South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula aboard Ocean Victory

South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula aboard Ocean Victory

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Departing Ushuaia in Argentina, we cross the mighty Drake Passage en-route for the South Shetland Islands, making Zodiac landings at penguin rookeries, research stations and fascinating lookouts along the way.

Continuing southward, deep into the inlets of Antarctica, we pass the famous Gerlache Strait, where 3000-ft ice cliffs rise straight out of the still water. On no other journey can you experience so much pristine nature and varied wildlife in so few days!

Any voyage to Antarctica is an adventure, but with a maximum capacity of 198 guests aboard Ocean Victory, this cruise offers a unique experience for the few. Shore landings, excursions, lectures and whale safaris are easily accommodated to help you enjoy a matchless expedition experience.

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South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula aboard Ocean Victory
Vessel Type: Luxury X-Bow®-Infinity Class Vessel Passenger Capacity: 198 passangers in 93 cabins Built: 2019/2020 This stylish cruise ship, ideally suited for our business model of small ship expeditions, will be deployed and dedicated to varied Antarctic region voyages, with sales launching from December of 2020. With a total of 93 comfortable cabins for our guests, all with a view of the ocean, (and 90% with their own balcony), several restaurants, a wellness area, an Albatros Nordic Bar, an open deck dining facility, a modern lecture lounge, and other amenities, the vessel will also be environmentally-friendly onboard, with an implementation of the Green Initiative Program, ensuring both absolute comfort and sustainability for our guests.  Now, for the technical details:  With the highest Polar code 6 and Ice class 1A, Ocean Victory is the ideal vessel for small-ship cruising due to her sturdy construction and X-Bow®-Infinity class, which provides high stability in rough weather and allows for the smoothest movements on high waves, and a Solas 2012 classification which facilitates a safe return to port. The vessel is part of a brand new generation of low-energy vessels, with 4 diesel engines and 2 electro engines, all controlled electronically to optimize speed and fuel consumption.  Beagle Restaurant Dinner always starts with delicious hot soups, cold cuts and crisp, fresh salads. Several choices of entrees are offered each evening, to accommodate different tastes and dietary requirements; always including a meat choice, fish choice and vegetarian choice. After dinner, freshly prepared desserts, including ship-made ice cream or cakes are a great way to end a meal and satisfy any sweet tooth. A selection of wines and beers is available to perfectly compliment your visit to our restaurant… and if you’re interested in relaxing during your time off from activities and landings, delight onboard Ocean Atlantic by raising your glass to the experience of a lifetime! Our bar is fully equipped with a variety of cocktails, beers, non-alcoholic beverages and more, to quench your thirst and reward the explorer in you. Knud Rasmussen Library Honoring the great explorers, the lecture room allows for an adventure within an adventure. Here you can find sagas, narratives and practical information on the polar regions, in various languages and subjects. From encyclopedias of the polar wildlife and fauna to narrations of the many challenges faced by the first expeditions, this is the perfect location for entertaining your brain while we sail. Albatros Nordic Bar Lounge The Albatros Nordic Bar Lounge provides a bit of warm Nordic hospitality to the Antarctic. Offering a large choice of drinks, including wine tasting menus from Gerard Bertrand, this is the perfect place to relax after an unforgettable day and make new international friends. Albatros Observation Lounge Celebrate your dream polar adventure, engage in conversation and relax while admiring the icy landscape of the polar regions. At our Nordic Bar Lounge we aim to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere with varied cocktails and drinks, appetizers and smaller events. Or try one of our unique wine-tasting menus from Gerard Bertrand. Shackleton Lecture Lounge What makes a good expedition? It is a combination of its landings and the experiences onboard the ship. At Albatros Expeditions we are honored to have an amalgam of experts in our expedition team, from climatologists and geologists to renown photographers, all eager to share their adventures and knowledge with our guests.


Arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina - the world’s southernmost town. Explore the quaint city or local countryside. Alternatively, consider a day trip off the beaten path to the raw, natural archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. It's a hiker's paradise with rugged snow-capped mountains, glaciers, flower-filled meadows and boggy quagmires. In the afternoon, we board our ship, Ocean Atlantic.Our journey begins as we navigate through the calms of Beagle Channel, a strait in the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago.
Sailing onward, we cross the famed Drake Passage - a body of water that marks the intersection of the cold Antarctic with the warmer Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Drake Passage is known for rollicking conditions and strong westerly winds, called the Roaring Fifties. While this passage may be challenging, you can rest confidently aboard our expedition vessel, Ocean Atlantic, which is purpose-built with stabilizers, powerful engines and a highly-qualified crew. The most spirited sailors consider Drake Passage a lifetime achievement, and you will complete the crossing twice!In the Drake, the excitement builds as Antarctic wildlife comes into view. Weather permitting, we will catch our first sight of seals and penguins! The area is also well-know for its abundance of birds.
Over the next two days, we will begin the exciting Antarctic experience our ancestors only dreamed of. During these days we will explore the sub-Antarctic islands of the South Shetland chain and be marveled by the captivating landscapes we will encounter along the way.Weather permitting, our projected landfalls include: King George Island; Deception Island, an extinct volcano with waters warm enough for a polar swim; and Half Moon Island with nesting Wilson's storm petrels and chinstrap penguins.The itinerary and activities over the next few days depend on weather and ice conditions. The route and shore landings will be determined by the captain and expedition leader and communicated to guests through regularly scheduled briefings.
As the white shimmer of Antarctica looms on our horizon, the presence of wildlife multiples by tens of thousands with many species of lively penguins, inquisitive seals, nesting birds and the spray of marine mammals. Wildlife abounds along our projected route along the Antarctic Peninsula: leopard, fur and Weddell seals of Cuverville Island; humpback whales of Gerlache Strait; Paradise Bay; the dramatic Lemaire Channel's orcas and much more.The itinerary and activities over the next few days depend on weather and ice conditions. The route and shore landings will be determined by the captain and expedition leader and communicated to guests through regularly scheduled briefings.Please note that all the outings and landings rely on weather, sea and ice conditions being favorable both for the ship to access the areas, as for the zodiacs and kayaks to maneuver under adequate conditions, ensuring the safety of all our passengers and staff. For this reason, during moments of harsh weather and throughout the entire trip, Ocean Atlantic has excellent public areas such as wellness/sauna, restaurant, bar and a library for our passengers to spend their spare time. Our ship is staffed by experts in the field who will also share great lectures along the way, ranging from exploration history to biology, geology, ice and wildlife.
We depart Antarctica and spend two days at sea on our way back to the calms of Beagle Channel and Ushuaia, Argentina. En-route, we will cross Drake Passage and cruise past Cape Horn, a legendary maritime landmark and the southern tip of South America.During our time at sea, a variety of activities will be arranged on board which will provide the perfect opportunity to socialize with fellow travelers equally passionate for discovering the world, enjoy the lectures by our expedition on board, visit our shop or relax at leisure on our ship’s facilities, designed to provide a comfortable, relaxing time.
This morning, we arrive back in Ushuaia for the conclusion of our tour, where you can continue your adventures or begin your return home. If you would like to extend your trip and explore more of Argentina and Brazil, we offer several extensions, please contact us for more information.
Day 7 - Please note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

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19-11-202228-11-2022AUD $28,990Premium Captain Suite
28-11-202207-12-2022AUD $9,990Category F
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28-11-202207-12-2022AUD $28,990Premium Captain Suite
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07-12-202216-12-2022AUD $25,490Category A
07-12-202216-12-2022AUD $30,490Premium Captain Suite
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $12,390Category F
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $15,290Category D
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $16,590Category E
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $18,290Category C
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $19,890Category G
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $19,890Category B. From
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $27,790Category A
04-01-202313-01-2023AUD $31,990Premium Captain Suite
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $10,990Category F
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $13,890Category D
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $15,290Category E
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $16,490Category C
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $18,290Category G
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $18,290Category B. From
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $25,490Category A
18-02-202327-02-2023AUD $30,490Premium Captain Suite


    • KAYAKING Glide through the waters and take in the royal grace of the icebergs, see the varied birds and seals, and maybe even the whales in their natural habitat under the supervision of experienced kayak guides
    • ZODIAC Essential for expedition cruises, Zodiacs are robust boats that can go up on a beach, a rocky outcrop, a river bank or even an ice floe push through bergy bits of ice floating in the water