-toed sloths.
    • Corcovado National Park. A nature preserve and tropical rain-forest that occupies almost a third of the Osa Peninsula. Unleash your inner explorer, spot some of the most incredible wildlife living in the jungles of the reserve including red-eyed tree frogs, quetzals, tapirs, harpy eagles, white-lipped peccaries, monkeys, and scarlet macaws.
    • Crossing the Panama Canal. It’s an engineering marvel, a multi-billion-dollar commercial behemoth. The Panama Canal, which joins the Atlantic to the Pacific, is certainly Panama’s greatest claim to fame. Moving mountains and carving through dense jungle, the creation of the canal in 1914 literally reshaped the natural landscape of this sliver of Central America.