Columbia River Cruise – Rivers of Adventure and Wine

Columbia River Cruise – Rivers of Adventure and Wine

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Hike dramatic landscapes, kayak through canyons, sample local wines, and raft the rapids on this adventurous Snake River and Columbia River cruise.

Trip Name
Columbia River Cruise - Rivers of Adventure and Wine
Vessel Type: Small Ship Length: 192 feet Passenger: 86 guests Built: 1983, renovated 2013  - was the SS Legacy The one-of-a-kind Wilderness Legacy—or “whale whisperer” as many will tell you—is the fastest in the fleet. Capable of 15 knots, she sails to the farthest reaches spinning yarns of adventure along the way. Like the crew and guests having the time of their lives, she hums with each new opportunity. It’s no wonder that for many of the crew (and office folk), she’s a first love that never fades. And, a welcoming hub for souls looking for adventure. Onboard Features: Sea Dragon (the launch pad for adventure); kayaks, paddle boards, inflatable skiffs, hiking poles; two on-deck hot tubs; fitness equipment and yoga mats; piano; DVD and book library; wine bar; and elevator (with access to three of the four public decks). Cabin Features: TV/DVD player; hair dryer, bathrobes, conditioning shampoo, body wash; binoculars; reusable water bottles; in-room safe deposit box


Day 1 - Day 1 Portland, OR - Embarkation
Arriving in Portland, an UnCruise representative escorts you to our hospitality suite where you can relax or explore the city. Breweries, bookstores, coffee shops, and quirkiness abound, the City of Roses doesn’t disappoint with colorful options within walking distance. When it’s time to board the Wilderness Legacy, you’ll be welcomed with champagne, hors d’oeuvres, and views of the city—a perfect start to your adventure. (D)
Day 2 - Day 2 Astoria / Ft Clatsop - Lewis & Clark National Park
Dock in charming, Victorian downtown Astoria, then you’re off to Ft. Clatsop, the winter fort of the 1804-1806 Lewis and Clark Expedition. Check out the exhibits and follow trails to the replica fort or take a low- /no-elevation walk from the visitor center to view replica dugout canoes. For a longer but easy hike, a one-mile trail along the Lewis and Clark River leads to an outdoor viewing area highlighting the landscape and stories described in the journals of Lewis & Clark. Hard chargers can take a 7-mile, one-way hike on the Fort to Sea Trail through forest, fields, and dunes. Whichever you opt for, everyone experiences Ft. Clatsop and beach walks. Back downtown, explore on your own, walk the waterfront trail, and/or visit the Astoria Column. Afterward, set sail upriver and see what delectable treats your chef and crew have in store for the evening—a nibble from a local harvest, a special pairing perhaps? (BLD)
Day 3 - Day 3 Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area / Hood River Valley
Gateway to the gorge. Slip through the Bonneville Dam locks, then head behind the scenes at the visitor center. You’re in luck with a private tour of its massive turbines and fish ladders. Take a walk on the wild side at Multnomah Falls—the tallest in the state. Snap a few photos before your next big adventure: a guided hike in the heart of the Columbia Gorge. Set out for a trek that gets your legs going while you soak in the lush fern-filled forest—Northwest adventure at its best. Choose the low elevation option, or trek upward to a waterfall amidst towering trees. Back on board, your onboard sommelier has a “Best of Hood River Valley” wine tasting dialed in. All you have to do is take a seat in the lounge—you’re in good hands. (BLD)
Day 4 - Day 4 Walla Walla, Washington
Start the day cruising the famed Wallula Gap. Today’s theme is all things Walla Walla including nibbles from visits with an olive oil maker, a local chocolatier, and makers of hand-cured meats and sauces. For lunch, try culinary delights that are truly of the area at the historic Gesa Power House Theatre or other local venue. With local bites come local sips and time to stretch your legs. Tour and taste at family-owned Dunham Cellars. In historic downtown Walla Walla, visit multi-media artist Squire Broel’s studio and stroll downtown with your guides where boutique shops and over 30 tasting rooms await. Bellies full, the afternoon is perfect for easy cruising in the most unique river system in the nation. Join your guides for interpretive presentations of a land rich in history. (BLD)
Day 5 - Day 5 Palouse River / Snake River
Wake up at the mouth of the Palouse River. The essentials of the day: kayaks, paddle boards, and swimsuits. Bring your binocs, too! There’s the chance of an early morning skiff outing for some great birding—hawks and herons and grebes, oh my. At the confluence of the Palouse and Snake rivers, your crew has everything set with a beach party at Lyons Ferry State Park—go for a long or short paddle and a swim. Wind up the afternoon cruising one of the most scenic stretches of the Snake River. (BLD)
Day 6 - Day 6 Deschutes River or Historic E-Bike Tour
River play is on the agenda today—whichever option you pick, start with a shallow wet landing on the beach. Choose whitewater with a Deschutes rafting adventure. Class II and III+ rapids come with names like Elevator and Surf City. Rafting guides provide the gear (including optional wetsuits) and expertise; your ship’s chef provides the picnic lunch. Stick to dry land and visit Columbia Hills State Park on foot or, if weather permits, by skiff. Take a dip in a lazy section of the river, and let the sunshine dry you off after a swim. Along the river’s edge, listen to the rustle of cottonwoods. Select dates include a guided e-bike tour on the historic Twin Tunnels Highway (5.5. miles each way) Swap stories with your shipmates over sunset cocktails and appetizers. (BLD)
Day 7 - Day 7 Rowena Plateau / Columbia River Gorge
Lava flows, floods, and volcanic ash deposits shaped the Rowena—sheer cliffs, basalt landforms, wide-stretching plateaus. At Rowena Overlook, it’s boots-on-the-ground exploration. Opt for a 2-mile round trip hike to the crest of Tom McCall Nature Preserve. Your reward: expansive views in every direction—including the river far below. Or, choose the steeper, 3.6-mile round trip Tom McCall Point trail. On a cloudless day, your effort gaining 1,000 feet of elevation pays off with views of Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and the Columbia River GorgeOUS! Cheers to adventure, wine, and your week aboard! Wrap it up cruising through the Columbia River Gorge and popping a few corks at the Farewell Dinner. (BLD)
Day 8 - Day 8 Portland Disembark
One last fresh scone or omelet. After breakfast, disembark in Portland and transfer to the airport to catch your flight home. (B)
Day 9 - Please Note:
Passport required (non USA citizens). Itineraries are guidelines; variations in itinerary and the order of days may occur to maximize your experience.

Trip Dates

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27-08-202203-09-2022USD $4,895Navigator
27-08-202203-09-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
27-08-202203-09-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
27-08-202203-09-2022USD $7,295Admiral
27-08-202203-09-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
27-08-202203-09-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
03-09-202210-09-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
03-09-202210-09-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
03-09-202210-09-2022USD $4,895Navigator
03-09-202210-09-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
03-09-202210-09-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
03-09-202210-09-2022USD $7,295Admiral
10-09-202217-09-2022USD $4,895Navigator
10-09-202217-09-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
10-09-202217-09-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
10-09-202217-09-2022USD $7,295Admiral
10-09-202217-09-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
10-09-202217-09-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
17-09-202224-09-2022USD $4,895Navigator
17-09-202224-09-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
17-09-202224-09-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
17-09-202224-09-2022USD $7,295Admiral
17-09-202224-09-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
17-09-202224-09-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
24-09-202201-10-2022USD $4,895Navigator
24-09-202201-10-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
24-09-202201-10-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
24-09-202201-10-2022USD $7,295Admiral
24-09-202201-10-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
24-09-202201-10-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
01-10-202208-10-2022USD $4,895Navigator
01-10-202208-10-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
01-10-202208-10-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
01-10-202208-10-2022USD $7,295Admiral
01-10-202208-10-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
01-10-202208-10-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
08-10-202215-10-2022USD $4,895Navigator
08-10-202215-10-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
08-10-202215-10-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
08-10-202215-10-2022USD $7,295Admiral
08-10-202215-10-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
08-10-202215-10-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
15-10-202222-10-2022USD $4,895Navigator
15-10-202222-10-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
15-10-202222-10-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
15-10-202222-10-2022USD $7,295Admiral
15-10-202222-10-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
15-10-202222-10-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
22-10-202229-10-2022USD $4,895Navigator
22-10-202229-10-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
22-10-202229-10-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
22-10-202229-10-2022USD $7,295Admiral
22-10-202229-10-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
22-10-202229-10-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
29-10-202205-11-2022USD $4,895Navigator
29-10-202205-11-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
29-10-202205-11-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
29-10-202205-11-2022USD $7,295Admiral
29-10-202205-11-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
29-10-202205-11-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
05-11-202212-11-2022USD $4,895Navigator
05-11-202212-11-2022USD $5,595Trailblazer
05-11-202212-11-2022USD $5,995Pathfinder
05-11-202212-11-2022USD $7,295Admiral
05-11-202212-11-2022USD $8,295Jr Commodore Suite
05-11-202212-11-2022USD $9,495Commodore Suite
02-09-202309-09-2023USD $4,900Navigator
02-09-202309-09-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
02-09-202309-09-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
02-09-202309-09-2023USD $6,600Admiral
02-09-202309-09-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
02-09-202309-09-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
09-09-202316-09-2023USD $4,900Navigator
09-09-202316-09-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
09-09-202316-09-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
09-09-202316-09-2023USD $6,600Admiral
09-09-202316-09-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
09-09-202316-09-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
16-09-202323-09-2023USD $4,900Navigator
16-09-202323-09-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
16-09-202323-09-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
16-09-202323-09-2023USD $6,600Admiral
16-09-202323-09-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
16-09-202323-09-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
23-09-202330-09-2023USD $4,900Navigator
23-09-202330-09-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
23-09-202330-09-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
23-09-202330-09-2023USD $6,600Admiral
23-09-202330-09-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
23-09-202330-09-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
30-09-202307-10-2023USD $4,900Navigator
30-09-202307-10-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
30-09-202307-10-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
30-09-202307-10-2023USD $6,600Admiral
30-09-202307-10-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
30-09-202307-10-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
07-10-202314-10-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
07-10-202314-10-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
07-10-202314-10-2023USD $4,900Navigator
07-10-202314-10-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
07-10-202314-10-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
07-10-202314-10-2023USD $6,600Admiral
14-10-202321-10-2023USD $4,900Navigator
14-10-202321-10-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
14-10-202321-10-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
14-10-202321-10-2023USD $6,600Admiral
14-10-202321-10-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
14-10-202321-10-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
21-10-202328-10-2023USD $4,900Navigator
21-10-202328-10-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
21-10-202328-10-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
21-10-202328-10-2023USD $6,600Admiral
21-10-202328-10-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
21-10-202328-10-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite
28-10-202304-11-2023USD $4,900Navigator
28-10-202304-11-2023USD $5,400Trailblazer
28-10-202304-11-2023USD $6,000Pathfinder
28-10-202304-11-2023USD $6,600Admiral
28-10-202304-11-2023USD $7,600Jr Commodore Suite
28-10-202304-11-2023USD $9,200Commodore Suite


    • Tour and taste at a Walla Walla winery
    • Sample local culinary delights at Walla Walla’s historic Gesa Power House Theater
    • Deschutes River rafting trip
    • Hikes at Tom McCall Nature Preserve, Multnomah Falls, Columbia Hills State Park, and Ft. Clatsop—a
    • Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
    • Kayak, paddleboard, swim, and skiff
    • Transit six locks and tour the Bonneville Dam Visitor Center
    • Cruise through the heart of the Columbia River Gorge
    • Select dates include guided e-bike tour on the historic Twin Tunnels Highway
    • Onboard sommelier, and natural and cultural history guides