Circumnavigating Spitsbergen – In the Realm of the Polar Bear

Circumnavigating Spitsbergen – In the Realm of the Polar Bear

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Land of the polar bear
Your expedition starts in Oslo, before you fly to Longyearbyen where your expedition continues at sea. We’ll sail into North West Spitsbergen National Park. Take in the stunning Arctic nature, as we scout for polar bears, Arctic foxes and Svalbard reindeer. You’ll also see colonies of Brunnich’s Guillemots and kittiwakes.

Crossing the 80th Parallel North
We plan to circumnavigate Spitsbergen, and attempt to sail beyond the 80th Parallel North if conditions permit. You’ll see awe-inspiring nature and wildlife and the breathtaking Hornsund mountains, before we cruise towards stunning Isfjorden back to cosy Longyearbyen.

Trip Name
Circumnavigating Spitsbergen - In the Realm of the Polar Bear
Vessel Type: Expedition Length: 100 metres Passenger Capacity: 335 Built / refurbished: 2009 / 2016 MS Spitsbergen is named after the crown jewel of Arctic Norway – the Svalbard archipelago and its biggest island, Spitsbergen.  After complete reconstruction, MS Spitsbergen joined the Hurtigruten fleet in 2016. The ship features high technical standards as well as comfortable, modern public areas and cabins. The vessel's fresh Scandinavian design reflects a colour palette derived from the sea. She is modern and environmentally progressive, and we plan further improvements that will reduce emissions and fuel consumption even more. The new ship’s maneuverability and optimal size make her quite suitable for exploring polar waters.  Expedition team on board MS Spitsbergen has its own on-board Expedition Team and serves as a university at sea. Interesting lectures inside the ship as well as out on the sun deck make this an exciting and educational journey. Topics depend on the season and the waters we sail in. The Expedition Team host a lecture programme and evening gatherings daily. Out on deck you can participate in live points of interest to learn more about the nature, culture and other phenomena we encounter along the coast. In addition, the Expedition Team will introduce you to the uniquely Norwegian notion of `friluftsliv´ (outdoor life), and encourage you take part in `friluftsliv´ hikes and activities during the journey. Our dedicated Expedition Teams have one mission: to enhance your experience by engaging you and interpreting the nature, wildlife, and culture you encounter during the voyage. Read more about our Expedition Teams here.  Ship facilities Expedition Team - Explorer bar - Panoramic lounge – Explorer lounge - Compass Service Centre - Brygga bistro - Shop - Torget main dining - Wi-Fi - Sauna - Fitness room - Lift - Hot tub - Guest launderette - Panoramic deck 8 - Outside bar for events, decks 7 & 8


Day 1 - DAY 1 Explore cosmopolitan Oslo
Enjoy time in Oslo before flying to SvalbardYour expedition begins in Oslo, Norway’s fjord-side capital. If you have time before your flight, why not explore the city centre.With its rich history and fashionable art scene, Oslo is a fascinating city. You'll find museums, galleries, and breathtaking architecture all within easy reach – including the beautiful Opera House and new Munch Museum.Take a stroll in the stunning Ekeberg Sculpture Park, visit Akershus Fortress or relax in a floating sauna. Explore modern Sørenga and enjoy urban beach life, or try New Nordic cuisine before flying out to Longyearbyen in the Svalbard archipelago.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Longyearbyen adventures
Meet reindeer in the street as you shopAfter breakfast, it’s time to explore the world's northernmost town, a colourful frontier settlement where people are outnumbered by snowmobiles.Longyearbyen is perfect for exploring on foot. Stroll down the main street and you might see Svalbard reindeer saunter by. Although wild, they're curious and tame. Admire the polar bear-inspired art or visit the North Pole Expedition Museum.Get ready for your included excursion after lunch, or join an optional electric bike, dogsledding or hiking tour. In the afternoon, it's time to board your ship and continue your Arctic discovery as we cruise around Spitsbergen.
Day 3 - DAY 3-5 The wilds of NW Spitsbergen
Experience pristine Arctic wildernessOver the next three days, you'll explore the natural beauty and rugged tundra of Northwest Spitsbergen National Park. Seabirds wheel as we scan for animals of the Arctic – whales, seals, walrus and reindeer. We might even see polar bears hunting on the ice. In stunning Kongsfjorden, you may see glaciers calving into the sea. If conditions allow, we'll stop in Ny-Ålesund, home to a thriving international science community, researching glaciology, wildlife and climate change.Be ready for adventure as we'll seize any opportunity to use our expedition boats to come ashore to hike, participate in a beach clean-up or launch our kayaks.
Day 4 - DAY 6-7 Polar bears in the East
Scouting for polar bears, seabirds and walrusesThe frozen seascape of Eastern Svalbard is home to the archipelago’s largest polar bear population. We have high hopes you’ll see this elusive, magnificent animal over the next two days. We'll scout for walrus and colonies of Brünnich’s Guillemots and other seabirds in the Hinlopen Strait. We may head south to Freemansundet and Kapp Lee, or take small expedition boats to Edgeøya or Barentsøya. The daily itinerary will be set by your Expedition Team, monitoring local ice and weather conditions to take you on exhilarating landings, hikes and kayaking.
Day 5 - DAY 8 Beautiful Hornsunden
Majestic glaciers, rich vegetation and seabirdsAs we sail towards the southernmost tip of Spitsbergen, we'll enter Hornsunden, one of Svalbard’s most beautiful fjords. Rich, colourful vegetation makes way for the towering peaks of Mount Hornsundtind along this picturesque waterway. Head out on deck as you may spot seals and whales, and possibly even glaciers calving into the sea.The green patches of land you’ll see here are fertilised by Little Auk colonies. This in turn attracts Svalbard reindeer and Arctic foxes, so keep your eyes peeled. In the evening, we’ll journey north, past beautiful Bellsund towards Isfjorden.
Day 6 - DAY 9 Astonishing Isfjorden
Rich in flora, fauna, geology and historyOur Svalbard cruise continues into Isfjorden's lush fjord system, where you'll see immense, glacier-carved valleys rich in wildlife, vegetation and human history. To the north, Alkehornet is home to guillemots, kittiwakes, Svalbard reindeer and Arctic foxes. The clear traces of whaling and hunting history are visible on beaches and bays. Further south, we’ll pass the former Isfjord Radio Station, now one of the world's most beautifully-situated hotels. Our activities today will be determined by the ever-changing weather conditions of Isfjorden. Your Expedition Team will decide on the best possibilities for exploring on the day.
Day 7 - DAY 10 Return to Longyearbyen
A final day on top of the worldBack in Longyearbyen, your Arctic cruise comes to an end. Exploring Svalbard creates memories for life, leaving you feeling enriched from wildlife encounters, insights in polar history and local geography.Before your flight back to Oslo, you might have time to discover more of Longyearbyen or do a spot of shopping for local souvenirs.If you're sailing aboard MS Fram, you can extend your stay in Longyearbyen by adding one of our unique Post-Programmes when booking your cruise.
Day 8 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
07-06-202316-06-2023AUD $10,185Polar Inside. From
07-06-202316-06-2023AUD $11,497Polar Outside. From
07-06-202316-06-2023AUD $12,500Arctic Superior. From
07-06-202316-06-2023AUD $15,587Expedition Suite. From
08-06-202317-06-2023AUD $10,485Polar Inside. From
08-06-202317-06-2023AUD $11,527Polar Outside. From
08-06-202317-06-2023AUD $12,649Arctic Superior. From
08-06-202317-06-2023AUD $15,536Expedition Suite. From
15-06-202324-06-2023AUD $12,500Arctic Superior. From
15-06-202324-06-2023AUD $15,587Expedition Suite. From
15-06-202324-06-2023AUD $10,185Polar Inside. From
15-06-202324-06-2023AUD $11,497Polar Outside. From
16-06-202325-06-2023AUD $10,485Polar Inside. From
16-06-202325-06-2023AUD $11,527Polar Outside. From
16-06-202325-06-2023AUD $12,649Arctic Superior. From
16-06-202325-06-2023AUD $15,536Expedition Suite. From
23-06-202302-07-2023AUD $10,185Polar Inside. From
23-06-202302-07-2023AUD $11,497Polar Outside. From
23-06-202302-07-2023AUD $12,500Arctic Superior. From
23-06-202302-07-2023AUD $15,587Expedition Suite. From
24-06-202303-07-2023AUD $10,485Polar Inside. From
24-06-202303-07-2023AUD $11,527Polar Outside. From
24-06-202303-07-2023AUD $12,649Arctic Superior. From
24-06-202303-07-2023AUD $15,536Expedition Suite. From
01-07-202310-07-2023AUD $10,485Polar Inside. From
01-07-202310-07-2023AUD $11,848Polar Outside. From
01-07-202310-07-2023AUD $12,890Arctic Superior. From
01-07-202310-07-2023AUD $16,097Expedition Suite. From
09-07-202318-07-2023AUD $10,485Polar Inside. From
09-07-202318-07-2023AUD $11,848Polar Outside. From
09-07-202318-07-2023AUD $12,890Arctic Superior. From
09-07-202318-07-2023AUD $16,097Expedition Suite. From
15-09-202324-09-2023AUD $8,835Polar Inside. From
15-09-202324-09-2023AUD $9,917Polar Outside. From
15-09-202324-09-2023AUD $10,745Arctic Superior. From
15-09-202324-09-2023AUD $13,292Expedition Suite. From


    • 10-day expedition cruise of the Svalbard archipelago. Explore Longyearbyen and North West Spitsbergen National Park on an attempt to circumnavigate Spitsbergen.
    • The Midnight Sun provides perfect light for Svalbard wildlife photography of polar bears, whales, reindeer and more.
    • Optional Pre
    • and Post-Programmes available from Longyearbyen to Isfjorden, spotting walrus and visiting glaciers.