Exploring The Amazon – 5 Days

Exploring The Amazon – 5 Days

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This is a journey that takes us into the endless heart of biodiversity, which extends its fabulous prism of life throughout the Amazon Basin.

The very nature of this jungle realm teaches us that the best way to explore it is through a unique means of transportation: by navigating down the river on a fabulous, state-of-the-art vessel set to explore this truly unique environment.

The inspiring adventure will provide many unexpected, astonishing encounters. We will discover the Yasuní (the largest of Ecuador’s continental National Parks), a wild and untamed realm in the heart of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. We will climb observation towers to enjoy unique perspectives of the forest and explore black water rivers escorted by otters and turtles. We will hike trails learning about the wonderful flora that makes up the eternal green of Ecuadorian Amazonia.

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Exploring The Amazon - 5 Days
Vessel Type: River Cruise Length: 45m Passenger Capacity: 40 Built: 2013 The Anakonda Amazon was built to make the experience of the Amazon the most comprehensive and unique adventure possible! Its eighteen suites feature ample sitting areas, large and comfortable beds. The vessel comes complete with an expansive observation deck, outdoor Jacuzzi and an al fresco lounge, ideal for cocktails, relaxation, reading or simply enjoying the spectacular view. The vessel also features 3 canoes for guest transportation to land excursions and activities and 10 kayaks, as well as hammocks, naturalist tour leaders and a travel concierge, who will go out of his way to personalize your experience, making the Anakonda Amazon River Cruise a savory, unforgettably exciting treat! Launch Boats : Three fiberglass ecologic canoes equipped with four-stroke low emission engines; constant radio communications with the main vessel. Each canoe has a capacity of 30 passengers. • Crew : 20, including a purser, paramedic, 4 English-speaking naturalist guides, 4 native guides, Captain, concierge and crew members. • Accommodation : Up to 40 passengers with private facilities Suites : 18 Suites: 4 Deluxe Suites with balconies 14 Standard Suites (4 interconnected) - All outside-facing with large panoramic windows - All in-suite sitting areas - All with air conditioning system • Suites Features : Full sized beds that can be converted to a queen-sized bed, bathroom with shower, toilet, sink, cabinet, hairdryer and a basket of toiletries Hot water available 24-hours • Social Areas : Bar-Lounge / Conference room Indoor Dining Room Outside Lounge with “al fresco” dining facilities Spacious sundeck with two outdoor Jacuzzis and lazy chairs Boutique.


Our adventure begins in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. After a 30-minute flight from Quito to the Amazonian city of Coca, we will transfer to the dock and board our motorized canoe for a 90-minute journey down the river, taking in the Amazon, until we reach the Anakonda Amazon Cruise and receive our welcome aboard. On the Anakonda, we will be joined by expert local naturalist guides, who will provide us with a brief, informative introduction to the Ecuadorian Amazon; afterwards, guests will have the opportunity to explore our cruise ship and admire the rainforest landscape as we glide down the Napo River. After dinner, we will take a nighttime forest walk to observe the rainforest's nocturnal activity and vividly experience its biodiversity first-hand.
Early in the morning, we will visit Yasuni National Park, a pristine region of the Ecuadorian Amazon, home to the legendary pink river dolphin. In this area, we can also find anacondas, river turtles, and various primate species, as well as the colorful hoatzin, a unique bird known locally as the “stinky turkey”. In the afternoon, we will take a motorized canoe to a black-water lake, home to giant otters and the elusive manatee, and enjoy a pleasant hike in the riparian/gallery forest, with the chance to spot flocks of birds and marvel at the intricate organization of a colony of leaf-cutter ants.
We will start the day off by visiting an authentic Kichwa family on the banks of the Napo River, where we will receive the opportunity to learn directly from members of the local community. We will then board the Anakonda for lunch as we continue upstream. Guests will participate in a cooking class with our expert chef and prepare exquisite traditional Ecuadorian. Guests are also invited to try their hand at traditional handicrafting or enjoy our onboard facilities, including the Rainforest Spa, the spectacular view from our Amazon Hot Tub, cocktails at our Bar and Lounge, and stargazing from our Observation Deck.
Our guests can relax and enjoy the Anakonda Amazon Cruise during the morning and disembark to explore the nearby forest and discover a myriad of animals and plant species endemic to the Amazon basin. In the afternoon, we will visit a canopy tower built against a giant kapok tree and take in the view from the top as we loom above the lush treetops and look down on the sheer vastness of the Amazon. In the evening we will take a canoe onto the river to search for black caimans by flashlight.
This is where our adventure ends! Enjoy the final part of our return journey, then disembark the Anakonda Amazon Cruise to take the motorized canoe 90 minutes back to Coca.
Day 6 - Please note:
The detailed itinerary above is a standard model of our operation. We intend to offer everything as planned, but it is important to note depending on technical or operational difficulties beyond our control, the M/V Anakonda Amazon Cruise reserves the right to modify the itinerary without notice.

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27-10-202131-10-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
27-10-202131-10-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
03-11-202107-11-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
03-11-202107-11-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
10-11-202114-11-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
10-11-202114-11-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
17-11-202121-11-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
17-11-202121-11-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
24-11-202128-11-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
24-11-202128-11-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
01-12-202105-12-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
01-12-202105-12-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
08-12-202112-12-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
08-12-202112-12-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
15-12-202119-12-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
15-12-202119-12-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
22-12-202126-12-2021USD $3,209Standard Suite
22-12-202126-12-2021USD $4,012Deluxe Suite
29-12-202102-01-2022USD $3,209Standard Suite
29-12-202102-01-2022USD $4,012Deluxe Suite


    • Bird And Nature Observation: the regal Harpy Eagle, the gaudy Blue-and-Yellow Macaw, spectacular tanagers and soaring hawks, secretive herons and mythical-looking Hoatzins, the Amazon is certainly one of the most sought after birding destinations. But it is also a great place to encounter reptiles, amphibians and mammals, including record numbers of monkeys, tapirs, freshwater dolphins, Giant otters and many other unthinkable, unbelievably inspiring, creatures.
    • Cross-Cultural Encounters: visit fascinating communities that live amidst towering trees, lush tangles and camouflaged black water streams, where many astounding discoveries await, and where true cross-cultural experiences will surely change your view of the world we live in.
    • Jungle Trekking: disembark at stream banks and take exploratory walks amidst secret Amazon jungle trails, discovering the differences between the distinct types of forests.
    • Kayaking: engage in a one-on-one experience with Amazonian tributaries, paddling at your leisure, guiding yourself around.
    • Natural Medicine: visit communities that use and understand different medicinal practices based on the interminably diverse vegetation of the Amazon.
    • River And Lake Exploration: feel like Conrad, whose novel “The Heart of Darkness”, set in the Belgian Congo, is one of the most poignant examples of river exploration in a tropical rainforest, while discovering the extreme nature and wildlife conditions of the Amazon’s tributaries.
    • Stargazing: amazonian nights are surely magical, with the ever-present nostalgic moon caressing the voluptuous forests and sleeping rivers. The Anakonda’s ample deck will certainly become your Amazon cruise adventure’s favorite hangout from which to experience the magic and mythology that emanate from deep within the bowels of the jungle.