Svalbard Explorer – Best of High Arctic Norway

Svalbard Explorer – Best of High Arctic Norway

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This fascinating expedition provides a taste of everything Spitsbergen has to offer, starting with its largest settlement, Longyearbyen. The largest island of the Svalbard archipelago is known as the “wildlife capital of the Arctic,” and on this stirring voyage, we show you why. A key focus of this 10-day expedition will be to seek out the abundant wildlife that resides here, including walrus, reindeer, and that most iconic of Arctic denizens, the polar bear, in their natural habitat, while marveling at the surreal experience of continuous daylight. Explore the unique Arctic landscape, hike the vast and colorful tundra, learn about the history and geology of this remote wilderness, and join us on a gripping excursion to a faraway, unforgettable land. This exciting introductory journey to the remote Norwegian island, renowned for its stunning scenery and abundant, varied wildlife, is now available on two ships, each providing a distinct polar experience. Ultramarine, our new, game-changing polar vessel, can take you to remote destinations most other ships can’t reach. Aboard Ultramarine, explore Spitsbergen in brand new ways—taking advantage of the 20 quick-launching Zodiacs, and more outdoor wildlife viewing spaces than other expedition ships its size—to create the Arctic experience perfect for you. Ocean Adventurer, a passenger favorite, is much loved for its intimate onboard ambience that enables guests to connect with other travelers and members of the expedition team.

Trip Name
Svalbard Explorer - Best of High Arctic Norway
Vessel Type: Polar Expedition Length: 342 ft (104.4 m) Passenger Capacity: 138 Built: 2021 Ocean Explorer, the newest addition to our fleet, is modern, elegant and purpose-built for polar exploration. The 138-passenger vessel has been designed with the latest in expedition ship technology. One of the ship’s key features is the ULSTEIN X-BOW®, a marine engineering innovation that ensures a comfortable and smooth sailing experience thanks to the inverted bow. Located at the bow is the two-story, light-filled library, which introduces a welcome airiness to the expedition ship.   Spacious cabins feature a modern, bespoke Scandinavian design and almost all have verandas. Guests can relax and find comfort in the spacious gym, sauna with large windows, and two outdoor Jacuzzis.   Ocean Explorer features ample outdoor viewing areas and multi-height outer decks, which are ideal for long-view photography and wildlife viewing. The vessel is equipped with a fleet of 15 Zodiacs that enable guests to get off the ship quickly and safely for off-ship adventures. In addition to the well-appointed and spacious public areas, Ocean Explorer has an industry-leading mix of sustainability systems, including fuel-efficient Rolls Royce engines.  Two Story Library Light-filled interior library—at the bow of the ship— allows guests to sit and relax indoors while taking in the surrounding polar landscapes from their choice of two levels. Leading Edge Sustainability With the latest sustainability technology in polar expedition, the ship features fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engines and the ground-breaking MAGS gasification system that converts waste into energy, eliminating the environmental impact of waste transportation. ULSTEIN X-Bow In addition to forming the double-story library, the innovative X-Bow design ensures calm, energy-efficient sailing in rough waters. High Observation Outdoor Decks Observation areas on Decks 7 and 8 allow for higher, longer-view landscape photography while contending with less sea spray. Quiet and Comfortable Spacious and luxurious cabins ensure your quiet ambience with no sound disturbance from adjoining cabins—and almost all cabins feature a balcony for outdoor viewing. Stunning Interior Design Each interior element was carefully hand-picked by designers for you to enjoy, from the dramatic two-story forward lounge, the floor-to-ceiling glass refuge in the library, to the grand fixtures and luxe furnishings throughout the ship. Main Dining Room Contemporary meets cozy in this modern dining room with its stylish lighting and contemporary art. Located on Deck 5, the Main Dining Room seats 144 guests, and features expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that open onto the spectacular polar wilderness. Private Dining Room Tasteful and intimate. This stylish, private dining room on deck 5 provides a relaxed dining experience—with views of the polar landscape—for up to 36 guests. The Latitude Bar A popular social hub on Deck 5, the beautifully-lit Latitude Bar—with its lush sofas and faux marble-topped end tables—is large enough to seat 46 and is ideal for enjoying a quiet drink on your own or hanging out with friends. Library Located on Deck 6 at the top of the gorgeous atrium staircase, this beautiful Library with floor-to-ceiling glass, accommodates up to 47 people Dry Sauna After a day of exciting off-ship adventure, guests can relax on the sauna’s traditional wood benches while gazing at the polar wilderness just outside the large sauna windows. Accommodates 15 people on Deck 7. Fitness Center Stay fit with the latest work-out equipment in the Fitness Center on Deck 7. Jacuzzis Two outdoor Jacuzzis on deck 7, at the ship’s stern, mean you can relax alfresco while soaking up the breath-taking polar views. Observation Lounge This stylish lounge at the top of the ship guarantees incredible views. Guests also frequent this spacious lookout on Deck 8 to enjoy cocktails and conversation with fellow travelers. Seats 63.


Day 1 - Day 1 Arrive in Helsinki, Finland
Your Arctic adventure begins in Helsinki, renowned for its extraordinary architecture and intriguing mix of eastern and western influences. If you arrive early, explore the many museums, galleries and restaurants, relax at a Finnish sauna or wander the vibrant Design District before retiring at your included hotel.
Day 2 - Day 2 Fly to Longyearbyen, Svalbard and Embark
This morning, the group will transfer to the airport and board our private charter flight to Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen’s largest settlement. As your ship sets sail, enjoy your first view of the island’s rugged, glacier-topped mountains rising majestically from frigid waters.
Day 3 - Days 3 to 9 Exploring Spitsbergen
You’ll cruise around this magical island on a constant search for wildlife. Your expedition will cover western Spitsbergen as well as stunning fjords to the north. From polar flora to immense glaciers, the natural landscape here is just as varied as the wildlife. Each expedition presents new opportunities and different weather and ice, so there is no fixed itinerary; however, some of the places we may visit include the 14th of July Glacier, Smeerenburg, Alkefjellet and the Hinlopen Strait. The destinations visited will be selected for optimum wildlife viewing with an appreciation of the history and geology of Spitsbergen. The island offers multiple opportunities for wildlife photography. Since most of Svalbard’s Arctic ecosystem is uninhabited and well-protected, this remote archipelago is one of the world’s best places to spot polar bears against stunning natural backdrops of mountains and ice. The towering cliffs of Alkefjellet provide homes to thousands of Brünnich’s guillemots (thick-billed murres). Coming across a walrus haul-out is a moment you won’t soon forget. Get a chance to witness the intimate gatherings of giant pinnipeds as they haul out together on small coastal strips. If you’re itching to experience a more intimate view from the water, you can book the sea kayaking or paddling excursion adventure options. In Spitsbergen, there is no shortage of natural beauty. The tundra can be surprisingly colorful in summer, with wildflowers bursting for a taste of sunshine. Each day, you’ll see something interesting, whether it is an ever-changing gallery of spectacular icebergs, a polar bear resting between hunts, or an abandoned historical site from centuries ago.
Day 4 - Day 10 Disembark in Longyearbyen and Fly to Helsinki
The time to say goodbye to your Expedition Team and shipmates has come. Your adventure ends as it began, in the historic frontier-style settlement of Longyearbyen. From here, we’ll transfer you to the airport for your return group charter flight to Helsinki, included in the transfer package.
Day 5 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array17,700Explorer Triple. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array23,000Explorer Suite. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array25,000Balcony Suite. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array29,400Deluxe Balcony Suite. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array30,400Terrace Suite. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array31,500Penthouse Suite. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array31,500Solo Panorama. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array40,000Owner's Suite. From
11-05-202520-05-2025Array Array44,800Ultra Suite. From
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array19,100Studio Veranda Stateroom
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array20,200Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array21,100Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array21,600Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array22,800Grand Veranda Stateroom
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array26,300Royal Veranda Stateroom
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array27,700Studio Veranda Single
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array29,600Junior Suite
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array30,500Explorer Suite
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array31,500Owners Suite
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array0Studio Single
15-05-202524-05-2025Array Array18,100Studio Double
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array18,900Studio Double
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array19,900Studio Veranda Stateroom
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array21,000Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array21,900Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array22,500Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array23,800Grand Veranda Stateroom
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array27,400Royal Veranda Stateroom
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array28,800Studio Veranda Single
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array30,800Junior Suite
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array31,800Explorer Suite
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array32,700Owners Suite
23-05-202501-06-2025Array Array0Studio Single
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array17,700Explorer Triple. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array23,000Explorer Suite. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array25,000Balcony Suite. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array29,400Deluxe Balcony Suite. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array30,400Terrace Suite. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array31,500Solo Panorama. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array31,500Penthouse Suite. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array40,000Owner's Suite. From
24-05-202502-06-2025Array Array44,800Ultra Suite. From
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array18,800Studio Double
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array19,700Studio Veranda Stateroom
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array20,800Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array21,700Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array22,400Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array23,600Studio Single
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array23,600Grand Veranda Stateroom
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array27,100Royal Veranda Stateroom
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array28,500Studio Veranda Single
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array30,500Junior Suite
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array31,600Explorer Suite
31-05-202509-06-2025Array Array32,600Owners Suite
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array17,700Explorer Triple. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array23,000Explorer Suite. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array25,000Balcony Suite. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array29,400Deluxe Balcony Suite. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array30,400Terrace Suite. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array31,500Penthouse Suite. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array31,500Solo Panorama. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array40,000Owner's Suite. From
01-06-202510-06-2025Array Array44,800Ultra Suite. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array18,400Explorer Triple. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array23,900Explorer Suite. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array26,100Balcony Suite. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array30,500Deluxe Balcony Suite. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array32,700Solo Panorama. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array32,700Penthouse Suite. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array41,700Owner's Suite. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array46,200Ultra Suite. From
09-06-202518-06-2025Array Array0Terrace Suite. From
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array21,100Studio Veranda Stateroom
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array22,100Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array23,200Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array23,800Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array25,200Grand Veranda Stateroom
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array25,200Studio Single
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array29,000Royal Veranda Stateroom
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array30,500Studio Veranda Single
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array32,600Junior Suite
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array33,700Explorer Suite
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array34,800Owners Suite
16-06-202525-06-2025Array Array0Studio Double
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array18,400Explorer Triple. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array23,900Explorer Suite. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array26,100Balcony Suite. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array30,500Deluxe Balcony Suite. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array32,300Terrace Suite. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array32,700Penthouse Suite. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array32,700Solo Panorama. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array41,700Owner's Suite. From
17-06-202526-06-2025Array Array46,200Ultra Suite. From
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array29,000Royal Veranda Stateroom
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array30,500Studio Veranda Single
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array32,600Junior Suite
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array33,700Explorer Suite
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array34,800Owners Suite
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array20,000Studio Double
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array21,100Studio Veranda Stateroom
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array22,100Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array23,200Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array23,800Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array25,200Grand Veranda Stateroom
24-06-202503-07-2025Array Array25,200Studio Single
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array20,000Studio Double
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array21,100Studio Veranda Stateroom
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array22,100Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array23,200Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array23,800Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array25,200Grand Veranda Stateroom
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array25,200Studio Single
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array29,000Royal Veranda Stateroom
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array30,500Studio Veranda Single
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array32,600Junior Suite
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array33,700Explorer Suite
02-07-202511-07-2025Array Array34,800Owners Suite
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array20,000Studio Double
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array21,100Studio Veranda Stateroom
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array22,100Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array23,200Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array23,800Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array25,200Grand Veranda Stateroom
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array25,200Studio Single
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array29,000Royal Veranda Stateroom
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array30,500Studio Veranda Single
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array32,600Junior Suite
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array33,700Explorer Suite
10-07-202519-07-2025Array Array34,800Owners Suite
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array20,000Studio Double
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array21,100Studio Veranda Stateroom
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array22,100Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array23,200Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array23,800Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array25,200Studio Single
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array25,200Grand Veranda Stateroom
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array29,000Royal Veranda Stateroom
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array30,500Studio Veranda Single
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array32,600Junior Suite
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array33,700Explorer Suite
18-07-202527-07-2025Array Array34,800Owners Suite
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array20,000Studio Double
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array21,100Studio Veranda Stateroom
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array22,100Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array23,200Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array23,800Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array25,200Grand Veranda Stateroom
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array25,200Studio Single
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array29,000Royal Veranda Stateroom
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array30,500Studio Veranda Single
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array32,600Junior Suite
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array33,700Explorer Suite
26-07-202504-08-2025Array Array34,800Owners Suite
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array21,700Studio Double
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array22,800Studio Veranda Stateroom
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array24,100Deluxe Veranda Forward Stateroom
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array25,200Deluxe Veranda Middle Stateroom
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array26,000Deluxe Veranda Stateroom
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array27,400Grand Veranda Stateroom
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array31,600Royal Veranda Stateroom
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array33,200Studio Veranda Single
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array35,600Junior Suite
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array36,800Explorer Suite
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array37,900Owners Suite
03-08-202512-08-2025Array Array0Studio Single


    • Encounter iconic Arctic wildlife, such as polar bears, walrus and reindeer
    • Take advantage of continuous daylight
    • Hike the tundra and polar desert
    • Cruise in a Zodiac to explore glaciers, fjords, icebergs and more
    • Immerse yourself in the icy realm of the Arctic with optional kayaking adventures