10 Day Galapagos Expedition (NG Endeavour II)

10 Day Galapagos Expedition (NG Endeavour II)

From AUD $9,450


Unique, immersive style of travel
Experiencing the Galápagos Islands on an expedition is an unrivaled experience. And our 360º approach is your guarantee of an in-depth encounter with all its wonders.

Encounter abundant wildlife
Blue-footed boobies. Flightless cormorants. Darwin’s finches. Pink flamingos. Sea lions on beaches or gamboling underwater. Giant tortoises grazing in the highlands. The wildlife of Galápagos is legendary for its uniqueness and lack of fear, allowing you the rare experience of being treated as an equal in the wild world. Each island contains endemic species, and you’ll have the opportunity to see a panoply of Galápagos’ creatures in their native habitats—on land and in the sea.

Every day is active and engaging
You’ll be able to snorkel nearly every day, sometimes twice a day. Each day you’ll have the option to walk, hike, kayak, or Zodiac cruise, and to join a different naturalist as you choose: there are no assigned groups.

Travel in excellent company
Explore under the sure guidance of an expedition leader, four handpicked naturalists, including a National Geographic certified photo instructor and an undersea specialist, plus a wellness specialist. Their knowledge and passion for the islands is the key to your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Trip Name
10 Day Galapagos Expedition (NG Endeavour II)
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 73 metres Passenger Capacity: 96 guests (in 53 outside cabins) Built: 2005; Newly Launched: 2016 Our newest  96-guest ship replaced Endeavour and continues to operate the exact same itineraries, with the same tools for exploration, including a glass-bottom Zodiac, and the same top team. Quiet, maneuverable with a shallow draft to get you up close, this purpose-built expedition ship was completely refitted in 2016 for Galápagos service. She is exceptionally nimble and maneuverable, with great viewing from all public spaces, large windows in cabins and suites, state-of-the-art tools for exploration, and a fast, seamless twin Zodiac loading platform. Public Areas: Ship is fully air-conditioned. Covered deck with chairs and tables; doctor’s office; fitness centre; LEXspa; global gallery; library; lounge with full-service bar and facilities for viewing and presentations; and sun deck. Our Ecuadorian captain welcomes guests to the bridge in accordance with our ‘open bridge’ policy. Cabins: All cabins face outside with windows. Each has private facilities and climate controls. Expedition Equipment: Kayaks, glass-bottom Zodiac, snorkeling gear, underwater video camera, video microscope, wet suits, and Zodiac landing craft. Special Features: Guest internet access, laundry service, and wellness program. Ship’s doctor and video chronicler are also on board.


Day 1 - DAY 1: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Arrive in Guayaquil; it’s a short drive to Hotel Hilton Colón, where we spend the night.
Day 2 - DAY 2: Guayaquil / Galápagos / Embark
After the 1 1⁄2-hour flight to the Galápagos, we’ll immediately board the ship. Over the course of the week, our exact routing depends on the National Park Service.(B, L, D)
Day 3 - DAYS 3-8: Galápagos Islands
The following is a representative sample of the islands we may visit during your week on board: BartoloméThis is an enchanting landscape where lava, mangroves and golden sand converge. Great walks and views abound, with a chance to snorkel with Galápagos penguins. SantiagoSantiago offers close encounters with Galápagos fur seals along with an opportunity to study the inhabitants of the island’s countless tide pools. Santa CruzHome to the Charles Darwin Research station; learn about the science done here and visit the neighboring captive breeding program for endangered species of Galápagos giant tortoises, run by their partners in conservation, the Galápagos National Park Service.IsabelaA small black sand beach offers wonderful morning swimming. Enjoy a more challenging hike over rugged shoreline and a shorter walk within an iguana colony. Kayaking and deep water snorkeling opportunities are on offer. FernandinaThis is the youngest island in the Galápagos and one of the most pristine tropical islands left on earth. Look forward to hikes over relatively recent lava flows, and spot marine iguanas, flightless cormorants, and Sally Lightfoot crabs. FloreanaSnorkel among sea lions in the clear waters off Champion Islet. We may also find flamingos, pintail ducks and various shorebirds. Hike to a pristine white-sand beach, a favorite nesting site for sea turtles. EspañolaThe exclusive home to waved albatross (seasonal) and particularly colorful marine iguanas, Española is also a paradise for Darwin’s finches, sea lions galore, and the famous blue-footed boobies. Snorkel and stroll along the island’s lovely beaches.(B,L,D Daily)
Day 4 - DAY 9: Galápagos / Disembark / Guayaquil
Disembark and fly to Guayaquil. The late afternoon and evening are free to explore the city. Overnight Hotel Hilton Colón. (B)
Day 5 - DAY 10: Guayaquil / Home
This morning fly home. (B)
Day 6 - Please Note:
All day-by-day breakdowns are a sampling of the places we intend to visit, conditions permitting.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
06-08-202115-08-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
13-08-202122-08-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
20-08-202129-08-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
27-08-202105-09-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
03-09-202112-09-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
24-09-202103-10-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
01-10-202110-10-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
08-10-202117-10-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
15-10-202124-10-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
22-10-202131-10-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
29-10-202107-11-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
05-11-202114-11-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
12-11-202121-11-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
19-11-202128-11-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
26-11-202105-12-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
03-12-202112-12-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $9,450Category 1
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $11,070Category 2
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $12,340Category 3
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $13,740Category 4
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $14,030Category 2 Solo
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $15,500Category 3 Solo
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $16,530Suite A
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $17,820Suite B
10-12-202119-12-2021AUD $18,740Suite C
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $10,840Category 1
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $12,700Category 2
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $14,190Category 3
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $15,880Category 4
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $16,030Category 2 Solo
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $17,790Category 3 Solo
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $18,990Suite A
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $20,470Suite B
17-12-202126-12-2021AUD $21,650Suite C
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $10,840Category 1
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $12,700Category 2
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $14,190Category 3
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $15,880Category 4
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $16,030Category 2 Solo
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $17,790Category 3 Solo
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $18,990Suite A
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $20,470Suite B
24-12-202102-01-2022AUD $21,650Suite C


    • See more of the archipelago’s varied islands and habitats
    • Have up close encounters with incredible wildlife
    • Experience the Galápagos undersea, too
    • Benefit from our 40+ years of experience and relationships in Galápagos to see all you came for and more.