Wild Alaska Escape: Haines, the Inian Islands, and Tracy Arm Fjord

Wild Alaska Escape: Haines, the Inian Islands, and Tracy Arm Fjord

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Explore Alaska on an active, exciting expedition to see the region’s iconic wildlife and epic landscapes in the compact time frame of one work week. By special permission from the U.S. Forest Service, hike through forests of towering trees, kayak long routes deep into glacially carved fjords, and raft from an ancient Alaska native village—all with our nimble expedition ship as your moving base camp.

Trip Name
Wild Alaska Escape: Haines, the Inian Islands, and Tracy Arm Fjord
Vessel Type: Comfortable Expedition Length: 52 metres Passenger Capacity: 62 (in twin cabins) Built: 1982 / Refurbished 2015 Twin Expedition ships, National Geographic Sea Bird & Sea Lion, can reach places inaccessible to larger ships due to their small size, yet each can comfortably accommodate 62 guests. The feeling, is often compared to that of a large private yacht, with everyone integral to the adventure. Accessibility means freedom. Our captains have decades of sailing experience in the regions we explore. They know when and where to navigate so that you feel the places we visit are all ours. Full interior renovations have been completed on these twin 62-guest ships, National Geographic Sea Lion and National Geographic Sea Bird. The extensive renovation to guest cabins, the lounge and bar, dining room, public areas and spa has transformed the ships to provide the ultimate in expedition hospitality and comfort. Nothing has been left untouched, from the sleekly framed wall photos, to the fresh paint, and new carpets throughout the ships. - The lounge and bar have been completely redesigned and reconfigured to provide an open, enhanced environment with additional seating and better flow. The modern design features new tables and chairs, upholstery of settees, overhead ceiling panels, and LED dimmable lighting. The lounge also hosts a new food & beverage area, library, and Global Market. - The dining room’s upgrade features all new tables, chairs, ceiling panels, and LED dimmable lighting. The wine bar has been replaced and features a display showcasing selections from the regions explored. - Every cabin has been completely redone and all furnishings have been replaced. Modern aged cherry bed boxes, faux leather headboards, Lindblad signature bed linens, new windows, lighting, and additional USB outlets provide a dramatic makeover for a relaxing guest experience. Bathrooms now feature new shower doors and all new hardware. - Exterior renovations include new deck furniture and outdoor awning.


Day 1 - DAY 1: Sitka / Embark
Arrive in Sitka, Alaska, situated on the western coast of Baranof Island and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Take a walk in Sitka National Historical Park, where Tlingit and Haida totem poles tower over coastal trails. Visit the Alaska Raptor Center for an up-close look at Alaska’s birds of prey. Later, embark the National Geographic Sea Lion or National Geographic Sea Bird. (D)
Day 2 - DAY 2: Exploring Baranof / Chichagof Islands
Explore the breathtaking bays of Baranof or Chichagof Islands, both part of the ancient Tongass National Forest. Chichagof Island harbors one of the highest concentrations of brown bears in the world, and both islands are home to diverse wildlife. Kayak or paddleboard along rugged coastlines, and in the afternoon, go hiking through the temperate rainforest, listening for bald eagles calling out from the tops of towering spruce and hemlock trees. (B,L,D)
Day 3 - DAY 3: Icy Strait & the Inian Islands
Spend today searching for wildlife in nutrient-rich waters where the Pacific Ocean meets the Inside Passage. Options include a Zodiac cruise among the Inian Islands, where an abundance of Steller sea lions reside; kayaking in the calm outer waters of Glacier Bay; or hiking in lush temperate rainforest where bald eagles dot the canopies. (B,L,D)
Day 4 - DAY 4: Haines
Haines is known as the “adventure capital of Alaska” for a very good reason. Many, in fact. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you can choose from one of many world class hikes. Or cycle along the edge of a glacial lake. Or you may also choose to raft down the Chilkat River, calling into the ancient Chilkat Tlingit village of Klukwan for a dance demonstration and cultural interpretation. The day is full of options. (B, L, D)
Day 5 - DAY 5: Tracy Arm – Fords Terror Wilderness
Wake up in Tracy Arm or Endicott Arm, part of the Tracy Arm–Fords Terror Wilderness. Cruise through this glacially carved fjord, then set out to explore by Zodiac. View the soaring Dawes or South Sawyer Glacier up close—and keep an eye out for the dramatic sight of huge slabs of ice breaking off and crashing into the water below. If conditions permit, paddle a kayak below the steep walls of the fjord. Celebrate your voyage with a farewell dinner on board. (B,L,D)
Day 6 - DAY 6: Juneau
Disembark in downtown Juneau and transfer to the airport for flights home, or to an optional land extension. (B)
Day 7 - Please Note:
All day-by-day breakdowns are a sampling of the places we intend to visit, conditions permitting.

Trip Dates

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20-06-202425-06-2024AUD $6,520Category 1
20-06-202425-06-2024AUD $8,100Category 2
20-06-202425-06-2024AUD $9,390Category 3
23-06-202428-06-2024AUD $6,250Category 1
23-06-202428-06-2024AUD $7,770Category 2
23-06-202428-06-2024AUD $9,010Category 3
25-06-202430-06-2024AUD $6,250Category 1
25-06-202430-06-2024AUD $7,770Category 2
25-06-202430-06-2024AUD $9,010Category 3
08-07-202413-07-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
08-07-202413-07-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
08-07-202413-07-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
10-07-202415-07-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
10-07-202415-07-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
10-07-202415-07-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
13-07-202418-07-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
13-07-202418-07-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
13-07-202418-07-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
15-07-202420-07-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
15-07-202420-07-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
15-07-202420-07-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
18-07-202423-07-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
18-07-202423-07-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
18-07-202423-07-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
23-07-202428-07-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
23-07-202428-07-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
23-07-202428-07-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
30-07-202404-08-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
30-07-202404-08-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
30-07-202404-08-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
04-08-202409-08-2024AUD $6,380Category 1
04-08-202409-08-2024AUD $7,930Category 2
04-08-202409-08-2024AUD $9,190Category 3
07-08-202412-08-2024AUD $6,320Category 1
07-08-202412-08-2024AUD $7,570Category 2
07-08-202412-08-2024AUD $9,050Category 3
12-08-202417-08-2024AUD $6,190Category 1
12-08-202417-08-2024AUD $7,280Category 2
12-08-202417-08-2024AUD $8,700Category 3
12-08-202417-08-2024AUD $9,190Category 1 Single
12-08-202417-08-2024AUD $10,840Category 2 Single
19-08-202424-08-2024AUD $6,190Category 1
19-08-202424-08-2024AUD $7,280Category 2
19-08-202424-08-2024AUD $8,700Category 3
19-08-202424-08-2024AUD $9,190Category 1 Single
19-08-202424-08-2024AUD $10,840Category 2 Single
24-08-202429-08-2024AUD $6,190Category 1
24-08-202429-08-2024AUD $7,280Category 2
24-08-202429-08-2024AUD $8,700Category 3
24-08-202429-08-2024AUD $9,190Category 1 Single
24-08-202429-08-2024AUD $10,840Category 2 Single
27-08-202401-09-2024AUD $6,190Category 1
27-08-202401-09-2024AUD $7,280Category 2
27-08-202401-09-2024AUD $8,700Category 3
27-08-202401-09-2024AUD $9,190Category 1 Single
27-08-202401-09-2024AUD $10,840Category 2 Single
29-08-202403-09-2024AUD $6,190Category 1
29-08-202403-09-2024AUD $7,280Category 2
29-08-202403-09-2024AUD $8,700Category 3
29-08-202403-09-2024AUD $9,190Category 1 Single
29-08-202403-09-2024AUD $10,840Category 2 Single
01-09-202406-09-2024AUD $6,190Category 1
01-09-202406-09-2024AUD $7,280Category 2
01-09-202406-09-2024AUD $8,700Category 3
01-09-202406-09-2024AUD $9,190Category 1 Single
01-09-202406-09-2024AUD $10,840Category 2 Single
06-09-202411-09-2024AUD $6,190Category 1
06-09-202411-09-2024AUD $7,280Category 2
06-09-202411-09-2024AUD $8,700Category 3
06-09-202411-09-2024AUD $9,190Category 1 Single
06-09-202411-09-2024AUD $10,840Category 2 Single
29-04-202504-05-2025AUD $4,950Category 1
29-04-202504-05-2025AUD $6,150Category 2
29-04-202504-05-2025AUD $7,130Category 3
04-05-202509-05-2025AUD $4,950Category 1
04-05-202509-05-2025AUD $6,150Category 2
04-05-202509-05-2025AUD $7,130Category 3
09-05-202514-05-2025AUD $4,950Category 1
09-05-202514-05-2025AUD $6,150Category 2
09-05-202514-05-2025AUD $7,130Category 3
13-05-202518-05-2025AUD $4,950Category 1
13-05-202518-05-2025AUD $6,150Category 2
13-05-202518-05-2025AUD $7,130Category 3
14-05-202519-05-2025AUD $4,950Category 1
14-05-202519-05-2025AUD $6,150Category 2
14-05-202519-05-2025AUD $7,130Category 3
22-05-202527-05-2025AUD $5,010Category 1
22-05-202527-05-2025AUD $5,890Category 2
22-05-202527-05-2025AUD $7,040Category 3
28-05-202502-06-2025AUD $5,010Category 1
28-05-202502-06-2025AUD $5,890Category 2
28-05-202502-06-2025AUD $7,040Category 3
02-06-202507-06-2025AUD $6,440Category 1
02-06-202507-06-2025AUD $8,010Category 2
02-06-202507-06-2025AUD $9,280Category 3
06-06-202511-06-2025AUD $6,440Category 1
06-06-202511-06-2025AUD $8,010Category 2
06-06-202511-06-2025AUD $9,280Category 3
11-06-202516-06-2025AUD $9,280Category 3
11-06-202516-06-2025AUD $6,440Category 1
11-06-202516-06-2025AUD $8,010Category 2
17-06-202522-06-2025AUD $6,570Category 1
17-06-202522-06-2025AUD $8,130Category 2
17-06-202522-06-2025AUD $9,410Category 3
22-06-202527-06-2025AUD $6,570Category 1
22-06-202527-06-2025AUD $8,130Category 2
22-06-202527-06-2025AUD $9,410Category 3
26-06-202501-07-2025AUD $6,570Category 1
26-06-202501-07-2025AUD $8,130Category 2
26-06-202501-07-2025AUD $9,410Category 3
01-07-202506-07-2025AUD $6,720Category 1
01-07-202506-07-2025AUD $8,340Category 2
01-07-202506-07-2025AUD $9,680Category 3
06-07-202511-07-2025AUD $6,720Category 1
06-07-202511-07-2025AUD $8,340Category 2
06-07-202511-07-2025AUD $9,680Category 3
07-07-202512-07-2025AUD $6,720Category 1
07-07-202512-07-2025AUD $8,340Category 2
07-07-202512-07-2025AUD $9,680Category 3
11-07-202516-07-2025AUD $6,720Category 1
11-07-202516-07-2025AUD $8,340Category 2
11-07-202516-07-2025AUD $9,680Category 3
16-07-202521-07-2025AUD $6,720Category 1
16-07-202521-07-2025AUD $8,340Category 2
16-07-202521-07-2025AUD $9,680Category 3
21-07-202526-07-2025AUD $7,080Category 1
21-07-202526-07-2025AUD $8,660Category 2
21-07-202526-07-2025AUD $9,950Category 3
26-07-202531-07-2025AUD $7,080Category 1
26-07-202531-07-2025AUD $8,660Category 2
26-07-202531-07-2025AUD $9,950Category 3
27-07-202501-08-2025AUD $6,720Category 1
27-07-202501-08-2025AUD $8,340Category 2
27-07-202501-08-2025AUD $9,680Category 3
31-07-202505-08-2025AUD $7,080Category 1
31-07-202505-08-2025AUD $8,660Category 2
31-07-202505-08-2025AUD $9,950Category 3
05-08-202510-08-2025AUD $7,080Category 1
05-08-202510-08-2025AUD $8,660Category 2
05-08-202510-08-2025AUD $9,950Category 3
10-08-202515-08-2025AUD $7,080Category 1
10-08-202515-08-2025AUD $8,660Category 2
10-08-202515-08-2025AUD $9,950Category 3
15-08-202520-08-2025AUD $6,520Category 1
15-08-202520-08-2025AUD $8,100Category 2
15-08-202520-08-2025AUD $9,390Category 3
20-08-202525-08-2025AUD $6,520Category 1
20-08-202525-08-2025AUD $8,100Category 2
20-08-202525-08-2025AUD $9,390Category 3
21-08-202526-08-2025AUD $6,380Category 1
21-08-202526-08-2025AUD $7,930Category 2
21-08-202526-08-2025AUD $9,190Category 3
25-08-202530-08-2025AUD $6,520Category 1
25-08-202530-08-2025AUD $8,100Category 2
25-08-202530-08-2025AUD $9,390Category 3
26-08-202531-08-2025AUD $6,380Category 1
26-08-202531-08-2025AUD $7,930Category 2
26-08-202531-08-2025AUD $9,190Category 3
30-08-202504-09-2025AUD $6,380Category 1
30-08-202504-09-2025AUD $7,930Category 2
30-08-202504-09-2025AUD $9,190Category 3
04-09-202509-09-2025AUD $6,380Category 1
04-09-202509-09-2025AUD $7,930Category 2
04-09-202509-09-2025AUD $9,190Category 3


    • Explore Haines, the “adventure capital of Alaska,” via raft, bicycle, or hiking boot, and opt to soar over Glacier Bay National Park on a flightseeing tour.
    • Cruise by Zodiac and kayak among abundant sea lions and search for whales in the Inian Islands
    • Meet eagles at the Raptor Rehabilitation Center
    • Seamlessly combine the experience with our southern Wild Alaska Escape itinerary and double the sights, sightings, and wildness on this most active of expeditions
    • Whale-watch daily from the bow of our small ship, and witness breaching humpbacks and orcas on the hunt.