Southern Burgundy Cruise (L’impressionniste)

Southern Burgundy Cruise (L’impressionniste)

From EUR €4,490


France is where the idea of luxury barge cruises first started, due in no small part to the myriad of waterways which cross not only its scenic countryside, but also many of its historic towns and cities. And while a Burgundy barge cruise may not be one of the best known holiday options for visitors to France, those who do discover hotel barging in Burgundy are sure not to be disappointed.

In fact, taking a Burgundy barge cruise down one of the region’s canals is a truly wonderful experience. The area boasts some of the world’s finest wines with around 60,000 acres of sunlit vines and arguably the prettiest canals in France. The waterways wind through the heart of the territory’s renowned vineyards, medieval towns, elegant châteaux, magnificent cathedrals, picturesque villages and wonderful local markets. En route, barging in Burgundy guarantees our clients a wealth of sightseeing opportunities.

This is a region with a vast variety of cheeses, in all shapes, sizes and colours, strong in character or mild and fresh and all can be enjoyed with full-bodied red Burgundies, or perhaps with lighter white Chablis wines. The Burgundian gastronomic tradition is rich and diverse and a sedate Burgundy barge cruise along one of its delightful waterways will allow you to indulge along the way in good food and wine: two of life’s essential pleasures.

Please Note: Culinary, Family, Golf, Wine Appreciation Theme Cruises available. Please contact us for more details.

On alternate weeks the cruise will be in the reverse direction.

Trip Name
Southern Burgundy Cruise (L'impressionniste)
Vessel Type: Hotel Barge / River Boat Length: 128 feet / 39.01 meters Passenger Capacity: 12 L’Impressionniste is in many ways similar to our other 12 passenger hotel barge in Burgundy, La Belle Epoque, offering an onboard ambience that combines traditional and more modern French influences. Her light and airy interior features picture windows and prints reminiscent of the era after which she has been named. In the spacious saloon with its rich-coloured teak flooring and soft lighting, there are balloon-backed dining chairs and comfortable leather sofas that complete the effect. The cabins, each one bearing the name of a renowned Impressionist painter, offer a choice of accommodation in two junior suites or four staterooms, complemented by modern en suite shower rooms. Twin or double bed configurations are also available. L’Impressionniste glides gently through the picturesque Ouche Valley in Southern Burgundy through locks with their charming lock-houses. You will see medieval villages perched on hilltops and have the opportunity to discover a region famed for its history and viticulture, with visits to such places as Beaune, the local ‘wine capital’, and the elegant city of Dijon.


Day 1 - Day 1 Fleurey-sur-Ouche
Guests are met at our meeting point in Paris** and transferred by private chauffeured minibus to the elegant L’Impressionniste. A champagne reception welcomes you on board and the opportunity to meet the captain and crew. Then enjoy your first dinner on board.
Day 2 - Day 2 Fleurey-sur-Ouche to Sainte Marie-sur-Ouche
This morning, experience your first day’s cruise along this enchanting canal, which also promises a walk or cycle along an ever-present towpath past sleepy villages and pretty lock houses. After lunch we visit Clos de Vougeot, headquarters of the esteemed Chevaliers du Tastevin, who award a special prized label to the finest Côte d‘Or vintages every year. On the way back to the hotel barge we enjoy a tour of the cellars and a private tasting of fine Burgundy wines at another long-established domaine. Dinner on board.
Day 3 - Day 3 Sainte Marie-sur Ouche to La Bussière
After breakfast, enjoy a walking tour of old Dijon, including a visit to the vivid produce markets, mustard shops and the impressive Notre-Dame de Dijon, or enjoy some excellent shopping time. Return to the hotel barge for lunch and a leisurely afternoon cruise to La Bussière and perhaps a walk or bicycle ride to the next lock or two. Dinner on board.
Day 4 - Day 4 La Bussière to Pont d’Ouche
After a short morning cruise, we set off on a drive through the vineyards, stopping en route at the “vigne de l’enfant Jesus”, a famous vineyard owned by the Domaine Bouchard Père et Fils. There, a wine expert will give us a real insight into the domaine’s production of its Grand Cru and Premier Cru wines. We continue to Beaune, capital of Burgundy wine country, for a winery tour and private tasting of Bouchard Père et Fils wines before enjoying a gastronomic lunch in the orangery of Château de Beaune, owned by the winery since 1820. Afterwards, we visit the fascinating 15th century Hôtel-Dieu Hospice and explore the town, before returning to the barge for a short evening cruise to Pont d’Ouche. Dinner on board.
Day 5 - Day 5 Pont d’Ouche to Vandenesse
After breakfast, we cruise to Vandenesse-en-Auxois, passing grazing white Charolais cattle, rolling hills and picturesque villages, crossing the only aqueduct on the Burgundy Canal. After lunch on board, we visit the medieval village, craft shops and castle of Châteauneuf-en-Auxois, once an outpost of the Dukes of Burgundy and offering a fine overview of the feeder lakes, canal and surrounding countryside. Dinner on board.
Day 6 - Day 6 Vandenesse to Escommes
Our last day’s leisurely cruise takes us to the canal summit, 1,250 feet above sea level, just before the Pouilly tunnel. This afternoon we visit the moat-encircled Château de Commarin where we are lucky enough to enjoy a private tour, accompanied by none other than Count Bertrand de Vogue, the current resident and 26th generation of the de Vogue family to maintain continuous residence since the 13th century. Count de Vogue will offer insight into the Château’s fascinating history, after which guests can explore the regal interior, rustic stables and surrounding gardens. Captain’s Farewell Dinner on board.
Day 7 - Day 7 Escommes
After breakfast, guests are transferred to Paris.
Day 8 - Please Note:
This is a sample itinerary and is subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
16-08-202023-08-2020EUR €4,490Stateroom
16-08-202023-08-2020EUR €4,590Junior Suite
16-08-202023-08-2020EUR €6,140Stateroom Sole
16-08-202023-08-2020EUR €6,240Junior Suite Solo
23-08-202030-08-2020EUR €5,250Stateroom
23-08-202030-08-2020EUR €5,350Junior Suite
23-08-202030-08-2020EUR €7,150Stateroom Sole
23-08-202030-08-2020EUR €7,250Junior Suite Solo
30-08-202006-09-2020EUR €7,150Stateroom Sole
30-08-202006-09-2020EUR €7,250Junior Suite Solo
30-08-202006-09-2020EUR €5,250Stateroom
30-08-202006-09-2020EUR €5,350Junior Suite
06-09-202013-09-2020EUR €5,250Stateroom
06-09-202013-09-2020EUR €5,350Junior Suite
06-09-202013-09-2020EUR €7,150Stateroom Sole
06-09-202013-09-2020EUR €7,250Junior Suite Solo
13-09-202020-09-2020EUR €5,250Stateroom
13-09-202020-09-2020EUR €5,350Junior Suite
13-09-202020-09-2020EUR €7,150Stateroom Sole
13-09-202020-09-2020EUR €7,250Junior Suite Solo
20-09-202027-09-2020EUR €5,250Stateroom
20-09-202027-09-2020EUR €5,350Junior Suite
20-09-202027-09-2020EUR €7,150Stateroom Sole
20-09-202027-09-2020EUR €7,250Junior Suite Solo
27-09-202004-10-2020EUR €5,250Stateroom
27-09-202004-10-2020EUR €5,350Junior Suite
27-09-202004-10-2020EUR €7,150Stateroom Sole
27-09-202004-10-2020EUR €7,250Junior Suite Solo
04-10-202011-10-2020EUR €4,490Stateroom
04-10-202011-10-2020EUR €4,590Junior Suite
04-10-202011-10-2020EUR €6,140Stateroom Sole
04-10-202011-10-2020EUR €6,240Junior Suite Solo
11-10-202018-10-2020EUR €4,490Stateroom
11-10-202018-10-2020EUR €4,590Junior Suite
11-10-202018-10-2020EUR €6,140Stateroom Sole
11-10-202018-10-2020EUR €6,240Junior Suite Solo
18-10-202025-10-2020EUR €4,490Stateroom
18-10-202025-10-2020EUR €4,590Junior Suite
18-10-202025-10-2020EUR €6,140Stateroom Sole
18-10-202025-10-2020EUR €6,240Junior Suite Solo
04-04-202110-04-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
04-04-202110-04-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
04-04-202110-04-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
04-04-202110-04-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
11-04-202117-04-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
11-04-202117-04-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
11-04-202117-04-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
11-04-202117-04-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
18-04-202124-04-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
18-04-202124-04-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
18-04-202124-04-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
18-04-202124-04-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
25-04-202101-05-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
25-04-202101-05-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
25-04-202101-05-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
25-04-202101-05-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
02-05-202108-05-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
02-05-202108-05-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
02-05-202108-05-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
02-05-202108-05-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
09-05-202115-05-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
09-05-202115-05-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
09-05-202115-05-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
09-05-202115-05-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
16-05-202122-05-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
16-05-202122-05-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
16-05-202122-05-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
16-05-202122-05-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
23-05-202129-05-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
23-05-202129-05-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
23-05-202129-05-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
23-05-202129-05-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
30-05-202105-06-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
30-05-202105-06-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
30-05-202105-06-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
30-05-202105-06-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
06-06-202112-06-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
06-06-202112-06-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
06-06-202112-06-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
06-06-202112-06-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
13-06-202119-06-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
13-06-202119-06-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
13-06-202119-06-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
13-06-202119-06-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
20-06-202126-06-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
20-06-202126-06-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
20-06-202126-06-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
20-06-202126-06-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
27-06-202103-07-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
27-06-202103-07-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
27-06-202103-07-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
27-06-202103-07-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
04-07-202110-07-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
04-07-202110-07-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
04-07-202110-07-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
04-07-202110-07-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
11-07-202117-07-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
11-07-202117-07-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
11-07-202117-07-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
11-07-202117-07-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
18-07-202124-07-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
18-07-202124-07-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
18-07-202124-07-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
18-07-202124-07-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
25-07-202131-07-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
25-07-202131-07-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
25-07-202131-07-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
25-07-202131-07-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
01-08-202107-08-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
01-08-202107-08-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
01-08-202107-08-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
01-08-202107-08-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
08-08-202114-08-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
08-08-202114-08-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
08-08-202114-08-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
08-08-202114-08-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
15-08-202121-08-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
15-08-202121-08-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
15-08-202121-08-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
15-08-202121-08-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
22-08-202128-08-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
22-08-202128-08-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
22-08-202128-08-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
22-08-202128-08-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
29-08-202104-09-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
29-08-202104-09-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
29-08-202104-09-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
29-08-202104-09-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
05-09-202111-09-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
05-09-202111-09-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
05-09-202111-09-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
05-09-202111-09-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
12-09-202118-09-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
12-09-202118-09-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
12-09-202118-09-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
12-09-202118-09-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
19-09-202125-09-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
19-09-202125-09-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
19-09-202125-09-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
19-09-202125-09-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
26-09-202102-10-2021EUR €5,490Stateroom
26-09-202102-10-2021EUR €5,690Junior Suite
26-09-202102-10-2021EUR €7,490Stateroom Sole
26-09-202102-10-2021EUR €7,690Junior Suite Solo
03-10-202109-10-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
03-10-202109-10-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
03-10-202109-10-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
03-10-202109-10-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
10-10-202116-10-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
10-10-202116-10-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
10-10-202116-10-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
10-10-202116-10-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
17-10-202123-10-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
17-10-202123-10-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
17-10-202123-10-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
17-10-202123-10-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole
24-10-202130-10-2021EUR €4,650Stateroom
24-10-202130-10-2021EUR €4,790Junior Suite
24-10-202130-10-2021EUR €6,490Junior Suite Solo
24-10-202130-10-2021EUR €7,350Stateroom Sole


    • Visit Clos de Vougeot, home of the Chevaliers du Tastevin
    • Private wine tastings in the cellars of renowned Burgundy domaines
    • Tour of Dijon and its markets
    • Visit to the moat encircled Château de Commarin
    • Visit to Beaune, including Hôtel-Dieu Hospice
    • Gastronomic private lunch at Château de Beaune
    • Visit to medieval Châteauneuf-en-Auxois
    • Optional hot air ballooning
    • Excellent towpath for walking and cycling
    • “Biking Plus” option available