The Baltic Sea in Partnership with the Paris Opera Ballet – Norway, Sweden and Denmark Cruise

The Baltic Sea in Partnership with the Paris Opera Ballet – Norway, Sweden and Denmark Cruise

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Classical, contemporary… Join the dance on this unique cruise in partnership with the Paris Opera Ballet and exceptionally featuring two prima ballerinas, accompanied by several of the company’s dancers. 
Over 11 days, come and experience an itinerary discovering Scandinavian history, with stage performances both on board and on land, dance and classical bar lessons, dance conferences, and screenings followed by discussions.
Throughout your journey, you will benefit from an excursion included per person per port of call, to choose from a selection offered by PONANT. During this cruise, discover vestiges of the Viking era from Aalborg; visit Sofiero Palace, a former Swedish royal family country mansion, from Helsinborg; or walk in the countryside through the villages of Bornholm from Gudhjem. The diversity of experiences on offer promises you intense and varied moments.
From Fredrikstad, Northern Europe’s best preserved fortified town, you will sail towards the southern part of Denmark, along the shores of the Limfjorden strait, to reach the city of Aalborg. Founded by the Vikings, it is home among other things to the archaeological remains of a circular fortress built during the same period.
You will then head for Swedish shores. Founded over nine centuries ago, Helsingborg is one of the oldest Nordic cities. Dynamic and lively, it shelters the remains of a rich historic past, like its castle, built in the 15th century, of which only the dungeon of its central tower, the Kärnan, remains.
Further east, find out about the history of Karlskrona. This city, whose history is intrinsically linked to the Swedish Navy, boasts exceptional UNESCO-listed architecture that is characteristic of late-17th-century European naval cities.
After a unique and brand-new port of call in the medieval city of Kalmar, where the union between the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden and Denmark was proclaimed in 1397, you will then head towards Stockholm.Built on water, the Swedish capital embraces nature, which is omnipresent there. Its blend of medieval architecture, colourful houses and trendy neighbourhoods makes it a particularly enjoyable city to visit.
Le Lapérouse will then sail to the Swedish island of Gotland and call at Visby, a site that was important for the Hanseatic League in the Baltic Sea around the 13th century. UNESCO Heritage Site, this once opulent city still has remarkably well-preserved ramparts, public buildings, merchant houses and warehouses.
Then your ship will chart a course towards the charming town of Gudhjem, on the small Danish island of Bornholm, which is greatly appreciated by the Danish for its variety of landscapes ranging from granite to great sandy beaches.
Your ship will finally reach Copenhagen, where you can explore its canals and historic districts.

Trip Name
The Baltic Sea in Partnership with the Paris Opera Ballet - Norway, Sweden and Denmark Cruise
Vessel Type: Luxury Length: 127 metres Passenger Capacity: 92 cabins Built: 2017/2018 Featuring innovative and environmentally-friendly equipment, elegantly designed cabins, spacious suites with large windows, and lounge areas that open onto the outside, this new limited-capacity yacht boasting just 92 cabins and suites will offer you a truly unique cruising experience. Aboard this ship that flies the French flag, you will experience the incomparable pleasure of an intimate cruise, with the possibility of exploring an ever-increasing range of destinations in an ethnic-chic ambiance with luxury service. Experience a luxurious setting where the accent is on authenticity and passion for travel. RESTAURANTS As it is an essential part of French culture, gastronomy will naturally have pride of place aboard this new ship. Through its two restaurants, Le Lapérouse will invite you on a journey to elegance and epicureanism. In a relaxed atmosphere, a first dining area located on Deck 3 and able to seat 70 will serve grilled meats daily, along with a variety of salads and desserts. To the back of Deck 4, you will find a 260 m² panoramic restaurant which can accommodate all of our passengers in a single sitting. Designed differently to that on our other ships, this dining area, which opens onto the outside, will have a buffet of salads, desserts and cheeses at your disposal. Our discreet and attentive crew will provide table service for hot meals. PUBLIC AREAS Like Le Boréal and its sisterships, Le Lapérouse has many common areas that are designed and equipped to meet all of your needs while preserving the intimacy of each passenger. A 140 m² reception area includes: A reception/concierge desk, An excursions desk, The ship’s administrative services, The sales office, manned by our Guest Relations Officer, Our 50 m² boutique which sells clothing, jewellery, beauty products, postcards and various accessories, Toilets accessible to passengers with reduced mobility. A new hydraulic platform with adjustable height provides: Easier boarding than on any other cruise ship, Easier Zodiac embarkation and disembarkation for expeditions, Easier access to the sea for swimming and practising various water sports such as kayaking or paddle-boarding. A pool deck offering: A pool with a panoramic view, equipped with a counter-current swimming system, A pleasant solarium, An outdoor bar and lounge with armchairs and sofas. A 200 m² main lounge which can accommodate all of our passengers to share convivial moments and to host activities organised during the day or evening. Lastly, a theatre that seats 188, equipped with: The latest sound and lighting technology, A LED wall as the stage backdrop, for the projection of high-resolution images and videos.


Day 1 - Days 1 - 2 FREDRIKSTAD
 Nestling on the shores of the Glomma estuary, Fredrikstad captivates with its rich historical heritage, picturesque canals and warm atmosphere. Founded in 1567, the fortified old town still has traces of its rich past. Fall under the spell of its cobbled narrow streets, edged with traditional old wooden buildings, boutiques and lively cafes, and also discover the extremely well-preserved ramparts, built almost 5 centuries ago. Nature enthusiasts will also appreciate the magnificent hiking paths along the Oslo fjord and surrounding islands, such as Hankø, with its idyllic beaches and lush plains.
Day 2 - Day 3 AALBORG
 In the very north of Denmark, on the banks of the Limfjorden sea,the Viking town of Aalborg opens its welcoming arms. A must-see is the Aalborg tower standing like a lighthouse in the middle of the town. At the top, a magnificent view of the surroundings awaits your visit. Several museums, including the Utzon Centre, propose a sample of local artistic creation. As far as shopping goes, the famous JomfruAneGade street and its district, include some of the most beautifulDanish fashion boutiques as well as numerous restaurants and cafés where you might try one of the country’s specialities such as “platte”
 On the east coast of The Sound (Öresund), between Sweden and Denmark, Helsingborg captivates with its rich heritage and its beauty, with lush valleys and luxuriant forests. Walk along the cobbled streets of the historic town centre of Helsingborg, where the charm of the old world encounters the vibrant energy of the new. Kronborg Castle, perched majestically on a hill, overlooks the city, evoking the era of Swedish kings and queens.
Day 4 - Day 5 KARLSKRONA
 Discover Karlskrona on the southern coast of Sweden, between land and sea, spread over the small islands of the Blekinge archipelago. Its strategic position on the Baltic Sea made it the headquarters of the Swedish Royal Navy and its naval dockyard on the orders of King Karl XI of Sweden, in 1680. Constructed from nothing, the citadel has kept its architecture, whose coherence and conservation have today earned its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its authentic colourful wooden houses facing the sea - which is never too far away - and its rich naval history give it an exquisite and unique charm. Do not miss this visit.
Day 5 - Day 6 KALMAR
 Former trading post of the Hanse, Kalmar is famous for its medieval castle, where in 1397 the Union between the crowns of Sweden, Denmark and Norway was signed, to combat the powerful Hanseatic League. Located directly at the entrance to the port, this fortress surrounded by water, whose square tower dates from the 12th century, was then transformed into a Renaissance palace. You can discover the baroque historical centre of the town and the charming narrow streets and colourful wooden houses of the Gamla Stan district. Opposite, the great island of Öland protects the city from attacks from the Baltic Sea. This lush green island with its huge beaches is one of the favourite summer destinations of Swedes.
Day 6 - Day 7 AT SEA
 During your journey at sea, make the most of the many services and activities on board. Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation in the spa or stay in shape in the fitness centre. Depending on the season, let yourself be tempted by the swimming pool or a spot of sunbathing. This journey without a port of call will also be an opportunity to enjoy the conferences or shows proposed on board, depending on the activities offered, or to do some shopping in the boutique or to meet the PONANT photographers in their dedicated space. As for lovers of the open sea, they will be able to visit the ship’s upper deck to admire the spectacle of the waves and perhaps be lucky enough to observe marine species. A truly enchanted interlude, combining comfort, rest and entertainment.
Day 7 - Day 8 STOCKHOLM
 The capital of Sweden occupies an archipelago in the east of the country at the junction of Mälar Lake and the Baltic sea. In Gamla stan, meaning “old town” in Swedish, you can stroll at your leisure in picturesque medieval streets until you reach the majestic Royal Palace. On the green island of Djurgården, you can visit several very different kinds of cultural centres: the Vasa museum is dedicated to a 17th century three-mast, the ecomuseum of Skansen presents traditional customs, and the ABBA museum is dedicated to the legendary pop group. For a fantastic, all-encompassing view of Stockholm, you can take a ride in SkyView, a glass-encased sphere gondola that takes you to the top of the world’s largest building, the Ericsson Globe, a Stockholm landmark.
Day 8 - Day 9 VISBY, GOTLAND
 This old Hanseatic city lies to the west coast of Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic sea. Pass through the spectacular Visby fortifications and visit the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. You’ll discover the grand Visby homes of rich merchants as well as the lovely low wooden houses in the little cobbled streets. Don’t miss Saint Mary’s cathedral with its octagonal steeples, as well as Powder tower along the fortifications. Make sure you stop over in one of the rose-adorned cafés; indeed roses abound in this town where you can taste one of the island’s specialities, namely saffron pancakes with red fruit.
 Lying in the south-west of the Baltic Sea, the medieval village of Gudhjem, on the island of Bornholm, is one of the most visited and most popular villages in Denmark. As you stroll along its picturesque streets, you will fall under the spell of its varied landscapes, its easy way of life, and the authenticity of this charming town with half-timbered houses topped with red roofs, in the Danish tradition. It is here, along these charming streets, that the first herring smokehouses were built in the mid-19th century, attracting all the region’s fishermen. Tucked away in a gorgeous natural setting composed of rocky cliffs, dense forests and beaches of white sand, Gudhjem will provide an unforgettable interlude where time will seem to stand still.
Day 10 - Day 11 COPENHAGEN
 Connected to the far eastern side of Sealand island, a few kilometres away from the Swedish coasts, Copenhagen offers you the high colour of Scandinavian capitals. You can discover the city's riches that weaves through the canal networks through the historical districts of Christiansborg and Nyhavn. Many palaces provide an apercu of Danish history. For eating, you can try out the smorrebrod, traditional danish sandwiches made with ham, cheese or smoked fish.
Day 11 - Please note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $19,090Deluxe Stateroom
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $21,310Prestige Stateroom Deck 4
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $22,420Prestige Stateroom Deck 5
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $23,740Prestige Stateroom Deck 6
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $33,470Deluxe Suite
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $45,620Prestige Suite Deck 5
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $48,050Prestige Suite Deck 6
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $50,480Privilege Suite
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $55,570Grand Deluxe Suite
24-07-202503-08-2025AUD $58,450Owner's Suite


    • A partnership with the Paris Opera Ballet, featuring two prima ballerinas, accompanied by several of the company’s dancers.
    • Unique moments, including live performances on board and on land, meet-and-greets, dance conferences, dance lessons, screenings during a cruise in the heart of Baltic Sea.
    • Make the most of an excursion included* per person per port of call during your cruise thanks to the selection made by our destination experts.
    • Discovering the commercial and industrial past of Northern Europe and the history of the Celts and the Vikings as well as the Scandinavian kingdoms.
    • UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Hanseatic town of Visby, the Naval Port of Karlskrona, Copenhagen, designated UNESCO World Capital of Architecture 2023.
    • Three brand-new ports of call in Helsingborg, Fredrikstad and Kalmar, cities with rich history.