Hiking the Best of the Grand Canyon

Hiking the Best of the Grand Canyon

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Get into nature and experience the best of the Grand Canyon by day and retire to your comfortable hotel on the canyon’s rim by night. Take on three exceptional hikes across just three days and get to know this landscape and its fascinating history under the guidance of your local leader. Visit local museums and visitor attractions and dine at one of the area’s most iconic restaurants with sweeping views of the canyon below. End your trip with a hike along the hand-cobbled Grandview Trail and a visit to the Desert View Watch Tower.

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Hiking the Best of the Grand Canyon
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  • Hike the expanse of Arizona’s Grand Canyon and take in the sweeping views of this iconic landscape with a small group of like-minded travellers by your side.
  • Get the inside scoop on the geological and cultural history of the land surrounding you with local guides who are passionate about the area and love sharing their knowledge.
  • Tuck into dinner at a charismatic local restaurant that overlooks the canyon below.
  • After days spent on your feet, be rewarded with comfortable accommodation and hearty meals that rejuvenate your weary legs.


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Day 1 - Grand Canyon National Park
Welcome to Arizona, home to the Grand Canyon and a myriad of exceptional hiking trails ready for you to explore. You’ll be picked up from your hotel in Flagstaff this morning to hit the road en route to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Today’s drive will give you a taste of the views you’ll experience over the coming days. Make sure your cameras are at the ready, there’ll be plenty of chances to stop and marvel at some of the best viewpoints along the way. On arrival, we’ll stretch out our legs on the South Kaibab Trail that descends the spine of the spectacular Cedar Ridge and affords some exceptional views of the Canyon as the ridged drops off on both sides in front of you. These panoramas and the easy-going nature of the trek make the South Kaibab Trail a great day one introduction for us. This evening you’ll settle into your accommodation that will be your home away from home for the next two nights.
Day 2 - Grand Canyon National Park
Fuel up on a hearty breakfast today before we embark on a trek that meanders below the canyon's rim along the Bright Angel Fault. On your descent, your leader will fill you in on all the geological and ecological phenomena that make up the landscapes here. Along the hike, you’ll stop to tuck into a delicious picnic lunch with views better than any 5-star restaurant could deliver. With full bellies and fuller hearts, you’ll start the return hike to the rim, this time staring up at the towering cliffs above. This evening, you’ll enjoy a special dinner at the famous and historic El Tovar Hotel, overlooking the depths of the Grand Canyon.
Day 3 - Grand Canyon National Park
Our final hike of the trip is Grandview – with a fitting name, you'll soak up some of the best views of the trip today with endless panoramas across the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. One of Grand Canyon’s most famous miners, Pete Berry, built this trail in the late 1800s to extract some of the richest copper ore in the world. Eventually, when his mine failed, he turned to tourism for a living, taking guests down his unique, hand-cobbled trail. As you descend, you’ll learn about the geological and historical history of the landscapes here from your local leader. After the trek, we’ll exit the Park from the East Entrance, stopping at the famous Desert View Watchtower. This impressive structure is a replica of a Native American tower found in the exact location by early explorers centuries ago. In the afternoon, we’ll say our final goodbyes upon arrival back in Flagstaff where your 3-day trekking adventure will come to an end.

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