Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake aboard Deluxe Small Ship

Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake aboard Deluxe Small Ship

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You’re ready to explore King George Island and the Antarctic Peninsula—and no Drake Passage crossings are required! With a spectacular aerial view, included charter flights between Punta Arenas and Antarctica have you experiencing the majesty of the 7th continent before transferring you to your ship in no time.

Keep your camera ready as you cruise in a Zodiac in search of whales, seabirds and astounding icebergs. Beaches dotted with leopard seals and penguins give way to icy plateaus, with snow- capped mountain peaks looming behind. You’ll find yourself thankful for the near-constant sunlight by which you can continue to take it all in.

Trip Name
Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake aboard Deluxe Small Ship
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 126 metres Passenger Capacity: 176 Built: 2017 Distinct and comfortable, refined and roomy—these attributes and more describe World Explorer. Not only will it be among our fastest ships, it will also be one of our finest, with six tiers of deluxe accommodation. The personal space is exceptional. Every cabin has either a private walk-out or Juliet balcony for direct ocean views. World Explorer also delivers plenty of public areas to unwind in after a day outdoors, including the glass-domed Observation Lounge for quiet contemplation and full skyline views, the Explorer Lounge for a drink and a chat, and the library for more intimate relaxing and reading. Presentations and discussions are facilitated in a dedicated lecture theatre. Health and wellness facilities feature an outdoor running track, a small gym and a sauna, plus a spa with change rooms, showers and lockers. For the active adventurers, add-ons include kayaking, camping and stand-up paddleboarding. Blending high design with total functionality, World Explorer is all set to be your home away from home on the seas. Cabin: - All cabins have exterior views and private bathroom facilities - TV and safe in every cabin - Individual temperature controls - Electrical supply: 220v Aboard: - Chef-prepared meals (all meals and daily snack included) - One dining room with unreserved seating - Bar staffed by a professional bartender serving a selection of soft drinks, juices, liquors, spirits, beer and wine, which can be charged to your shipboard account - Comfortable lounge area for reading or relaxing with a cup of coffee - Observation decks for spotting wildlife and enjoying the ever-changing polar landscape - Polar library stocked with a large collection of polar books, and games - Gym - Pool & sauna - Spa facilities and wellness program - Lecture theatre - Polar Boutique - Ship-to-shore satellite communications with email and wireless Internet access Activities: - Zodiac Cruising (included) - Kayaking (additional charge) - Camping (additional charge) - Standup Paddleboarding (additional charge)


Day 1 - Day 1 — Punta Arenas, Chile
Your adventure begins in Punta Arenas, Chile, the most populated city in southern Patagonia. If you arrive early, there are many museums, restaurants and shops to keep you busy for days. By early afternoon, a Quark Expeditions representative will meet you at the official starting point hotel, where you’ll enjoy a welcome dinner and be briefed about preparing for your embarkation day.
Day 2 - Day 2 — Embarkation Day
Your charter flight from Punta Arenas to Antarctica will have you crossing the legendary Drake Passage in only a few hours. Far below, the ship will approach King George Island for your arrival. Your first glimpse of dramatic Antarctic landscapes will be from a unique perspective, as your plane descends for landing in the South Shetland Islands. After landing, stretch your legs and spend time exploring the island before being transferred by Zodiac to your ship to set sail for the Antarctic Peninsula!
Day 3 - Days 3 to 6 — Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands
There are few places in the world as evocative as Antarctica. As your ship approaches the White Continent, you may be overcome by feelings of excitement and awe. Much of Antarctica is indescribable and can only be fully appreciated through your own eyes.As your captain and Expedition Team keep a lookout for whales and seabirds, you’ll be alerted to any new sightings. Our team of expert lecturers will also provide in-depth explanations of the geology, history and wildlife of the region.Even more exciting are your daily land excursions. Your first Zodiac landing is something you’ll never forget! Walking up to a beach dotted with penguins and seals is the most intimate way to experience the unique wildlife of Antarctica.Each landing is different and is dependent on weather, but every day presents new sightings and photo opportunities, and it won’t be long before you can tell the difference between an Adélie, gentoo or chinstrap penguin.You may take a Zodiac cruise in search of whales and icebergs around Pleneau Island one day, followed by a hike to a penguin rookery the next day. From the booming sound of a calving glacier at Neko Harbour to the thrill of watching a leopard seal as it hunts a penguin, you’ll wake up early and welcome each day with a sense of excitement and a desire to explore that which is unrivaled by any other travel experience.Your Expedition Team will be with you all along the way, providing insights into the places you visit.
Day 4 - Day 7 — Disembark and Fly to Punta Arenas
After your week of exploration, you’ll say goodbye to your Expedition Team and disembark at King George Island. Your three-hour flight across the Drake Passage to Punta Arenas, Chile, brings your adventure to an end. After your transfer from the airport to the hotel, you are free to explore and enjoy one final dinner to reminisce about the sights and sounds of Antarctica.
Day 5 - Day 8 — Depart Punta Arenas
After breakfast, you are welcome to continue on your own travels or make your way to the Punta Arenas airport for your homeward flights.
Day 6 - Please Note:
Embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy – and excitement – of expedition travel. There are no guarantees that we can achieve everything we set out to accomplish. A measure of flexibility is something all of us must bring to a voyage. There are nearly 200 recognized sites in the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetlands and the places mentioned above may be changed to others equally as interesting.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
01-03-202208-03-2022AUD $21,100Triple Cabin
01-03-202208-03-2022AUD $29,200Veranda Suite
01-03-202208-03-2022AUD $30,800Infinity Suite
01-03-202208-03-2022AUD $68,000Superior Suite
01-03-202208-03-2022AUD $72,800Deluxe
01-03-202208-03-2022AUD $79,400Owner's Suite
06-03-202213-03-2022AUD $72,800Deluxe
06-03-202213-03-2022AUD $79,400Owner's Suite
06-03-202213-03-2022AUD $21,100Triple Cabin
06-03-202213-03-2022AUD $29,200Veranda Suite
06-03-202213-03-2022AUD $30,800Infinity Suite
06-03-202213-03-2022AUD $68,000Superior Suite
11-03-202218-03-2022AUD $21,100Triple Cabin
11-03-202218-03-2022AUD $29,200Veranda Suite
11-03-202218-03-2022AUD $30,800Infinity Suite
11-03-202218-03-2022AUD $68,000Superior Suite
11-03-202218-03-2022AUD $72,800Deluxe
11-03-202218-03-2022AUD $79,400Owner's Suite
03-03-202310-03-2023AUD $19,100Triple Cabin
03-03-202310-03-2023AUD $26,800Veranda Suite
03-03-202310-03-2023AUD $28,200Infinity Suite
03-03-202310-03-2023AUD $34,500Superior Suite
03-03-202310-03-2023AUD $37,400Deluxe
03-03-202310-03-2023AUD $40,200Owner's Suite
08-03-202315-03-2023AUD $19,100Triple Cabin
08-03-202315-03-2023AUD $26,800Veranda Suite
08-03-202315-03-2023AUD $28,200Infinity Suite
08-03-202315-03-2023AUD $34,500Superior Suite
08-03-202315-03-2023AUD $37,400Deluxe
08-03-202315-03-2023AUD $40,200Owner's Suite
13-03-202320-03-2023AUD $19,100Triple Cabin
13-03-202320-03-2023AUD $26,800Veranda Suite
13-03-202320-03-2023AUD $28,200Infinity Suite
13-03-202320-03-2023AUD $34,500Superior Suite
13-03-202320-03-2023AUD $37,400Deluxe
13-03-202320-03-2023AUD $40,200Owner's Suite


    • Experience the fastest, most direct way to Antarctica
    • Fly over the Drake Passage
    • Marvel at all the Antarctic Peninsula highlights
    • Enjoy on-board lectures and educational presentations from polar specialists