From the Greek Islands to the Black Sea

From the Greek Islands to the Black Sea

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Fall under the spell of the Mediterranean’s key sites during this brand-new 10-day cruise. With Athens as the departure point, board Le Bougainville for an unforgettable sailing experience discovering exceptional islands, cities and ancient sites.

Your cruise will begin with the visit of the island of Hydra, famous for its incomparable light, followed by the exploration of two of Greece’s major sites, from Napflion: the Mycenae ruins and the Epidaurus theatre, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Le Bougainville will then head towards Paros. Nestling in the heart of the Cyclades archipelago, this island reputed for its sublime white marble offers a real concentration of Greek beauty, from whitewashed houses to olive groves to ancient monuments.

A little further north, you will arrive on Mykonos, with its iconic windmills, beaches, countless churches and whitewashed houses.

Following this port of call, Le Bougainville will leave Greece to reach Kusadasi, in Turkey. An old fishing village with history going back 5,000 years, not far from the Ephesus site, the town is now one of the country’s most famous seaside resorts.

Your trip will continue with a crossing of the Dardanelles Strait, followed by the discovery of the city of Nessebar, on the edge of the Black Sea. The architecture of this city established over 3,000 years ago is extremely rich, inherited from the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman civilisations that succeeded one another here.

Lastly, you will reach Istanbul, where your cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean will draw to an end.

Please note that the lecturers onboard will only speak French. We assure you that the crew will
have multiple activities for all English-speaking guests throughout your cruise.

Trip Name
From the Greek Islands to the Black Sea
Vessel Type: Luxury Passenger Capacity: 92 cabins Built: 2017/2018 Featuring innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment, elegantly designed cabins, spacious suites with large windows, and lounge areas that open onto the outside, this new limited-capacity yacht boasting just 92 cabins and suites will offer you a truly unique cruising experience. As the first ship in a new series that remains true to the Ponant spirit, Le Bougainville will embody the unique atmosphere that is the cruise line’s hallmark: a subtle blend of refinement, intimacy and comfort. Aboard this ship that flies the French flag, you will experience the incomparable pleasure of an intimate cruise, with the possibility of exploring an ever-increasing range of destinations in an ethnic-chic ambiance with luxury service. Experience a luxurious setting where the accent is on authenticity and passion for travel. RESTAURANTS As it is an essential part of French culture, gastronomy will naturally have pride of place aboard this new ship. Through its two restaurants, Le Bougainville will invite you on a journey to elegance and epicureanism. In a relaxed atmosphere, a first dining area located on Deck 3 and able to seat 70 will serve grilled meats daily, along with a variety of salads and desserts. To the back of Deck 4, you will find a 260 m² panoramic restaurant which can accommodate all of our passengers in a single sitting. Designed differently to that on our other ships, this dining area, which opens onto the outside, will have a buffet of salads, desserts and cheeses at your disposal. Our discreet and attentive crew will provide table service for hot meals. PUBLIC AREAS Like Le Boréal and its sisterships, Le Bougainville has many common areas that are designed and equipped to meet all of your needs while preserving the intimacy of each passenger. A 140 m² reception area includes: A reception/concierge desk, An excursions desk, The ship’s administrative services, The sales office, manned by our Guest Relations Officer, Our 50 m² boutique which sells clothing, jewellery, beauty products, postcards and various accessories, Toilets accessible to passengers with reduced mobility. A new hydraulic platform with adjustable height provides: Easier boarding than on any other cruise ship, Easier Zodiac embarkation and disembarkation for expeditions, Easier access to the sea for swimming and practising various water sports such as kayaking or paddle-boarding. A pool deck offering: A pool with a panoramic view, equipped with a counter-current swimming system, A pleasant solarium, An outdoor bar and lounge with armchairs and sofas. A 200 m² main lounge which can accommodate all of our passengers to share convivial moments and to host activities organised during the day or evening. Lastly, a theatre that seats 188, equipped with: The latest sound and lighting technology, A LED wall as the stage backdrop, for the projection of high-resolution images and videos.


Day 1 - Day 1 ATHENS
The Greek capital city is located on the edge of the Saronic gulf, in the east of the country. It bears a plural name in reference to the first villages that surround the Acropolis. You will be enchanted by the rocky plateau presided by its monuments listed as UNESCO World Heritage. In the city below, you can visit some of the liveliest districts in Athens: Plaka, with its maze of colourful streets, and where, in the evenings the drifting aroma of moussaka and garlic prawns will tickle your taste buds. Don’t miss anything of the city’s cultural past. Pay a visit to the National Archaeological museum, or the Cycladic Art Museum.
Day 2 - Day 2 HYDRA
This unusual gem belonging to the Saronic islands is located to the east of the Peloponnese. There are no cars here. Named after the island, the harbour town is layered up the slopes of a mountainous bay. You may be surprised to see beautiful stone mansions. These are traditional here, as are the multi-coloured caïques along the quays. Further along the shore, within the walls of the “Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary” is a museum of Byzantine art. Collections from Athens National History Museum are exhibited in the elegant villa Koundouriotis.
Day 3 - Day 3 NAFPLION
The engaging town of Nafplion is staggered up green hillsides of the Argolic Gulf, to the east of the Peloponnese. Don’t be surprised by its extremely varied cultural heritage. For instance, you’ll see the ancient agora on the plateau of Akronafplia, Italianate arcades in Syntagma square as well as the baroque fortress of Palamidi on a hillside of the same name. At the top of the hill, views of the gulf and the surrounding mountains are simply awesome. If you want to chill out by the water’s edge, walk along the Arvanitia promenade to a beautiful creek in the shade of cedars and cypresses.
Day 4 - Day 4 ADAMAS, MILOS
Although Milos is especially renowned for the famous statue of Venus found in a field there and now displayed in the Louvre in Paris, this mineral island is also a geological treasure. Its volcanic origin is evident in its breathtaking landscapes and the colours of its cliffs, ranging from pure white to deep red. You’ll discover the wild beauty of the shorelines lined with the most beautiful beaches in Greece from a ship deck, and you’ll enjoy privileged access to emerald-green coves. Tiny fishing ports like Adamas hide there, with brightly-painted doors and terraces. Milos is a charming port of call in the heart of the Cyclades.
Day 5 - Day 5 PAROS
Famous for its white marble, the island of Paros is located in the Cyclades. Along the quays of Parikia, its main town, you’ll see Byzantine churches and neoclassical buildings. To make the most of the turquoise waters, you can stop over in Naoussa. This little fishing port is bounded by a very beautiful cove and offers more than one café to sit and unwind.
Day 6 - Day 6 DELOS & MYKONOS
This legendary Cyclades island of Delos stands just a few miles southwest of Mykonos. The ceremonial solemnity of this ancient holy sanctuary will not leave you indifferent. The sheer size and importance of this UNESCO World Heritage site which covers over half of the island is thrilling in itself. From the Stoa of Antigonos, the Terrace of the Lions, to the carved marble animal statues, you will make discovery after discovery, against a backdrop of the Aegean stretching to the horizon. The theatre steps on the hillside are a particularly good place from which to enjoy the expansive view.Nicknamed “little Venice”, Mykonos is famous for its Alefkandra district where houses are built right on the water’s edge. Their multi-coloured loggias are emblematic of this Cyclades island, as are the pelicans and windmills. You can get close up to the birds on the quaysides of the old port. Up on the hillside, you can see the windmill sails turning. In the cobbled streets of the pedestrian centre, bougainvillea bedeck immaculate facades. As you weave in and out of the little streets, snatches of coastline will undoubtedly call you to the island’s beaches, the quietest of which can be found on the northern coast.
Day 7 - Day 7 KUSADASI
The attractive seaside resort of Kusadasi is located in a gulf on the western coast of Turkey. You can bathe there in clear waters or stroll along the coastal walk, in the shade of palms. In the historical district, you can take a mosey down the narrow streets and explore the colourful shops in the bazaar. Close by, the Ephesus archaeological site in the hillsides provides an opportunity to discover the ruins of one of the most famous cities of Antiquity.
Day 9 - Day 9 NESSEBAR
Built on a peninsula on the south-west coast overlooking the Black sea, the town of Nesebar possesses age-old history. Founded by the Greeks and then colonised by the Romans and the Ottomans, it is a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. You can ramble in the historical district without worrying about cars, because the area is fully pedestrian. As you mosey through the streets, look out for the houses with wooden corbels, and, in the squares, admire the Byzantine sanctuaries and their astonishing multi-coloured adornments, like Saint-Paraskevi church. The Archaeological Museum has a very rich collection of ancient vestiges. Don’t forget to try the local speciality, touloumbitchki dipped in syrup.
Day 10 - Day 10 ISTANBUL
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Day 11 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $7,080Deluxe Stateroom
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $8,020Prestige Stateroom Deck 4
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $8,460Prestige Stateroom Deck 5
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $8,920Prestige Stateroom Deck 6
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $12,760Deluxe Suite
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $17,620Prestige Suite Deck 5
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $18,540Prestige Suite Deck 6
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $19,500Privilege Suite
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $21,520Grand Deluxe Suite
28-07-202006-08-2020AUD $22,620Owner's Suite


    • A cruise from the Aegean Sea to the Black Sea, to discover some of the wonderful ancient sites of Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria.
    • Numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Acropolis in Athens (embarkation port), the Mycenae ruins and the Epidaurus theatre (from Napflion), Delos, the sacred island, the historical sites of Ephesus from Kusadasi and the ancient city of Nessebar.
    • Charming port of call: Hydra, the St Tropez of Athenians.
    • Sailing in the Dardanelles.
    • Possibility of visiting Athens before your cruise and Istanbul after your cruise.