Ultimate Norway – Arctic Expedition under the Northern Lights

Ultimate Norway – Arctic Expedition under the Northern Lights

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On Expedition in an Arctic Winter Wonderland Setting out from Tromsø, we set out to explore four spectacular regions during the enchanting winter season aboard the perfect expedition vessel, MS Spitsbergen. As we spend an exciting week witnessing the glacial majesty of the Lyngen Alps, the dramatic beauty of the Lofoten Islands, the forested mountains of Vesterålen and the serenity of Senja, you’ll see snow-frosted mountains, deep blue fjords, charming fishing villages and – with luck – the magical Northern Lights. 
Set a Course for Adventure with the True Norway Experts We’ve been sailing Norway’s coast since 1896, and nobody knows it like we do. Using our expertise and with a flexible itinerary, we’ll head out in our small expedition boats to the best and most beautiful islands and beaches. Here you’ll enjoy activities such as snowshoeing, hiking and kayaking. What’s more, three unique and bespoke adventures mean you’ll experience a beach bonfire under the stars, a Nordic sauna and polar plunge, and an after-hours heritage dinner at a museum reserved exclusively for us.  

Trip Name
Ultimate Norway – Arctic Expedition under the Northern Lights
Vessel Type: Expedition Length: 100 metres Passenger Capacity: 335 Built / refurbished: 2009 / 2016 MS Spitsbergen is named after the crown jewel of Arctic Norway – the Svalbard archipelago and its biggest island, Spitsbergen.  After complete reconstruction, MS Spitsbergen joined the Hurtigruten fleet in 2016. The ship features high technical standards as well as comfortable, modern public areas and cabins. The vessel's fresh Scandinavian design reflects a colour palette derived from the sea. She is modern and environmentally progressive, and we plan further improvements that will reduce emissions and fuel consumption even more. The new ship’s maneuverability and optimal size make her quite suitable for exploring polar waters.  Expedition team on board MS Spitsbergen has its own on-board Expedition Team and serves as a university at sea. Interesting lectures inside the ship as well as out on the sun deck make this an exciting and educational journey. Topics depend on the season and the waters we sail in. The Expedition Team host a lecture programme and evening gatherings daily. Out on deck you can participate in live points of interest to learn more about the nature, culture and other phenomena we encounter along the coast. In addition, the Expedition Team will introduce you to the uniquely Norwegian notion of `friluftsliv´ (outdoor life), and encourage you take part in `friluftsliv´ hikes and activities during the journey. Our dedicated Expedition Teams have one mission: to enhance your experience by engaging you and interpreting the nature, wildlife, and culture you encounter during the voyage. Read more about our Expedition Teams here.  Ship facilities Expedition Team - Explorer bar - Panoramic lounge – Explorer lounge - Compass Service Centre - Brygga bistro - Shop - Torget main dining - Wi-Fi - Sauna - Fitness room - Lift - Hot tub - Guest launderette - Panoramic deck 8 - Outside bar for events, decks 7 & 8


Day 1 - DAY 1 Depart from Tromsø
Discover the gateway to the Arctic Backed by snowy mountains, lively Tromsø is the perfect place from which to set out on an adventure. It was the base for many a historic Arctic expedition, including those of Roald Amundsen, and its situation 250 miles north of the Polar Circle has led to it being called the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’.  If you arrive early in Tromsø we recommend exploring the city before joining your cruise.  There’s plenty to see, such as the Polar Museum, where you’ll learn about the city’s exploration heritage. And make sure to visit the striking Arctic Cathedral – with its huge stained-glass window.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Exploring Lyngen Fjord and Alps
Approaching the scenic Lyngen Alps via the Lyngenfjord For the next seven days we’ll be exploring four distinct regions, each with its own outstanding features and unique beauty. The first such region we’re likely to visit is Lyngen.  The scenic Lyngen area is a landscape of jagged, snowy mountains, and a magnet for winter activities. The Lyngen Fjord is over a hundred miles long, and we’ll spend the day going on a nature landing, with hikes, snowshoe walks and – if conditions allow – kayaking.  Later, it’s time for a real treat. After our active day we’ll gather on the beach and enjoy the warmth of a bonfire. With hot drinks in hand, Norwegian foods cooked by our onboard chefs, you’ll really feel at one with nature. If we’re lucky, perhaps the Northern Lights will put on a display for us. Please note, this is an exploration week and the actual route taken may vary from the text above.  
Day 3 - DAY 3 Senja
Discover Norway in miniatureSenja is Norway’s second-largest island, and it’s sometimes called Norway-in-miniature. With its rugged mountains, sandy beaches, dark forests and idyllic fishing villages, you can see how it earned this name. Free-roaming reindeer wander around the island, so keep an eye out for them. Here, we’ll visit a local community and experience some warm Scandinavian hospitality. We'll learn about the Sámi culture, and about life in remote villages during the winter months. Some of the time, we’ll be sailing in the dark and at dusk – but this will only enhance our experience, with glittering snowscapes illuminated by the low sun and the starlight.  Please note, this is an exploration week and the actual route taken may vary from the text above. 
Day 4 - DAY 4 Towards Lofoten
Experience dramatic panoramasAs we sail towards the Lofoten Islands, the Expedition Team will seek out the best place for a nature landing, perhaps at one of the many fine beaches likely covered in pristine snow. We may head out in our small expedition boats to explore between remote islands or get out the kayaks.  Approaching the dramatically steep mountains of Lofoten by ship is an experience that’s unforgettable. You’ll be in awe of the landscapes as we sail through this region of windswept islands, sheltered bays, and some of the most beautiful fjords in the world. Look out for Sea Eagles as you admire the exceptional beauty of this stretch of coastline. Please note, this is an exploration week and the actual route taken may vary from the text above. 
Day 5 - DAY 5 Lofoten
Get to know Lofoten in more detailIn winter, the Lofoten Islands transform into a snow-covered wonderland. Narrow fjords, hidden beached between towering mountains and picturesque fish villages are all ideal for a small ship like MS Spitsbergen. Embark on a fishing trip from Svolvær, or relax in a traditional Nordic sauna before taking a thrilling polar plunge – sure to revitalise you! You can get a taste of Svolvær when our ship stays overnight here. It’s a small town, but it’s the biggest you’ll find in these islands, and there are a few cosy restaurants and bars here if you fancy trying a Lofoten snack or brew.  Please note, this is an exploration week and the actual route taken may vary from the text above. 
Day 6 - DAY 6 Vesterålen
Enjoy an exclusive adventureSailing from Svolvær to Vesterålen, we cruise through the narrow Trollfjord into the Raftsund strait, passing between towering cliffs. As we do so, you’ll enjoy great views from the deck, and we sail so close to the sides it feels like you can almost touch them! Vesterålen awaits us with its beautiful snow-covered landscapes, ideal for expedition activities such as snowshoe hiking, small boat cruising and kayaking. It’s here that we have another bespoke adventure when we spend an evening at the Hurtigruten Museum, where you’ll enjoy an exclusive opening and be served dinner in this very special heritage setting. Please note, this is an exploration week and the actual route taken may vary from the text above. 
Day 7 - DAY 7 Towards Tromsø
Experience a final day on expeditionWe’ll stay sheltered in the deep fjords as we make our way back towards Tromsø – at each turn there will be a new island or mountain. Along the way we have plenty of time to scout out landing sites in our small expedition boats, and to go on nature walks and take part in other activities.  The scenery continues to be stunning as we pass through these inner waters, with the winter sun illuminating the landscapes and mountains – and it’s also the area where we’re most likely to see whales. While on board, enjoy the Arctic scenery from the ship, warm up in the sauna or join the Expedition Team to watch talks and see demos in the Science Centre. Please note, this is an exploration week and the actual route taken may vary from the text above. 
Day 8 - DAY 8 Return to Tromsø
Another opportunity to explore Tromsø Your expedition cruise ends back in Tromsø. If you didn’t have an opportunity to explore this beautiful town before the cruise, make sure you do now. There’s so much to see and do here. We’re sure that you will have enjoyed your winter expedition in Arctic Norway. 
Day 9 - Please note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
17-01-202624-01-2026AUD $7,114Polar Inside. From
17-01-202624-01-2026AUD $8,324Polar Outside. From
17-01-202624-01-2026AUD $9,248Arctic Superior. From
17-01-202624-01-2026AUD $12,094Expedition Suite. From
24-01-202631-01-2026AUD $7,114Polar Inside. From
24-01-202631-01-2026AUD $8,324Polar Outside. From
24-01-202631-01-2026AUD $9,248Arctic Superior. From
24-01-202631-01-2026AUD $12,094Expedition Suite. From
31-01-202607-02-2026AUD $9,450Arctic Superior. From
31-01-202607-02-2026AUD $12,358Expedition Suite. From
31-01-202607-02-2026AUD $7,269Polar Inside. From
31-01-202607-02-2026AUD $8,505Polar Outside. From
07-02-202614-02-2026AUD $7,269Polar Outside. From
07-02-202614-02-2026AUD $8,505Polar Inside. From
07-02-202614-02-2026AUD $9,450Arctic Superior. From
07-02-202614-02-2026AUD $12,358Expedition Suite. From
14-02-202621-02-2026AUD $7,424Polar Inside. From
14-02-202621-02-2026AUD $8,686Polar Outside. From
14-02-202621-02-2026AUD $9,652Arctic Superior. From
14-02-202621-02-2026AUD $12,621Expedition Suite. From
21-02-202628-02-2026AUD $7,734Polar Inside. From
21-02-202628-02-2026AUD $9,049Polar Outside. From
21-02-202628-02-2026AUD $10,054Arctic Superior. From
21-02-202628-02-2026AUD $13,148Expedition Suite. From
28-02-202607-03-2026AUD $7,734Polar Inside. From
28-02-202607-03-2026AUD $9,049Polar Outside. From
28-02-202607-03-2026AUD $10,054Arctic Superior. From
28-02-202607-03-2026AUD $13,148Expedition Suite. From
07-03-202614-03-2026AUD $7,734Polar Inside. From
07-03-202614-03-2026AUD $9,049Polar Outside. From
07-03-202614-03-2026AUD $10,054Arctic Superior. From
07-03-202614-03-2026AUD $13,148Expedition Suite. From
14-03-202621-03-2026AUD $7,424Polar Inside. From
14-03-202621-03-2026AUD $8,686Polar Outside. From
14-03-202621-03-2026AUD $9,652Arctic Superior. From
14-03-202621-03-2026AUD $12,621Expedition Suite. From
21-03-202628-03-2026AUD $7,424Polar Inside. From
21-03-202628-03-2026AUD $8,686Polar Outside. From
21-03-202628-03-2026AUD $9,652Arctic Superior. From
21-03-202628-03-2026AUD $12,621Expedition Suite. From


    • Flexible-itinerary Arctic Norway expedition during the ‘winter wonderland’ season – the best time to see the Northern Lights and enjoy winter activities.
    • All-inclusive adventure, with activities including hiking, kayaking, nature landings in small expedition boats, community visits, fishing, snowshoeing and whale spotting).
    • Three unique and bespoke experiences: Day to Dusk – Flames and Flavours; Nordic Sauna and Polar Plunge; and Into the Night – Dinner at the Museum.