From Belem to Iquitos Cruise

From Belem to Iquitos Cruise

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An Amazonian adventure: precious discoveries await you in the dense jungle all the way to Iquitos. Only small ships such as those in the new expedition class can manage this adventure.

Please note: your voyage rates include charter flights as per itinerary in Economy Class.

Trip Name
From Belem to Iquitos Cruise
Vessel Type: Five-star expedition ship Length: 138 meters Passenger Capacity: 230 (199 for Antarctic expeditions and cruises around Spitsbergen) Built: 2017 Explore the Ship: * More open deck space than on any other expedition ship * Glass balconies: Float over the ocean with perfect views when watching whales and dolphins, for example * Observation Deck and Lounge: The terraced Observation Deck offers the best views as well as permanently mounted binoculars. Located one deck lower, the Observation Lounge brings the excitement indoors with its 180-degree panoramic view * Bow tour: The new deck track at the bow puts you in the front row for wildlife sightings. * Marina: The marina is the convenient starting point for a variety of warmwater sports – kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and snorkelling equipment are available for you to use Cabins & Suites: * An ocean view with even more: exclusively outside cabins and suites, almost all with balconies or French balconies * Grand Suites with a private veranda * Spaciously designed – enjoy a relaxing stay in rooms from 21 m² (226 ft²) up to 71 m² (764 ft²) in size * Exceptionally equipped – for example, with binoculars, Nordic Walking poles, air conditioning, coffee machine and mini bar (free of charge) * Separable beds in all cabins and suites * Heated wall in bathroom (e.g. for towels and wet parkas) Culinary: * Main restaurant: A relaxed atmosphere at any time of day – from breakfast to dinner, inspired by the region. * Speciality restaurants: The speciality restaurant on the HANSEATIC inspiration will take you on a culinary voyage of discovery: explore exquisite Japanese creations and Peru’s modern and fashionable cooking. Explore new culinary highlights of the North American east coast on the HANSEATIC nature. * Bistro Restaurant: Eat under an open sky. The Bistro Restaurant offers 84 indoor and around 100 outdoor seats. * Bars: spend the evening relaxing with a glass of wine in the Observation Lounge or the HanseAtrium. Fitness & Wellness: * Spa area: Our new ships offer professional partial- and full-body massages, classic cosmetic treatments, a hairdresser and treatments for your hands and feet. The Finnish sauna with an ocean view and the steam sauna are the perfect end to every expedition. * Pool area/bar: Thanks to its flexible canopy, the pool area with bar can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Water loungers and a counter-current system offer pure relaxation. * Fitness area: The fitness area, which has been expanded significantly to around 100 m² / 1,076 ft², features up-to-date equipment, a separate course room and an incomparable ocean view. Knowledge On Board: * HanseAtrium: The central HanseAtrium can be used for many different activities; its cutting-edge technology makes it suitable for presentations and expert lectures as well as intensive precaps and recaps. In the evening, the HanseAtrium is transformed into an atmospheric bar where you can see out the day and reflect on your experiences. * Ocean Academy: The Ocean Academy allows you to experience science however you desire. You can use the large media wall and interactive poster to display fascinating information on a wide range of disciplines whenever you like.


Day 1 - Day 1 Belem/Brazil
departure 21.00 hrs (subject to the tides)
Day 2 - Day 2 Day trip through the Breves Channels
Lush plant life, exotic creatures and untouched native villages – the world of the Amazon is best described in superlatives: no river is as long, and no rainforest is as diverse. The Breves Channels hint at the fantastic wealth of nature and challenging mysteries that motivated famous explorers. On this impressive daytime passage, the greenery that shades the shore seems close enough to touch as the manoeuvrable ships of the new expedition class head ever deeper into this wild Garden of Eden.
Day 3 - Days 3 - 7 Upstream on the Amazon with Zodiac landings (including Rio Pucurui, Guajara, Alter do Chao, Parintins, Canacari)
Depending on the weather and currents, the Zodiacs will bring frequent intensive moments as beautiful side branches with a gorgeous jungle backdrop draw you under their spell. The tropical air rings with the calls of toucans, yellow-headed caracaras and saffron finches, their feathers sparkling in the dense foliage. Lined with buriti and acai palms, the Rio Pucurui offers a picture-perfect panorama home to more than 1,000 species of bird. South America’s lifeline is also home to over 400 mammals, including the sloths that only ever move in slow motion. With luck, you will encounter a truly exotic native creature as you travel by Zodiac in Guajara: the pink river dolphin. Is the legend true that they transform into young men in order to seduce women? Again and again, the jungle surprises with stories and impressions, as Alter do Chao will demonstrate: on the emerald-green Rio Tapajos, you will suddenly find yourself on a seemingly Caribbean beach. Swim and bathe in this green paradise and tune into the easy-going nature of the people of Parintins and their exuberant Bumba-meu-boi spectacle. With colourful costumes and intoxicating music, the dancers relate the legend of the resurrection of a bull. Thoughts of water buffalo raise the question of how deep these creatures wade to graze on floating vegetation. Be it mythology or biology, the experts on board the HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC inspiration will have the answer. Board the Zodiacs and head for curious natural treasures: for example, in Canacari, travelling through drifting pastures and past the world’s largest water lilies with gorgeous leaves 3 m (10 ft) in diameter.
Day 4 - Days 8 - 9 Manaus (Amazon)
In Manaus (Amazon), you will see how closely nature and culture are connected on the banks of the Amazon. Past and present meet in the magnificent jungle metropolis. The city’s history and opera house* bear witness to the time when this former centre of rubber made its fortune, with modern glass facades sitting alongside classical and art nouveau buildings. On a scenic flight above Manaus (Amazon)*, these impressions will intensify as the jungle and city merge.
Day 5 - Days 10 - 17 Further upstream on the Amazon with Zodiac landings (including Badajos, Cuxiu Muni, Uara, Rio Jutai, Leticia, Pevas)
Back on the river in the depths of the rainforest, your route will take you through the flooded forests of Badajos: the water reflects treetops filled with creatures, and squirrel monkeys swinging nimbly through the branches draw your gaze to the sky. Keep looking up and you may see one of the colourful parakeets that can both climb and fly short distances. A night-time Zodiac ride near Cuxiu Muni may offer some illuminating moments when the eyes of caimans penetrate the darkness. Explore wonders both large and small on a hike in Uara, where Brazil nut trees tower up to 65 m (213 ft) and the sunlight struggles to pierce the foliage. Whether ashore, on deck or in a Zodiac, this unique voyage of discovery is filled with astonishing sights – for example, on the Rio Jutai, when the cries of parrots ring across the water. Visit the colourful, vibrant markets of Leticia, where aromatic spices and tropical fruits inspire the senses. Away from the hustle and bustle, some people are still said to live in complete isolation. In Pevas, the stilt buildings of the native Peruvian village provide a vivid insight into life in the wilderness.
Day 6 - Day 18 Iquitos/Peru
Arrival 7.00 hrs Charter flight to LimaArriving in Iquitos, your mind and soul will be enriched with intensive experiences – from a 4,000 km (2,485 mi.) adventure from the mouth of the Amazon deep into the heart of the river.
Day 7 - Please note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

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11-04-202028-04-2020EUR €11,850OUTSIDE CABIN
11-04-202028-04-2020EUR €13,010FRENCH BALCONY CABIN. From


    • Experienced experts from various disciplines accompany every cruise, give presentations and multimedia lectures, provide well-informed answers to questions about the cruising area and take part in the Zodiac landings/rides
    • Use of the interactive Ocean Academy with individual knowledge formats
    • Extensive sports programme: fitness area with ocean view, course programme, additional sports activities on shore depending on the destination
    • Equipment for loan: one pair of binoculars and two sets of Nordic Walking poles in the cabin itself, furthermore warm parkas, rubber boots, snorkelling equipment