Hiking the best of Death Valley & Joshua Tree

Hiking the best of Death Valley & Joshua Tree

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Strap on your best hiking (or cowboy) boots and take on the trails of Death Valley National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. Starting in Las Vegas, this seven-day adventure takes you over the Mojave Desert and into the Badlands. Full of mineral-streaked rocky outcrops and winding narrow canyons, your imagination will run wild with pictures of the region’s past. Joshua Tree National Park provides even more wild western fare, with hidden desert oases, ancient art and towering rock formations all involved in your walks. With hotel stays to rest your head each night, you’ll hardly be another weary traveller at the waterhole.

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Hiking the best of Death Valley & Joshua Tree
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  • Discover the hidden magic of Darwin Falls and Lost Palms Oasis – the greenery and flowing waters sit in stark contrast to the surrounding desert landscape.
  • Summit the western wall of Death Valley on a hike to Wildrose Peak, starting the trail at the historic Charcoal Kilns and finishing with views over to the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
  • Get a glimpse of Joshua Tree National Park’s human history at the rancher-built Barker Dam, with 2000-year-old rock art resting nearby.
  • Wander through the stunning natural colours of Golden Canyon, sticking to the trail through the labyrinth-like twists and turns.
  • Spend your first evening in Death Valley descending to 282 ft below sea level at Badwater Basin – the lowest point in North America.


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