Panama & the Islands II (Grande Mariner)

Panama & the Islands II (Grande Mariner)

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Have the opportunity to cruise the Panama Canal TWICE on this trip from February 15 – February 26, 2019. Onboard early arrival is available for those who want to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Panama with a loved one.

Like its famed canal, Panama itself is a fascinating mosaic of colors, textures and humanity’s invincible will to co-exist with the environment. BSSA takes special pride in showing travelers Panama through the intimate perspective of a small vessel. With their profusion of coconut palms, white sand beaches, unexplored coral reefs, and luxuriant jungle spreading to the water’s edge, the San Blas islands are just one example of the special moments that await on this unique small ship cruise.

Panama has been a popular cruising destination for years due to the awe-inspiring Panama Canal and its designation as one of the most diverse, natural ecotourism destinations in the world. With Blount, you will visit the “Whole Panama,” transiting the full length of the canal, TWICE and experiencing both the Caribbean and Pacific sides of this remarkable country. Experience a fascinating mosaic of colors, textures and communities living in harmony with nature. In this area of the world, time seems to stand still as we introduce our guests personally to native cultures that most will only read about. A jungle river leads us in hand-carved ‘cayuga’ canoes to the home of the Choco Indians where we are greeted with warm hospitality by people still living in harmony with nature as in the days of Christopher Columbus. This spectacular trip is like visiting old friends, and is one BSSA’s’s most exotic experiences.

Trip Name
Panama & the Islands II (Grande Mariner)
Vessel Type: Small Ship Cruise Length: 56m Passenger Capacity: 88 Built/ Refurbished : 1998 / 2010 She was refurbished in 2010, with totally new cabin configurations including new décor, new bathrooms, new furniture in the cabins, a renovated lounge, new décor, and brand new furniture. So if you want to take in a few rays on the sun deck, relax and enjoy the vista-view lounge, or just have a few quiet moments in your cabin as the sea drifts past your open picture window, the Grande Mariner is ready.


Day 1 - (Optional) Onboard Early Arrival Panama City, Panama
Arrive for your cruise one day early and spend Valentine's Day with a loved one in Panama City. A chef-prepared dinner will be served on board as well as breakfast the following morning. Allow your Cruise Director to recommend some sights to see before your trip before the ship departs from Panama City. $150.00 per person.
Day 2 - Panama City, Panama
Panama's commercial center since 1671, when gold and silver were transmitted to Spain through the Isthmus of Panama. You will have the opportunity for a city tour and be sure not to miss out on the many historic sites that dot this invincible city.
Day 3 - Panama Canal
Open since 1914, experience one of the most important waterways in the world.This 48-mile waterway connects two of the world’s great oceans, the Pacific and the Atlantic. In 2016 a second Panama Canal was opened to accommodate the unprecedented amount of traffic needing to travel the canal each year. Experience the "Whole Panama" first hand as you transit aboard the Grande Mariner through this engineering marvel.*Daytime Panama Canal transit is not guaranteed.
Day 4 - Portobelo, Panama
Explore Portobelo, an UNESCO World Heritage Site that works to preserve Panama’s unique culture. One of the great treasure ports of the Spanish Main, Portobelo is known for its quiet charm and deep natural harbor. This is a popular sailing destination along the Isthmus of Panama and your last stop before transiting the famed Panama Canal.
Day 5 - Carti Village, San Blas Islands
Spend the night in Carti Village, a thriving central village located on one of the 49 major islands of the San Blas. Meet the local Kuna people and support the locals by perusing their for-purchase crafts. Explore the village and witness the inner workings of this fascinating tribal society.
Day 6 - Lemon Cay, San Blas Islands
Lemon Cay is part of the stunning San Blas Islands. This island oasis is the perfect destination for swimming and snorkeling. Wake up and enjoy your morning on the top deck of our vessel where you may sip coffee or sunbathe.
Day 7 - Waisaladup, San Blas Islands
Bear witness to our patented bow ramp at work. At Waisaladup Cay, walk from ship to shore where you can relax on the beach as you look out over the San Blas Islands. Spend the night here before cruising to explore more of Panama.
Day 8 - Chichime Cay, San Blas Islands
White sand beaches and unexplored coral reefs await. Watch for falling coconuts as you mosey around the unspoiled land. Today, you'll enjoy and authentic beach barbecue with your fellow passengers.
Day 9 - Colon, Panama
Arrive in Colon before your second Panama Canal transit. While the city named for Christopher Columbus has seen it's hardships, today it's a lovely vacation destination for those interested in cultural shops, restaurants and extensive history.
Day 10 - Balboa, Panama
Formally part of the Canal Zone, Balboa is now a thriving community. Those who visit Balboa must see the scenic overlook of Ancon Hill with views of a set of locks along the Panama Canal. Also, take advantage of local shops and restaurants for a truly authentic experience.
Day 11 - Isla Taboga
On the other side of the Panama Canal, Isla Taboga anticipates your arrival. Nestled in the warm, tropical waters of the Bay of Panama, stroll along the flower-lined paths, for which the island was named. This humble town boasts pristine nature trails and a variety of wildlife.
Day 12 - Isla Contadora
The gem of the Pearl Islands Archipelago, this island destination is replete with pristine beaches and turquoise waters. The island interior is made up of a lush rain forest that lends itself to the diverse wildlife that lives there.
Day 13 - Darien Jungle
Unspoiled Panama at it's finest, this undeveloped jungle is known as the Darien Gap. Take a skiff ride up the Rio Sambu River into the abundant forest. Make a stop along the river bank and take a short hike on a jungle trail to meet the indigenous Embera people at one of their village gathering places.
Day 14 - Isla Del Rey
Isla del Rey is the largest island of the ”Pearl Islands” but it is also one of the least inhabited. Once named Isla Rica for 'rich island,' Isla del Rey had it's named changed to translate to 'island of kings.'
Day 15 - Isla Mogo Mogo
Part of the Pearl Islands Archipelago, this uninhabited island is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. View the colorful marine life and coral reefs with our onboard naturalist or relax in the sun along the shores of this secluded island. Absorb that last bits of the Caribbean sea before departing from Panama City the next day.
Day 16 - Panama City, Panama Disembark
On the final day of your trip, you will disembark in Panama City. Your Cruise Director will organize transportation from the vessel to the airport.
Day 17 - Please Note:
Transfers to and from Tocumen International Airport are organized by BSSA and included in the cruise fare. Optional sighting tours are at an additional cost. All itineraries including ports, activities and routes are subject to change based on availability, weather, river, water levels and sea conditions.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
15-02-201926-02-2019USD $0Category 1
15-02-201926-02-2019USD $0Category 2
15-02-201926-02-2019USD $0Category 3
15-02-201926-02-2019USD $0Category 4
15-02-201926-02-2019USD $0Solo Cabin Category 3


    • An onboard naturalist accompanies your cruise for snorkel instruction and island exploration.
    • Join guided walking tours on various islands and in the Darien Jungle
    • Enjoy complimentary kayaking and snorkeling in the pristine waters of the San Blas & Pearl Islands.
    • Explore Portobelo, an UNESCO World Heritage Site that works to preserve Panama’s unique culture.
    • Learn the local customs of the native Kuna Indians and browse their homemade crafts.
    • Appreciate uninterrupted views while transiting the full length of the Panama Canal *Day transit not guaranteed
    • Transit the canal twice on our February 15th departure.
    • Experience the Blount bow landing in Waisaladup Cay, Chichime Cay and more.
    • Join fellow passengers and crew for a barbeque on the beach.