Cordillera & Andean Secrets 2020

Cordillera & Andean Secrets 2020

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Comfortably settled on board Le Boréal, join us to discover the Pacific Coast of South America.
From the snow-capped peaks of the Patagonia volcanoes to the arid deserts of the high Andean plateaus, this is a land charged with history.

The Peruvian coast has conserved some truly incredible treasures and sites, including ports where you will drop anchor for a short break – or several days of eternity.

Trip Name
Cordillera & Andean Secrets 2020
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition / Cruise Ship Length: 142 meters Passenger Capacity: 264 (in twin cabins, 200 in Antarctica) Built: 2011 A superb mega-yacht with 132 cabins, she is the fruit of the expertise of the Italian Fincantieri shipyard and French sophistication, as interpreted by designer Jean-Philippe Nuel. Le Boreal remains faithful to our philosophy - to create a unique atmosphere, a subtle blend of luxury, intimacy and well-being. Superior materials, discreet elegance and a tasteful décor combined with exterior and interior lines to reflect a nautical mood, subtly revisited. On board, soothing neutral tones are enlivened by splashes of red, our signature theme linking tradition and innovation to create personal touches in the spirit of a “private yacht”. Cuisine Loyal to the great French tradition, the haute cuisine on board is worthy of the finest restaurants, where discreet, attentive service is the hallmark. Our two restaurants welcome you for breakfasts, lunch and dinner. The Gastronomic Restaurant, with a capacity of 268 persons, is situated on Le Liberte Deck and serves you French and international cuisine accompagnied by fine wine. On the Grill Restaurant, you will have the opportuniny to eat outside and enjoy buffet lunch and themed dinner. Life On Board Whether you want to join other guests in the theatre or games area (Wii™ consoles, etc), or relax on your own in a quiet corner of the library, Le Boreal has been designed to meet the needs of every guest.  Everything has been done to preserve the independence of each guest to suit their personal tastes: lounges for lectures and shows, a spa in partnership with Carita™, but also more intimate spaces such as the library and internet corner. Comfortable cabins, nearly all with private balcony, are available forfamilies either as triples or as communicating cabins. There is also a games area with Wii™ consoles, children’s menus, and a baby-sitting ser vice.Just as if you were on a private yacht, your time is your own to do as you please. Fitted with the latest equipment (Kinesis Wall, running machine) and in partnership with the famous Carita™ brand, the Beauty Centre on Le Boreal welcomes you for some unforgettable moments of relaxation and pampering (beauty treatments, hairdresser, hammam, balneotherapy).


Day 1 - Day 1: Valparaiso (Chile)
Located about 100 kilometres south of Santiago, the legendary Valparaiso is the second largest city in Chile. It is also a splendid city, full of history: two qualities justifying its nickname “gem of the Pacific” and its status as a UNESCO World Heritage site. You can stroll along the steep streets, on foot or by cable car, and explore the many admirable sites like the delicate Iglesia de la Matriz, Sotomayor square, Bellavista hill, or Sebastiana house where the author Pablo Neruda lived. At every turning, you’ll get a refreshing view of the sea.
Day 2 - Day 2: Coquimbo (Chile)
The seaside city of Coquimbo, is located on the Chilean coast half way between Peru and Patagonia.
Day 3 - Day 3: At sea
Day 4 - Day 4: Iquique (Chile)
Coastal town in the north of Chile, capital of the Tarapacà region, Iquique enjoys a unique location between the Pacific and the cliffs of the Cordillera de la Costa. Although the bustle of its harbour makes this a modern city, it also has many admirable relics from Chile’s past. You’ll love to stroll in the old centre, which is one of many preserved structures, such as the old aristocratic district of Paseo Baquedano or the neoclassical style municipal theatre.
Day 5 - Day 5: Arica (Chile)
Day 6 - Day 6: Matarani (Peru)
On the southern coast of Peru, the port of Matarani is the doorway into the Arequipa region, one of the most prosperous in the country. From the city, you can get to the famous city of Arequipa, overlooked by three majestic volcanoes, the Misti, the Chacani and the Pichu Pichu. Apart from the Andean mountains, the Matarini region also houses impressive landscapes of desert, scattered with green oasis.
Day 7 - Day 7: At sea
Day 8 - Day 8: Pisco (Peru)
Day 9 - Days 9 & 10: Callao (Peru)
Very close to the capital, Lima, you’ll find the large port of Callao, a real doorway into and out of Peru. From the city, you can see San Lorenzo island. If you turn round to look inland, it’s the King Philip fortress that you’ll see first. Built in the Vauban style, it houses the Peruvian army museum. The imposing military building doesn’t detract from Callao’s laid-back lifestyle. You’ll notice its typical squares, colourful houses, and closed balconies that make up the decor in the city’s historical neighbourhoods.
Day 10 - Day 11: Salaverry (Peru)
Day 11 - Day 12: At sea
Day 12 - Day 13: Guayaquil (Ecuador)
Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Pacific”, Guayaquil is the most inhabited city in Ecuador. Founded by the conquistadors in 1535, it borders the coasts of the province of Guayas. You can stroll without any cares in the world, in the upper part of the city, next to the Las Peñas district. This Bohemian district with its colourful houses offers an impressive view of the city, if you’re courageous enough to climb the steps which separate the chapel rooms from Cerro Santa Ana lighthouse. The city is also blessed with many parks and gardens, perfect for taking a breather.
Day 13 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $6,920Superior Stateroom
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $7,470DeLuxe Stateroom
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $7,910Prestige Stateroom - Deck 4
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $8,150Prestige Stateroom - Deck 5
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $8,390Prestige Stateroom - Deck 6
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $11,270Deluxe Suite
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $12,150Prestige Suite - Deck 5
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $12,510Prestige Suite - Deck 6
20-03-202001-04-2020AUD $13,130Owner’s Suite


    • Discover the ancient Inca Empireand its stunning slumbering citadels.
    • Visit Iquique and its exceptional historic centre inherited from the Gold Rush.
    • Find Humberstone, a disused mining town where the buildings now house museums listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
    • Discover Arica, the ‘city of eternal spring’ where the climate is temperate and sunny year round, is very popular for its beautiful beaches and its sites brimming with history.
    • Visit the ancient city of Cusco, discovered in 1533 by the conquistadors, as well as the famous site of Machu Picchu, an architectural gem listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.