Papua New Guinea: Customs & Craftsmen (Vanimo to Cairns)

Papua New Guinea: Customs & Craftsmen (Vanimo to Cairns)

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Join the Coral Adventurer in 2019 for the second section of the inaugural ‘Customs and Craftsmen’ art themed expedition of Papua New Guinea, West Papua and the Maluku Islands. This section of the exciting itinerary will spend an immersive 10 nights exploring remote villages and historic towns from Vanimo to Cairns, focusing on art and culture and interacting with the local communities along the way, with the option to complete the entire journey or join us for simply the first or second section.

We will be joined by curator and expert on art, history and Pacific and Melanesian culture, Arthur Beau Palmer, who will be offering his expertise as a guest lecturer throughout the voyage. Arthur has been travelling to Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian islands since 1960, with his work as an anthropologist, ethnologist, and art collector. Arthur will be on hand to connect us with the tribal customs and artefacts of the region.

Trip Name
Papua New Guinea: Customs & Craftsmen (Vanimo to Cairns)
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 93.4 meters Passenger Capacity: 120 (60 staterooms) Built: 2017 Our brand new ship is built to take you closer to unspoilt vistas in comfort, style and safety. A culmination of two years of design and three decades of passion for expedition cruising – Coral Expeditions is proud to invite you to experience the Coral Adventurer. BIGGER IS NOT BETTER At a time when cruise ships get larger and glitzier, we remain stubbornly compact and intimate. Our ships are designed to take you to unspoilt destinations not accessible to large ships.  We want you to have the luxury of space, dine with whom you please, or find your quiet corner on deck.  So we have limited the Coral Adventurer to 60 spacious cabins.  This preserves the intimate atmosphere we are known for without sacrificing the stability and comfort of a true ocean going vessel. BUILT FOR DISCOVERY The Coral Adventurer features our trademark dual ‘Xplorer’ tenders cradled on a hydraulic platform slung off the back of the ship, enabling our guests to go ashore in comfort and ease.  The shallow draft of the ship enables us to go closer to shore than larger ships. Together with our renowned expedition team, our new ship will offer the most advanced expedition capabilities of any small ship afloat. BUILT FOR COMFORT With active stabilisers dampening sea motion, mostly balcony cabins, and interiors designed with the colours and textures of tropical Queensland, the Coral Adventurer is a comfortable ship.  She features promenade decks, generous communal areas that accommodate all guests, a passenger elevator, and an open kitchen where you can observe our chefs whip up small batch cuisine from locally sourced ingredients. BUILT FOR PERSONAL SERVICE The Coral Adventurer will continue our proud tradition of Australian flagged vessels with friendly and professional Australian crew.  Our onboard atmosphere remains refreshingly informal and intimate.  Take your seat at our bridge lounge, chat with the captain at your leisure or accompany our chefs on a market tour. Food and wine features * Single seating dining area with communal ‘wine table’ finished with Australian stone; serving buffet breakfast and lunch, and multi-course table d’hote dinners * Showcase galley visible to guests for fresh small-batch cuisine featuring Australian produce * Multiple indoor and outdoor bars, including our Explorer bar on the sundeck for sunset drinks with 180 degree views * Curated wine cellar featuring modestly priced boutique wines for daily drinking and exceptional vintage Australian reds. Guest comfort * All outside guest cabins with en-suite bathrooms; majority have private balcony * Active stabilisers to dampen sea motion * Gym equipped with elliptical trainers and treadmills * Passenger elevator * Wi-Fi available in all guest areas


Day 1 - DAY 1: VANIMO
Guests joining us at Vanimo will be transferred from their hotel to board at 11:00am.
At first light we enter the mighty Sepik River and visit the village of Bien where they are famous for their arts and crafts. A true Sepik welcome awaits us as we step ashore. Embrace this opportunity to purchase unique carvings and art direct from the artist.As we depart the Sepik River, enjoy the views as we sail past the active volcano at Manam Island.
Day 3 - DAY 3: MADANG
Explore Madang, famed for its waterfront setting and colonial history. On a town tour visit the Madang Museum, Coast Watchers Monument, and local village of Bil Bil, famed for its pottery.This morning we welcome local artists on board for a private art exhibition of their work – guests will have the chance to mingle with the artists and talk about their techniques. Later guests will be able to view Sepik art on display at Sugen Aben Park, and view demonstrations of bilum bag making and as well as other handicraft.Experienced curator Arthur Beau Palmer will be on hand to help in the selection of pieces you may like to purchase.
Today we visit Dregerhafen in Morobe, famous for Tami bowls and timber paddles. We will explore the village of Gingala where a high-spirited welcome will be guaranteed. The markets will be open, and we get the chance to walk through the village with the locals. After lunch, we enjoy snorkelling, diving and kayaks in the blue waters of the lagoon. Finish the day with drinks on the sundeck and our sundeck BBQ.
The battle of Buna-Gona witnessed some of the fiercest fighting during the final stages of WWII. During the war, Buna was the trailhead to the Kokoda Track. Formally known as the ‘Buna Kokoda-Moresby Track’, our expedition team and local guides accompany us through this dense jungle landscape to discover Buna’s dramatic history.Later we stop over at Sanananda village to visit the war museum and enjoy Sanananda beautiful tropical gardens.
Picturesque Tufi Fjord is composed of deep inlets, known locally as ‘rias’, formed through ancient volcanic activity. As we enter MacLaren Harbour, we join local guides on outrigger canoes as they paddle us from the harbour to their remote village in the rainforest. We will enjoy the village’s hospitality, with unique cultural performances and art markets.We later explore through the fiords, soaking up the spectacular views before enjoying snorkelling ora little relaxation at a nearby resort.
The Trobriand Islands in the Milne Bay province are historically known as the ‘Islands of Love’. The indigenous population of the islands live a peaceful and very traditional lifestyle, ensuring their culture remains unchanged. We will visit Kitava Island and visit the excellent markets there, which will reveal great artefacts.
Join our Expedition Team on a walk to the Dei Dei Hot Springs on Ferguson Island, where guides share the mythical and spiritual tales of these hot water and mud springs.At Dobu Island learn of the history of the Kula Ring. View the decorative art adorning the local houses and canoes, and meet the local children as they perform a traditional dance. Later there will be snorkelling at the Bubbling Springs Reef.
Day 9 - DAY 9: SAMARAI
Today we say farewell to Papua New Guinea from the small island of Samarai, at the southern tip of Milne Bay.Though hard to fathom, in its colonial prime, the tiny island of Samarai was once the region’s most important port. We have the option to join a guided tour of the colonial settlement or head to Deika Deika Island in the Xplorer for a leisurely swim.
Day 10 - DAY 10: AT SEA
As we make our way across the Coral Sea back to Cairns the Expedition Team and guest lecturer hold presentations re-capping our adventure. Reminisce with new-found friends at the Captain’s farewell drinks.
Day 11 - DAY 11: CAIRNS
This morning at 7:00 am we arrive at Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal disembarking at 8-8:30 am. Farewell the end of your adventure discovering the culture and arts of New Guinea.
Day 12 - Please Note:
This itinerary is an indication of the destinations we visit and activities on offer. Throughout the expedition, we may make changes to the itinerary as necessary to maximise your expeditionary experience. Allowances may be made for seasonal variations, weather, tidal conditions and any other event that may affect the operation of the vessel. The itinerary includes the possibility of interaction with wild animals and this interaction is subject to the presence of this wildlife on the day.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $9,690Coral Deck Stateroom
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $10,490Promenade Deck Stateroom
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $11,390Explorer Deck Balcony Stateroom
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $11,690Bridge Deck Balcony Stateroom
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $13,490Bridge Deck Balcony Suite
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $14,535Coral Deck Stateroom Sole
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $15,735Promenade Deck Stateroom Sole
20-10-201930-10-2019AUD $17,085Explorer Deck Balcony Stateroom Sole


    • Be a part of the inaugural Customs and Craftsmen expedition
    • Interact with local craftsmen and artists at remote villages and markets
    • Enjoy a private onboard art exhibition in Madang and mingle with the artists
    • Enjoy high-spirited cultural performances from villages throughout the voyage
    • Snorkel and dive pristine coral reefs, rich with tropical marine life