Bordeaux Cruise (Rosa)

Bordeaux Cruise (Rosa)

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The Bordeaux region, with its special ‘terroir’, has been producing wine for around 2,000 years and some of the château estates have gained worldwide recognition for their superb and long-lived “Grand Cru” vintages. Lying in the southern part of western France on the Atlantic coast and with a well-drained stony soil, the area gets exactly the right blend of sun, rain and gentle breezes to create their wonderful wines.

A hotel barge cruise along the Canal de Garonne is a unique way to explore and appreciate the slow rhythm of this region with its subtle mixture of natural landscapes, medieval bastide towns and iconic vineyards, some of which are grand estates with imposing chateaux and others, more modest family affairs.

Our cruise takes us through the orchards of Gascony en route to Bordeaux and then through the Graves vineyards to visit the medieval town of Saint Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage site and centre of the most famous of the Bordeaux appellations. Here, we can learn more about the complex science of viticulture, including of course a tasting of some fine wines.

Away from the vineyards we explore the fascinating historic architecture of the region including a visit to the 14th Century Château de Duras, the 13th Century fortified village of Vianne and the medieval town of Nerac where we tread in the footsteps of King Henry IV and Queen Margot.

The colourful markets of Marmande and a cruise across one of the longest masonry aqueducts in France, which spans the River Garonne, complete an unforgettable cruise.

Trip Name
Bordeaux Cruise (Rosa)
Vessel Type: Hotel Barge / River Boat Length: 100 feet / 30.48 meters Passenger Capacity: 8 Rosa is an old Dutch “Clipper” barge that was built in early in the last century to carry different cargoes on the offshore waterways of Holland. Now, as a charming hotel barge, she navigates the calmer canals of southwest France. The prettily decorated saloon is particularly welcoming and features attractive wood panelling, comfortable seating, dining area and a cosy bar. The four cosy staterooms accommodating 8 passengers have individually controlled air-conditioning and heating and full en suite facilities. Two staterooms have double beds, the other two staterooms have twin beds. Outside there is a spacious sun deck with a dining area and parasols for enjoying an alfresco prepared by your chef. Comfortable loungers are also there to relax in as you take in the passing countryside on your sedate cruise along the Canal de Garonne. Eight bikes are available for your use if you wish to perhaps venture into the next village along the towpath. Rosa also featured with Anjodi in the successful television series, Rick Stein’s French Odyssey and you are sure to enjoy your own personal ‘odyssey’ through this colourful, captivating part of southwest France.


Day 1 - Sunday, Day 1 Boé
Guests are met in Bordeaux** and transferred by private chauffeured minibus to Rosa. Following a champagne welcome, there is time for a stroll before returning for your first dinner on board.
Day 2 - Monday, Day 2 Boé to Serignac-sur-Garonne
Morning cruise to Serignac-sur-Garonne, where we cross the Plan Canal d’Agen, one of the longest aqueducts in France which spans the River Garonne. After lunch we visit the medieval town of Nerac and tread in the footsteps of King of France Henry IV and Queen Margot. The château was built in the 15th century, but much was destroyed during the French Revolution and today only the impressive north wing remains. Finally, we stop at the Lapeyrade Estate for a cellar tasting of Armagnac, the oldest alcohol in France. Dinner on board.
Day 3 - Tuesday, Day 3 Serignac-sur-Garonne to Buzet-sur-Baise
This morning, we depart early to enjoy the colourful market of Aiguillon and then cruise to our mooring at Buzet-sur-Baise, a pretty fortified village with pastel-coloured houses. After lunch we head to the 13th century bastide village of Vianne and to see a skilled glassblower at work, then en route back to the barge we visit the cork museum at Mezin to learn about the history of cork-making. In the evening we go to Barbaste with its fortified mill, protected by four square towers, and the nearby 12th century bridge with its 12 curved arches. Dinner ashore at ‘Le Moulin des Saveurs’, a local auberge in Barbaste.
Day 4 - Wednesday, Day 4 Buzet-sur-Baise to Lagruère
We start the day with a relaxing cruise to the lovely little village of Lagruère, with time to walk or cycle the towpath through stunning countryside. Following lunch on board we cruise along the Garonne river aboard a traditional flat-bottomed boat, after which we visit the beautiful village of Le Mas d’Agenais, its 11th century church playing host to an ornate Romanesque doorway and an original masterpiece by Rembrandt. After this we take a short drive to an artisanal dairy farm at Ramier where we experience the entire cheese making process, culminating in a delicious tasting. Dinner, if the weather permits, is a gourmet barbecue beside the barge, overlooking the River Garonne.
Day 5 - Thursday, Day 5 Lagruère to Meilhan-sur-Garonne
Our morning cruise takes us to the village of Meilhan-sur-Garonne, with an expansive view over the valley of the Garonne. In the afternoon, we visit the 14th century Château de Duras, an architectural wonder, which has been both a fortress and a stately home over its 900-year history. We wander through its 35 rooms and museum before returning to the hotel barge. Dinner on board.
Day 6 - Friday, Day 6 Meilhan-sur-Garonne to Castet-en-Dorthe
Today, our final cruise is to Castet-en-Dorthe, following the nearby River Garonne. In the afternoon we visit the medieval town of Saint Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage site and centre of the most famous of the Bordeaux appellations. Later, we stop at Château Beau-Sejour-Becot, producer of premier and grand crus wines, where we discover the secrets of the vine and, of course, enjoy a tasting. Captain’s Farewell Dinner on board.
Day 7 - Saturday, Day 7 Castet-en-Dorthe
After breakfast, guests are transferred by private chauffeured minibus to their choice of location in Bordeaux.
Day 8 - Please Note:
This is a sample itinerary and is subject to change. On alternate weeks the cruise will be in the reverse direction.

Trip Dates

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14-06-202021-06-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
14-06-202021-06-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
21-06-202028-06-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
21-06-202028-06-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
28-06-202005-07-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
28-06-202005-07-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
05-07-202012-07-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
05-07-202012-07-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
12-07-202019-07-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
12-07-202019-07-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
19-07-202026-07-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
19-07-202026-07-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
26-07-202002-08-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
26-07-202002-08-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
02-08-202009-08-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
02-08-202009-08-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
09-08-202016-08-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
09-08-202016-08-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
16-08-202023-08-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
16-08-202023-08-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
23-08-202030-08-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
23-08-202030-08-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
30-08-202006-09-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
30-08-202006-09-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
06-09-202013-09-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
06-09-202013-09-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
13-09-202020-09-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
13-09-202020-09-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
20-09-202027-09-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
20-09-202027-09-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
27-09-202004-10-2020EUR €3,790Stateroom
27-09-202004-10-2020EUR €5,190Stateroom Sole
04-10-202011-10-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
04-10-202011-10-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
11-10-202018-10-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
11-10-202018-10-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
18-10-202025-10-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
18-10-202025-10-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
25-10-202001-11-2020EUR €4,390Stateroom
25-10-202001-11-2020EUR €5,990Stateroom Sole
13-06-202119-06-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
13-06-202119-06-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
20-06-202126-06-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
20-06-202126-06-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
27-06-202103-07-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
27-06-202103-07-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
04-07-202110-07-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
04-07-202110-07-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
11-07-202117-07-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
11-07-202117-07-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
18-07-202124-07-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
18-07-202124-07-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
25-07-202131-07-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
25-07-202131-07-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
01-08-202107-08-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
01-08-202107-08-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
08-08-202114-08-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
08-08-202114-08-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
15-08-202121-08-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
15-08-202121-08-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
22-08-202128-08-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
22-08-202128-08-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
29-08-202104-09-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
29-08-202104-09-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
05-09-202111-09-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
05-09-202111-09-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
12-09-202118-09-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
12-09-202118-09-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
19-09-202125-09-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
19-09-202125-09-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
26-09-202102-10-2021EUR €3,890Stateroom
26-09-202102-10-2021EUR €5,340Stateroom Sole
03-10-202109-10-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
03-10-202109-10-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
10-10-202116-10-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
10-10-202116-10-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
17-10-202123-10-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
17-10-202123-10-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole
24-10-202130-10-2021EUR €4,590Stateroom
24-10-202130-10-2021EUR €6,240Stateroom Sole


    • Cross the Plan Canal d’Agen, one of the longest aqueducts in France which spans the River Garonne
    • Enjoy the colourful market of Aiguillon
    • Discover the 13th century bastide village of Vianne and see a skilled glassblower at work
    • Enjoy a relaxing cruise to the lovely little village of Le Mas d’Agenais
    • Visit the medieval town of Saint Emilion, a UNESCO World Heritage site and centre of the most famous of the Bordeaux appellations