Follow the Lights (Northbound) 2021-2022 Small Group Escorted Tour

Follow the Lights (Northbound) 2021-2022 Small Group Escorted Tour

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Experience some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes and the wonder of the Northern Lights on this 18-day adventure including Oslo and Bergen, “Norway in a Nutshell”, the iconic northbound Coastal Voyage, and a journey through Finland and Estonia.

Trip Name
Follow the Lights (Northbound) 2021-2022 Small Group Escorted Tour
Since 1893, the Hurtigruten ships have been a hallmark of the Norwegian coast. Today, our ships sail to the Arctic and Antarctica, and many destinations in between. On each ship you will find modern facilities carefully blended with true character. MS Eirik Raude MS Eirik Raude is designed to explore the magnificent Norwegian coast and polar areas in ultimate comfort, with advanced equipment and a sustainable profile. MS Eirik Raude (MS Midnatsol prior to the makeover) is named for the Viking explorer, also known as Eric the Red. He discovered, named and settled Greenland in the 10th century. Like its namesake, MS Eirik Raude is a great adventurer, meant to explore the rugged Norwegian coastline all year long. MS Eirik Raude has a modern design and progressive environmental profile. The interior’s bright, colourful décor is inspired by Norway's sunny summer days, a motif reflected in many of the pieces of Norwegian modern art on board. The vessel's sun deck and hot tub are on deck 9. Key features on MS Eirik Raude include a spacious, two-storey panorama lounge above the bow. Its wall-to-wall windows bathe the lounge in natural light and provide extraordinary views. MS Eirik Raude is an ice class 1C ship and is equipped with advanced technology that makes her exceptionally well suited for expedition cruises in Norway. MS Fridtjof Nansen MS Fridtjof Nansen is the latest addition to Hurtigruten’s fleet of custom built ships – and the next generation expedition ship. She will explore some of the most spectacular corners of the globe. Featuring Hurtigruten's revolutionary battery hybrid powered propulsion system, MS Fridtjof Nansen will be a near identical twin to her sister ship MS Roald Amundsen. Combining state of the art technology and premium on board experience with Hurtigruten’s 125 years of experience and unparalleled destinations, the two Norwegian built ships introduces the next generation of adventure travel. MS Fram The original Fram was the most famous explorer ship of its time, and the achievements of her expeditions are unparalleled. MS Fram brings on the heritage of the original Fram, using the most advanced technology to make her exceptionally well suited for expedition voyages in Polar Regions. MS Kong Harald Norway's reigning monarch, a seasoned sailor, lends his name to this remarkable vessel. MS Kong Harald was refurbished in 2016 and now features a modern, Arctic-inspired interior. On board are three different restaurants, the Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. Out on deck you can enjoy the view from one of our two hot tubs. There is a comfortable bar at the front of the ship where you can enjoy a nice traditional drink. The vessel also has a large compass area were you find the reception, the Expedition Team, conference room and shop. The top deck of the boat features a sun deck, observation saloon and panorama lounge, all of which provide splendid views of spectacular coastal scenery. MS Lofoten MS Lofoten - our old-time favourite - was launched in Oslo in 1964. The ship´s classic maritime style and informal atmosphere inspires genuine nostalgia in her passengers. The ship is named after the Lofoten archipelago, which lies just north of the Arctic Circle. Famous for their dramatic scenery, the islands are often described as `nature´s masterpiece’. With its unique lounges and panoramic decks, MS Lofoten is inimitable in its own right. Get ready for a classic Hurtigruten experience onboard this beauty!  MS Maud MS Maud is designed to take you on an expedition of the Norwegian coast in maximum comfort, equipped for a sustainable and memorable expedition. MS Maud, the current MS Trollfjord, is named after one of the most famous polar vessels of all time, Roald Amundsens “Maud” from 1917. The original “Maud” got her name from the first Queen of modern-day Norway. She also had her namesake in Hurtigruten’s 1925 flagship DS Dronning Maud (“DS Queen Maud”). Today´s MS Maud is an ice class 1C ship equipped with advanced technology that makes her exceptionally well-suited for expedition cruises in Norway. MS Nordkapp MS Nordkapp is named after the northernmost point on mainland Europe: North Cape (71ºN) - one of the geographical highpoints you can visit on a Hurtigruten voyage. MS Nordkapp was refurbished in 2016 and now features a modern, Arctic-inspired interior. On board are three different restaurants, a Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. Out on deck you can enjoy the view from one of our two hot tubs. We also have a cosy bar at the front of the ship where you can enjoy a nice traditional drink. The ship additionally has a large compass area with reception, a tour guide, conference room and shop. MS Nordkapp was christened by Norway´s Queen Sonja in 1996 and her maiden voyage was to the Shetland Islands. The ship started sailing the Norwegian coast in April 1996. She has also sailed in Antarctica. Since 2007, the vessel has been part of Hurtigruten´s fleet of ships dedicated to sailing the Norwegian coastline. MS Nordlys Both the name and the interior design of this modern expedition ship are inspired by the spectacular Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). The art, décor and colours employed aboard this ship are all inspired by the northern lights. The delicate aesthetic creates a distinct and unique on-board ambience. Passengers are invited to relax after a long day experiencing Hurtigruten´s various excursions and activities in comfy reclining chairs in the one of the ship’s lounges. In May 2019 MS Nordlys was refurbished. All cabins got a makeover, while new cabin grades were added. The upgrade saw a number of new features being added to the ship. MS Nordstjernen MS Nordstjernen is named after the North Star or Stella Polaris, famous for helping seafarers find their way back home and the Vikings to navigate the north. The ship was built for the Coastal Voyage fleet in 1956 and extensively modernised in 2000 for exclusive Arctic sailing. Today she takes explorers on adventures in the waters around Spitsbergen. Despite modernisation, she still retains the aura of an old Atlantic ship, restored to her former splendour with new brass, classic wooden interiors and all her original art. Out on deck you come extra close to the untouched nature of the Polar Arctic and with roofs over a lot of the deck space you can enjoy being outside, even in rough weather. MS Nordstjernen is equipped with a dining room and bar, a café, a panorama lounge and a library. Inside you’ll find cosy interior and exterior cabins, the majority of which have upper and lower berths. All rooms and deck surfaces exhibit that old, beautiful wood. MS Nordnorge MS Nordnorge is aptly named for northern Norway, most of which lies above the Arctic Circle. MS Nordnorge was refurbished in 2016 and now features a modern, Arctic-inspired interior. On board are three different restaurants, the Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. Out on deck you can enjoy the view from one of our two hot tubs. We have a comfortable bar at the front of the ship where you can enjoy a nice traditional drink. The vessel also has a large compass area where you find the reception, a tour guide, conference room and shop.  MS Otto Sverdrup MS Otto Sverdrup is designed for exciting, sustainable expedition cruises along the Norwegian coastline. MS Otto Sverdrup (formerly MS Finnmarken) is named after a great Norwegian polar hero. Sverdrup was the first person to ski across Greenland, was a key member of polar expeditions and was the captain of the legendary Arctic ship “Fram”. He also served as a Hurtigruten captain between expeditions. The re-designed MS Otto Sverdrup is an ice class 1C ship. It's equipped with advanced maritime technology that makes her exceptionally well suited for expedition cruises in Norway. MS Polarlys Polarlys is Norwegian for `polar light´, and refers to the natural Arctic phenomenon we pursue in winter. MS Polarlys was refurbished in 2016 and now features a modern, Arctic-inspired interior. On board are three different restaurants, the Multe bakery and ice cream bar, a sauna and fitness room. Out on deck you can enjoy the view from one of our two hot tubs. We have a comfortable bar at the front of the ship where you can enjoy a nice traditional drink. The vessel also has a large compass area where you find the reception, the expedition team, conference room and shop. MS Roald Amundsen In 2019, Hurtigruten added a brand new ship to its fleet: the MS Roald Amundsen. The state of the art vessel features new and environmentally sustainable hybrid technology that will reduce fuel consumption and show the world that hybrid propulsion on large ships is possible. MS Roald Amundsen is the first of two hybrid ships Hurtigruten will add to its fleet over the next few years. Emissions are cut by sailing with electrical propulsion. Innovative sustainable technology reduces fuel consumption and CO2-emissions on the ships by 20 percent. Named after the first man to cross Antarctica and reach the South Pole, MS Roald Amundsen leads the way towards an even more sustainable way of travelling. The ship is specially constructed for voyages in polar waters. It serves as a comfortable basecamp at sea – bringing adventurers from all over the world to the most spectacular destinations in the most sustainable way. MS Richard With MS Richard With proudly carries the name of Hurtigruten's founder. It is aptly designed and built in classic maritime style. When Captain Richard With established the Norwegian Coastal Express in 1893, he made an enormous impact on life along the Norwegian coastline. The MS Richard With lives up to that legacy. Relax in the ship´s panorama lounges and take in the unforgettable views of remarkable coastal scenery, much of it the same as when the first Hurtigruten boats sailed by more than a century ago. Beautiful art throughout the ship´s interior adds contemporary elegance to the vessel´s maritime ambience. MS Spitsbergen Our new ship, MS Spitsbergen will take you on a voyage beyond the ordinary. MS Spitsbergen is named after the crown jewel of Arctic Norway – the Svalbard archipelago and its biggest island, Spitsbergen. Hurtigruten has a long history of travelling to Spitsbergen, beginning in 1896 with the `Sports Route´. MS Spitsbergen cruises along the Norwegian coast from September to May, and becomes part of our global Explorer sailings during the rest of the year. After complete reconstruction, MS Spitsbergen joined the Hurtigruten fleet in 2016. The ship features high technical standards as well as comfortable, modern public areas and cabins. The vessel´s fresh Scandinavian design reflects a colour palette derived from the sea. She is modern and environmentally progressive, and we plan further improvements that will reduce emissions and fuel consumption even more. The new ship’s maneuverability and optimal size make her quite suitable for exploring polar waters. MS Trollfjord The ship is named after the spectacular Trollfjord in Lofoten. Inside she provides spectacular comfort, modern facilities and interior design that makes extensive use of Norwegian wood and stone. The art exhibited aboard ship includes original paintings that were once on board the old Hurtigruten ship, MS Harald Jarl. MS Trollfjord´s sun deck and hot tub are on deck 9. The ship´s spacious, two-storey panorama lounge is above the bow. Its wall-to-wall windows bathe the lounge in natural light and provide extraordinary views.  MS Vesterålen MS Vesterålen is named after the first Hurtigruten ship that sailed along Norway´s rugged coastline in 1893. She is one of our smaller boats and has an intimate on-board atmosphere. MS Vesterålen provides passengers an authentic heritage experience. In its exciting programme you will learn more about the ship´s maritime operations, logistics and hotel operations. You will get an opportunity to get closer to the Hurtigruten operation and to learn more about the operation along the Norwegian coast. 


Day 1 - Day 1 Arrive in Oslo
Arrive in Oslo, make your own way from the airport or train station to your hotel. Remainder of the day at leisure. In the evening meet the rest of the group and your guide at our welcome dinner. Overnight in Oslo.
Day 2 - Day 2 Oslo
After a leisurely breakfast, meet the group in the lobby of the hotel for an Oslo grand city tour including Vigeland Sculpture Park, Viking Ship Museum, Oslo Opera house, Holmenkollen Ski Jump and more. Overnight in Oslo.
Day 3 - Day 3 Flåm
After an early breakfast we will start our “Norway In a Nutshell” tour, catching the morning train to Myrdal where we change trains for the famous Flåm Railway, with spectacular fjord views all the way to the beautiful, tiny village of Flåm. Overnight in Flåm.
Day 4 - Day 4 Bergen
The day starts with the ferry from Flåm to Gudvangen, passing through the narrow Nærøyfjord. From Gudvangen the journey continues by bus. Waterfalls line the road as we weave our way through the valley to Voss. There we board a train for the last leg of our “Norway in a Nutshell” journey, arriving in Bergen in the afternoon. Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight in Bergen.
Day 5 - Day 5 Bergen - Hurtigruten Embarkation (Day 1 of the voyage)
After a relaxing morning we take a walking tour of Bergen, including St Mary’s Church, Håkon’s Hall and the UNESCO World Heritage listed Bryggen, before heading to Troldhaugen, the home of Norway’s most famous composer, Edvard Grieg. The tour ends at Bergen pier, where we board our Hurtigruten ship. Overnight on board our ship.
Day 6 - Day 6 Ålesund (Day 2 of the voyage)
We navigate skerries and islands before reaching Ålesund, renowned for its beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. Leaving Ålesund we head north towards Trondheim. Overnight on board our ship.
Day 7 - Day 7 Trondheim (Day 3 of the voyage)
Arrive early in the morning at Trondheim, with plenty of time to explore Norway’s first capital. Overnight on board our ship.
Day 8 - Day 8 Lofoten Islands (Day 4 of the voyage)
As we cross the Arctic Circle in the morning, the hunt for the Aurora Borealis begins. We enter the dramatic and narrow Raftsund, and if the weather and ice conditions allow, we’ll sail to the entrance of the famous Trollfjord. Overnight on board our ship.
Day 9 - Day 9 Tromsø (Day 5 of the voyage)
After a morning stop in Finnsnes, the ship continues to Tromsø, a major cultural hub above the Arctic Circle, and famed as a viewing point for the Northern Lights. The city’s historic centre is distinguished by its centuriesold wooden houses. The 1965 Arctic Cathedral, with its distinctive peaked roof and soaring stained-glass windows, dominates the skyline. Overnight on board our ship.
Day 10 - Day 10 Honningsvåg (Day 6 of the voyage)
Honningsvåg is the nearest port to the North Cape – only 2000km from the geographical North Pole. Overnight on board our ship.
Day 11 - Day 11 Kirkenes – Saariselkä
Enjoy a short drive through Kirkenes, before arriving at Inari, the Sami capital (traditional nomads of Scandinavia, reindeer herders), where we’ll visit the Siida Sami museum and afterwards enjoy a reindeer experience.
Day 12 - Day 12 Saariselkä
Today we visit a husky farm and learn about the life and training of these unique Arctic dogs. In the evening there may be optional evening Aurora Borealis tours. Overnight in Saariselkä.
Day 13 - Day 13 Sinettä
Today we visit Santa Claus Village, where you will have free time to explore. In the evening, spend the night in a glass igloo. Overnight in Sinettä.
Day 14 - Day 14 Rovaniemi
Arrive in Rovaniemi and enjoy free time or optional extra touring options. Overnight in Rovaniemi.
Day 15 - Day 15 Rantasalmi
This morning we head for Rantasalmi, enjoying the surrounding scenery as we make our way to the Finnish Lakes district. Early evening arrival and overnight in Rantasalmi.
Day 16 - Day 16 Helsinki
Today we leave the Finnish wilderness and head into Helsinki, Finland’s capital. Enjoy a half-day city tour before checking into our hotel. Overnight in Helsinki.
Day 17 - Day 17 Tallinn
An early start with a full day excursion to the medieval town of Tallinn in Estonia. Take the ferry followed by a combined bus and walking tour of the city. Stops will include the baroque Kadriorg Park and the seaside district of Pirita. Walk through the winding, cobblestoned streets of the Old Town continuing to Toompea Castle, home to the Estonian parliament. Visit Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Dome Church before enjoying some free time before boarding the ferry to return to Helsinki. Tonight, enjoy a special farewell dinner. Overnight in Helsinki.
Day 18 - Day 18 Helsinki
After breakfast at the hotel our tour ends.
Day 19 - Please Note:
The day-by-day programme will give you a few ideas about what you can see and do on your coastal voyage in Norway, but bear in mind that this itinerary is just an indication of what you can experience. After all, this is a sailing where the elements rule and weather conditions might vary, which is why every voyage with Hurtigruten is unique.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
25-09-202212-10-2022AUD $8,244Polar Inside. From
25-09-202212-10-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
25-09-202212-10-2022AUD $8,840Arctic Superior. From
27-09-202214-10-2022AUD $8,244Polar Inside. From
27-09-202214-10-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
27-09-202214-10-2022AUD $8,840Arctic Superior. From
29-09-202216-10-2022AUD $8,244Polar Inside. From
29-09-202216-10-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
29-09-202216-10-2022AUD $8,840Arctic Superior. From
05-10-202222-10-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
05-10-202222-10-2022AUD $8,840Arctic Superior. From
05-10-202222-10-2022AUD $8,244Polar Inside. From
13-10-202230-10-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
13-10-202230-10-2022AUD $8,840Arctic Superior. From
19-10-202205-11-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
19-10-202205-11-2022AUD $8,840Arctic Superior. From
24-10-202210-11-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
24-10-202210-11-2022AUD $8,840Arctic Superior. From
30-10-202216-11-2022AUD $8,299Arctic Superior. From
30-10-202216-11-2022AUD $8,490Polar Outside. From
04-11-202221-11-2022AUD $7,950Polar Outside. From
04-11-202221-11-2022AUD $8,299Arctic Superior. From
07-11-202224-11-2022AUD $7,950Polar Outside. From
07-11-202224-11-2022AUD $8,299Arctic Superior. From
10-11-202227-11-2022AUD $7,950Polar Outside. From
10-11-202227-11-2022AUD $8,299Arctic Superior. From
15-11-202202-12-2022AUD $7,950Polar Outside. From
15-11-202202-12-2022AUD $8,299Arctic Superior. From
21-11-202208-12-2022AUD $7,950Polar Outside. From
21-11-202208-12-2022AUD $8,299Arctic Superior. From
26-11-202213-12-2022AUD $7,950Polar Outside. From
26-11-202213-12-2022AUD $8,299Arctic Superior. From
10-12-202227-12-2022AUD $8,930Polar Outside. From
10-12-202227-12-2022AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
13-12-202230-12-2022AUD $9,550Polar Outside. From
13-12-202230-12-2022AUD $9,900Arctic Superior. From
15-12-202201-01-2023AUD $9,550Polar Outside. From
15-12-202201-01-2023AUD $9,900Arctic Superior. From
19-12-202205-01-2023AUD $9,550Polar Outside. From
19-12-202205-01-2023AUD $9,900Arctic Superior. From
21-12-202207-01-2023AUD $9,550Polar Outside. From
21-12-202207-01-2023AUD $9,899Arctic Superior. From
24-12-202210-01-2023AUD $9,550Polar Outside. From
24-12-202210-01-2023AUD $9,900Arctic Superior. From
26-12-202212-01-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
26-12-202212-01-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
04-01-202321-01-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
04-01-202321-01-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
09-01-202326-01-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
09-01-202326-01-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
15-01-202301-02-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
15-01-202301-02-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
24-01-202310-02-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
24-01-202310-02-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
06-02-202323-02-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
06-02-202323-02-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
13-02-202302-03-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
13-02-202302-03-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
17-02-202306-03-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
17-02-202306-03-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
22-02-202311-03-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
22-02-202311-03-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
28-02-202317-03-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
28-02-202317-03-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
02-03-202319-03-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
02-03-202319-03-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
13-03-202330-03-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
13-03-202330-03-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From
16-03-202302-04-2023AUD $8,950Polar Outside. From
16-03-202302-04-2023AUD $9,300Arctic Superior. From


    • City tours of Oslo, Bergen, Helsinki and Tallinn
    • Husky and reindeer experiences
    • The Northern Lights and insight into Sami culture
    • Choice of cabin category on voyage