Valletta to Nice – 11 Day Mediterranean Sailing Cruise

Valletta to Nice – 11 Day Mediterranean Sailing Cruise

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Embark on an enchanting 11-day Mediterranean cruise, taking you from the historic city of Valletta in Malta to the glamorous destinations of St Tropez and Nice in France. Explore the rich heritage of Syracuse and the picturesque beauty of Taormina in Sicily. Enjoy leisurely days beneath full sails, allowing you to unwind and appreciate the serenity of the open sea. Sail along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast, stopping in the charming town of Amalfi. Discover the medieval charm of Bonifacio in Corsica and the Catalan-influenced Alghero in Sardinia. Experience the sandy beaches and historic citadel of Calvi before indulging in the glamorous atmosphere of St Tropez and the captivating coastal scenery of Nice. This Mediterranean cruise promises a perfect blend of cultural exploration, scenic delights, and the pleasure of sailing the Mediterranean waters.

Trip Name
Valletta to Nice - 11 Day Mediterranean Sailing Cruise
Vessel Type: Three-mast full-rigged ship Length: 138 meters Passenger Capacity: 136 Built: 2021 Building a three-mast full-rigged ship with traditional rigging in the 21st century may seem a little unusual. For SEA CLOUD CRUISES it is a commitment to true passion for sailing. With her clear, classic line she follows the example of her elegant windjammer sisters, but goes completely new ways. An entire deck with balcony cabins, an exclusive wellness and SPA area, a fitness room with sea view, a bistro on deck as an evening alternative to “fine dining” in the restaurant – the youngest member of the SEA CLOUD family offers plenty of room for individuality in addition to genuine windjammer romance. The SEA CLOUD SPIRIT combines traditional windjammer experience with 21st century comfort with up to 136 passengers. Cabins: 69 outside cabins (22 junior and 3 owner suites with balconies) and 7 de luxe lido outside cabins with panoramic windows that can be opened Cabin equipment: Bathrobes, hair dryer, telephone, adjustable A/C, private safe, minibar, coffee machine, TV with entertainment system, WI-FI, exclusive cosmetics, dressing table, bureau Public areas: Restaurant (180° panoramic view) with free seating and one sitting, lido Bar and bistro, lounge with Steinway grand piano, library with comfortable sitting area, sun deck with sunbeds and shower, boutique, hospital, WI-FI Fitness, wellness & spa: Generous wellness and spa area with two treatment rooms, Finnish sauna, steam bath, relaxation room, multi-sensory shower as well as various massages, beauty parlour and hairdressing salon, fitness area with ocean view and the latest cardio equipment, swim platform, watersports equipment, 4 zodiacs


Day 1 - DAY 1, Valletta/Malta
Departure 07.00 pm Spend the day sunbathing, enjoy the fresh wind breeze, and relax into the day!
Day 2 - DAY 2, Syracuse/Sicily
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 02.00 pm The municipal area of Syracuse boasts relics from cultural history going back more than three millennia. In ancient times, the city was the most powerful in the known world and was famed for its splendour. The island of Ortigia, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was where Syracuse began its rise as an ancient city. The huge cathedral is at the heart of the old town, magnificent palaces line the Piazza and wide promenades invite you to take a stroll. The archaeological park brings Greek and Roman history back to life. Yet Syracuse exudes southern Italian charm, with washing drying outside the windows.
Day 3 - DAY 3, Taormina (Naxos)/Sicily
Arrival 07.00 am, Departure 02.00 pm Taormina is perched on a rock with a majestic view over the sea. In the 19th century, this small town had already developed into a dream destination for well-heeled travellers and artists. The town's fascination lies in its elegance, the many ancient buildings, the stunningly beautiful coastline, the mild climate, and the view over the silhouette of Etna. Europe's largest volcano is over 3,000 meters (9,843 foot) high, has four summit craters and around 400 subsidiary craters, and is covered with snow almost all year round. In ancient times it was considered the seat of the gods, but nowadays large sections of it are a nature reserve.
Day 4 - DAY 4, Day beneath full sails
Climbing the rigging, untying ropes, setting sails – today is all about sailing. Time to lean back and relax in the deck chair and watch the passionate crew hoisting the sails by hand.
Day 5 - DAY 5, Salerno/Italy & Amalfi/Italy
Salerno/Italy Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 01.30 pm Sail along the Amalfi Coast Amalfi/Italy Arrival 17.00 Uhr, Departure 23.00 Uhr The beautifully curving Amalfi Coast, which meanders along the starkly protruding Sorrento peninsula, has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In the pretty little town of Amalfi, whose history as an influential maritime republic is still clear to see, a dense labyrinth of pastel-colored houses clings to the rocky coastline. Boasting three naves, the beautiful 10th century cathedral with an enchanting cloister, colorful marble façade, Arabic-Norman campanile and magnificent steps leading to the lively Piazza Duomo is the heart of this small coastal town.
Day 6 - DAY 6, Day beneath full sails
Climbing the rigging, untying ropes, setting sails – today is all about sailing. Time to lean back and relax in the deck chair and watch the passionate crew hoisting the sails by hand.
Day 7 - DAY 7, Bonifacio/Corsica
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 02.00 pm The chalk cliffs are visible even from a long way away and fall away steeply into the sea like a wall – around 70 meters (230 foot) high. Hidden behind them is a fjord-like inlet, which provides the beautiful entrance into the natural harbor of Bonifacio. The elegant modern lower town is set around the harbor with a promenade that runs the length of the deep harbor bay and leads to the elegant marina. More than 187 stone steps, majestically named the "Staircase of the King of Aragon", lead you up to the medieval upper town which sits lofty and impregnable high up on the top of a steep chalk cliff.
Day 8 - DAY 8, Alghero/Sardinia
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 01.30 pm A beautiful beachside promenade and, on a headland, the old town of Alghero which sits defiantly behind thick fortifications. Alghero is something very special. Many buildings and squares in the charming old town were built when it was ruled by the Catalans and some of the inhabitants still speak a dialect of Catalan today. That's why the town is also lovingly known as "Little Barcelona". Grand palaces, numerous churches and towers, winding lanes and lively squares with snug bars and restaurants transport you into the Middle Ages with a Catalan-Gothic character.
Day 9 - DAY 9, Calvi/Corsica
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 01.30 pm Calvi has something enjoyable to suit every taste. Romantics can take a walk through the old town and the view from the fortified walls is not to be missed. A stroll through the town's streets brings you to the colorful, lively lower town with its bars and exclusive cafés. Anyone who enjoys a walk on the sand will love the town's long beach. To the east, sheltered by the highest mountains in Corsica, a lush green wild garden has grown around Calvi, filled with olive groves and orange trees. In the La Balagne region in the interior, you can discover hidden picturesque villages which show you the traditional side of Corsica and, displaying the idiosyncratic pride on the island, there is scarcely a road sign that is not written in the Corsican language.
Day 10 - DAY 10, St Tropez/France
Arrival 08.00 am, Departure 11.00 pm In the 19th century, artists discovered this picturesque fishing village on the Côte d'Azur and made it their source of inspiration. They were followed by the aristocracy and moneyed classes, and around fifty years ago St Tropez gained its international reputation as a refuge for the rich and famous. You can still find them today, in elegant Port Grimaud with its luxurious yachts from all over the world; in the upmarket bars and restaurants that line the promenade; on the elegant boulevards; in high class shops; or at the sophisticated beach clubs. Even with all these distinguished guests, St Tropez has still managed to preserve its picturesque and sleepy atmosphere.
Day 11 - DAY 11, Nice/France
Arrival 08.00 am Nice lies in one of the world's most lavishly endowed natural landscapes. The sea glows azure and the mountains in the background rise picturesquely up into the sky. Castle Hill gives you a fantastic view over the rambling old town – a labyrinth of alleyways with Baroque churches, pastel-colored houses and red-tiled roofs. The Promenade des Anglais, a sophisticated, five-kilometer-(3 miles)long walkway along the magnificent Baie des Anges and its long beach, lies at the heart of the elegant new town, with its splendid palaces and aristocratic hotels in the Belle-Époque and Art Deco styles.
Day 12 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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25-09-202405-10-2024EUR €6,287Guaranteed Double Cabins. From
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25-09-202405-10-2024EUR €7,736Category D: De Luxe Cabins, Outside. From
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25-09-202405-10-2024EUR €8,861Category C: De Luxe Lido Cabins, Outside. From
25-09-202405-10-2024EUR €10,526Category B: Junior Suites With Balcony. From
25-09-202405-10-2024EUR €12,056Category A: Suites With Balcony. From


    • Taormina (Naxos), Sicily: Experience the breathtaking beauty of Taormina, with its romantic alleys, flower-covered stairs, and stunning panoramic views over the sea. Explore the ancient ruins, visit the iconic Greek Theatre, and immerse yourself in the charm of this picturesque Sicilian town.
    • Amalfi, Italy: Sail along the Amalfi Coast and arrive in the enchanting town of Amalfi. Marvel at its stunning cliffside location, admire the magnificent Amalfi Cathedral, and wander through the narrow streets lined with shops and cafes. Enjoy the Mediterranean ambiance and soak in the idyllic atmosphere of this coastal gem.
    • St Tropez, France: Immerse yourself in the glamorous atmosphere of St Tropez, a renowned destination for the jet-set crowd. Explore the vibrant streets, visit the iconic Old Port filled with luxury yachts, and relax on the beautiful sandy beaches. Indulge in the chic boutiques, trendy bars, and world-class dining options that make St Tropez a playground for the rich and famous.