Reykjavik to Longyearbyen – Iceland & Spitsbergen Luxury Expedition Cruise

Reykjavik to Longyearbyen – Iceland & Spitsbergen Luxury Expedition Cruise

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This is a voyage that will take you from being a tourist to being a traveller. Beginning with Iceland’s inspirational backdrop, venture north to experience isolated communities that have learnt to live among the elements. Be amazed by the frozen volcanic island Jan Mayen and even enjoy a couple of R&R days to relax and learn all about the Arctic. Because that is where we are going to next: the frozen north at the top of the world.

The provided itinerary is presented as an example only, and the day-by-day schedule as well as the duration of the cruise may vary. For more precise information, please contact us.

Trip Name
Reykjavik to Longyearbyen - Iceland & Spitsbergen Luxury Expedition Cruise
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition Length: 164.40 metres Passenger Capacity: 200 Built: 2021 Designed for polar exploration, Silver Endeavour breaks the ice of luxury expedition travel. We’re proud to announce that our newest addition has joined the fleet. Built to PC6 Polar Class specifications – one of the highest Polar Class classifications there is – Silver Endeavour revolutionises our expedition voyages, and allows us to travel deeper to some of the planet’s farthest flung coasts. Her statistics speak for themselves: from unrivalled, industry-leading crew-to-guest, zodiac-to-guest and expert-to-guest ratios, to cutting-edge navigation and exploration technology and hallmark Silversea comfort make her the most luxurious expedition ship ever built. Spread over eight public decks, not only does she feature ample onboard space, multiple restaurants, plus a huge choice of bars and lounges, but her large and luxurious suites are some of the best in expedition cruising. Superbly designed, all her suites feature a balcony and our highest standards of service thanks to an impressive crew-to-guest ratio of 1:1. Mud Room Silver Endeavour’s Mud Room is the perfect place to prepare for all your expedition activities. Spaciously designed, the two mud rooms are superbly modern, and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Explorer Lounge Strategically located mid-ship on deck 4, the Explorer Lounge is the operational heart of shore excursions while onboard. This is where you’ll attend your daily recap and briefing sessions or attend lectures. Connoisseur’s Corner The Connoisseur’s Corner is an indulgent and sophisticated cigar lounge, where you can enjoy an after dinner drink in a cosy private club atmosphere. Otium Spa Otium is where you can relax and unwind, but also where you can enjoy world class treatments that make sure you look as good as you feel and that even Venus herself would envy. Observation Lounge The Observation Lounge offers one of our favourite vantage points of Silver Endeavour. Plus 270-degree surrounding glass windows make this immersive venue ideal whatever time of the day. Beauty Salon Our committed and competent team of beauty therapists is here to help keep your hair, nails, skin, and body healthy and happy. Fitness Centre Whether you are a serious keep fit fanatic or casual athlete, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Silver Endeavour’s Fitness Centre. Expertly designed classes and personal training sessions make sure that you keep in shape. Boutique Located mid-ship on Deck 5, the Boutique aboard Silver Endeavour means luxury shopping experiences do not end just because you’re at sea! Carefully selected partners offer a wide selection of the latest fashions. Pool Deck Surrounded by glazing extended all the way to the top of the venue, the Pool Deck gives you the feeling of always being connected to the sea. The glass-enclosed pool deck is the ideal place to enjoy breathtaking views. Library Whether you’re an avid bibliophile or simply prefer a quiet place while at sea, it’s hard not to fall in love with Silver Endeavour’s onboard library, with its beautiful reference books, comfortable chairs and stunning scenery.


Day 1 - Day 1 Pre Cruise
Day 2 - Day 1 Reykjavik ICELAND
The capital of Iceland’s land of ice, fire and natural wonder, Reykjavik is a city like no other - blossoming among some of the world’s most vibrant and violent scenery. Home to two-thirds of Iceland’s population, Reykjavik is the island’s only real city, and a welcoming and walkable place - full of bicycles gliding along boulevards or battling the wind when it rears up. Fresh licks of paint brighten the streets, and an artistic and creative atmosphere embraces studios and galleries - as well as the kitchens where an exciting culinary scene is burgeoning. Plot your adventures in the city's hip bars and cosy cafes, or waste no time in venturing out to Iceland’s outdoor adventures. Reykjavik’s buildings stand together in a low huddle - below the whip of winter’s winds - but the magnificent Hallgrímskirkja church is a solid exception, with its bell tower rising resolutely over the city. Iceland’s largest church's design echoes the lava flows that have shaped this remote land and boasts a clean and elegant interior. The Harpa Concert Hall’s sheer glass facade helps it to assimilate into the landscape, mirroring back the city and harbour. Its LED lights shimmer in honour of Iceland’s greatest illuminated performance – the northern lights. Walk in the crusts between continents, feel the spray from bursts of geysers and witness the enduring power of Iceland’s massive waterfalls. Whether you want to sizzle away in the earth-heated geothermal pools, or hike to your heart’s content, you can do it all from Reykjavik - the colourful capital of this astonishing outdoor country.
Day 3 - Day 2 Stykkisholmur ICELAND & Flatey Island ICELAND
Stykkishólmur, located in western Iceland at the northern end of the Snæfellsnes peninsula, is the commerce center for the area. Its natural harbor allowed this town to become an important trading center early in Iceland’s history. The first trading post was established in the 1550s, and still today fishing is the major industry. The town center boasts beautiful and well-preserved old houses from earlier times. Stykkisholmur is very environmentally conscious – it was the first community in Europe to get the EarthCheck environmental certification, was the first municipality in Iceland to start fully sorting its waste, and was the first town in Iceland to receive the prestigious Blue flag eco-label for its harbor. It has also been a European Destination of Excellence (EDEN), since 2011.Flatey is the ‘flat island’ just as the name sounds. These days Flatey is mainly seasonally populated with many brightly painted, wooden summer cottages to be found here. Like many other small islands around Iceland though, Flatey was once a hub for fishing and trade. This particular island prospered so much that it was the center of commercial and cultural life in the 19th century for this part of Iceland. Thanks to the surroundiung nutrient-rich waters 35 species of birds have been counted on Flatey ranging from Eider Ducks and Atlantic Puffins, to Arctic Terns, Red-necked Phalaropes, Ringed Plover and Snow Buntings.
Day 4 - Day 3 Vigur Island ICELAND & Bolungarvik ICELAND
Vigur Island is the second largest island in the Isafjardardjup Fjord, measuring 2 kilometers in length by 400 meters in width. It is home to a single sheep farming family, which ferries the sheep in summer across to the mainland, so that the Eider Ducks nesting on the island will not be disturbed. One of the export articles from this small island was eider down and one can still see where the Eider Ducks nest and how the down is collected and cleaned. The small settlement of a few houses is on the southern side, next to a small rocky beach, a concrete wall and floating pier. On approach grey seals can often be seen on the otherwise seaweed-covered boulders. Apart from the grey of the basalt and green of the grass, lichens add a splash of color. A path has been prepared and the grass cut, so that visitors can leisurely walk across the island to take in the beautiful scenery and to observe the large colony of Arctic Terns, Black Guillemots and Atlantic Puffins usually only seen during the summer months. A meticulously preserved historical landmark, a small windmill dating back to the 1840s was still in use in 1917 to grind wheat imported from Denmark. Viktoria House, one of the preserved wooden farm houses dating back to 1862, is used as a café where home-baked cakes and cookies are offered to guests. One of Europe’s smallest post offices can be found here, too.Although the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is further north across the Isarfjardardjup, Bolungarvik is Westfjords’ and Iceland’s northernmost town. Despite its relative isolation, Bolungarvik has been settled for hundreds of years and is already mentioned in the settlement period of Iceland. Located next to rich fishing grounds and the cove of the same name, Bolungarvik has always been a place for fishermen and one of the town’s attractions is a replica of an old fishing station. Just to the northwest is Bolafjall Mountain which blocks off the wind and swell from the Atlantic Ocean. The view from the top (at 638 meters above sea level) not only covers Bolungarvik and the surrounding valleys and mountains, but several fjords and the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve. Although only 950 residents call Bolungarvik their home, this is the Westfjords’ second largest town. There even is a nine hole golf course (par 71) with 18 sets of tees.
Day 5 - Day 4 Akureyri ICELAND
Iceland’s Capital of the North is the gateway to a thrilling land of roaring waterfalls, soaring volcanoes and glorious wildlife. It may lie a mere 60 miles from the Arctic Circle, but Akureyi blossoms with a bright, cosmopolitan feel, and explodes into life during the summer months, when its outdoor cafes and open-air bathing spots fill up with visitors ready to immerse themselves in Iceland’s cinematic scenery. Feel the thundering impact of Iceland’s celebrated natural wonders shaking your bones at Godafoss Waterfalls, known as the ‘Waterfalls of the Gods’. Here, the Skjálfandafljót river unleashes a colossal torrent of water over charcoal-black rocks below. Or, find some peace at the Botanical Gardens, which opened in 1957 and offer space for contemplation - amid plants that bloom with unexpected vibrancy, even at this northerly latitude. The Lutheran, Akureyrarkirkja Church rises like a grand church organ and is the town’s most striking landmark. The 112-step climb is worth the effort to see light flooding in through its narrow stain glass windows, spreading colourful patchworks across the interior. Magic and mythology are important elements of Icelandic folklore, and you’ll even bump into giant sculptures of grizzled, child-snatching trolls on the town’s high street. Or, meet more earthly - but no less magical - creatures in the waters around Akureyi, where immense blue whales cruise by and dolphins playfully leap.
Day 6 - Day 5 Day at sea INTERNATIONAL WATERS
Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.
Day 7 - Day 6 Jan Mayen Island NORWAY
Humpback and minke whales cavort and feed in the waters around the impressive volcanic island of Jan Mayen with its towering ebony peaks and broad black lava beaches. The primordial landscape is dominated to the north by the 7,500 feet high (2,300 meters) Mt Beerenberg, an active volcano covered in glacial ice that last erupted in 1985. With permission from the Norwegian authorities, a landing is possible at this rarely visited outpost. Visitors may walk to the research and weather station, or beyond, for birds-eye views of the meteorological station and the long black sandy eastern shore of the island. Birds to be seen here may include Atlantic Puffins, Northern Fulmars, and Snow Buntings.
Day 8 - Day 7 Day at sea INTERNATIONAL WATERS
Days at sea are the perfect opportunity to relax, unwind and catch up with what you’ve been meaning to do. So whether that is going to the gym, visiting the spa, whale watching, catching up on your reading or simply topping up your tan, these blue sea days are the perfect balance to busy days spent exploring shore side.
Day 9 - Days 8 - 10 Svalbard Northern Region NORWAY
Svalbard’s northern region is less influenced by the Norwegian Current coming through the Greenland Sea than the southern region and shows more ice. The northern part of the island of Spitsbergen shows quite a number of impressive fjords, bays and glaciers. The Nordaust Svalbard Nature Reserve includes Spitsbergen’s east coast, the Hinlopen Strait, Nordaustlandet and some islands further east like Kvitoya and Storoya. Several walrus haul-outs, spectacular glaciers, bird cliffs and bird islands, as well as surprising flora in Arctic deserts and the possibility to see polar bears and to visit historically important sites make this an area prone for exploration. Ice conditions will dictate which sites can be seen.
Day 10 - Days 11 - 12 Svalbard Southern Region NORWAY
Svalbard’s Southern Region and specifically Spitsbergen’s west coast is less ice-clogged than the rest of Svalbard due to the moderating influenced of the Gulf Stream. Several fjords cut into the western coast of Spitsbergen and have been used by trappers and hunters, as well as the different mining companies that tried to exploit the riches of the archipelago’s largest island of Spitsbergen. Remains of huts and mines, as well as active commercial and scientific settlements can be found and visited. Depending on the time of the season, glaciers can be visited on foot or by sea. Hornsund will reveal fascinating views of geological formations, craggy mountains, spectacular glaciers and a variety of seabirds and seals.
Day 11 - Day 13 Longyearbyen NORWAY
Longyearbyen is the biggest settlement in Svalbard. Seat of the Norwegian administration, it also has the best services and infrastructure in the archipelago. Located deep in the Adventfjord, a sidearm of the Isfjorden (Icefjord), Longyearbyen’s airport can be used all-year round, but its harbor is blocked by ice in winter. Most shops, hotels, restaurants and a hospital are within easy walking distance of the port. One of the most prominent buildings in town is the UNIS center, where several Norwegian universities have joined forces to operate and offer the northernmost higher education to both Norwegian and international students. Adjacent to UNIS, and well worth a visit, is the Svalbard Museum, covering the natural history and exploitation of Svalbard. Remnants of the former mining activity can be seen all around Longyearbyen and even in town.
Day 12 - Day 14 Post Cruise
Day 13 - Please Note:
The excursions are provided as a sample of what may be offered on this voyage and are subject to change.

Trip Dates

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13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array22,100VISTA SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array26,400CLASSIC VERANDA SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array30,800DELUXE VERANDA SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array36,500MEDALLION SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array47,400SILVER SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array94,600ROYAL SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array98,900GRAND SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array102,700OWNER’S SUITE. From
13-07-202427-07-2024Array Array013 Day Cruise
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array36,100Superior Veranda Suite
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array37,700Deluxe Veranda Suite
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array38,800Premium Veranda Suite
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array53,400Silver Suite
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array100,600Grand Suite
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array134,100Owner's Suite
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array016 Day Cruise
25-06-202510-07-2025Array Array32,900Classic Veranda Suite
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array29,900VISTA SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array34,400CLASSIC VERANDA SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array39,800DELUXE VERANDA SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array47,900MEDALLION SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array62,600SILVER SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array126,100ROYAL SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array132,000GRAND SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array137,000OWNER’S SUITE. From
08-08-202523-08-2025Array Array016 Day Cruise


    • Stykkisholmur, Iceland
    • Flatey Island, Iceland
    • Bolungarvik, Iceland
    • Jan Mayen Island
    • Svalbard Northern Region
    • Svalbard Southern Region