Wild Galápagos Escape

Wild Galápagos Escape

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Pack a ton of adventure into one action-packed week aboard the 48-guestNational Geographic Islander. With multiple adventures each day on land and undersea—including options for walks and hikes, kayaking, paddleboarding, and snorkeling—you’ll be assured of the full Galápagos experience, but in less time. Get close to the iconic wildlife that has no instinct to flee human presence, making for magical encounters. Snorkel with sea lions, hike the highlands among giant tortoises, and see blue-footed boobies and other seabirds up close. As with the classic, 10-day expeditions, honed over the last 50 years, each voyage is crafted to offer you a diverse experience of the archipelago.

Trip Name
Wild Galápagos Escape
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition Length: 49 metres Passenger Capacity: 48 guests (in 24 cabins) Built: 1982 The National Geographic Islander is a versatile 164-foot twin-hulled vessel with 24 spacious cabins comfortably accommodating 48 guests. She is a sturdy expedition ship, designed for year-round discovery and active exploration of the Galápagos and can reach places inaccessible to larger ships due to its small size. Accessibility means freedom. Our captains have decades of sailing experience in the regions we explore. They know when and where to navigate so that you feel the places we visit are all ours. Thanks to our sturdy fleet of Zodiacs and virtually untippable kayaks, you can be off the ship and out exploring within a moment’s notice. Public Areas: Ship is fully air-conditioned. Covered deck with hammocks, chairs and tables; Doctor's Office; Fitness Center; Global Market; LEXspa; Library; Lounge with full-service bar and facilities for films, slide shows and presentations; and Sky Deck. Our Ecuadorian Captain and Officers welcome guests to the Bridge in accordance with our "Open Bridge" policy. Meals: Served in single seatings with unassigned tables for an informal atmosphere and easy mingling. Menu is international with an Ecuadorian flair. Cabins: All cabins have a window with an outside view, private facilities, and climate controls. Expedition Equipment: Hydrophone, kayaks, snorkeling gear, Splash-Cam, underwater video camera, video microscope, wet suits, and Zodiac landing craft. Special Features: Guest internet access, laundry service, LEXmarket, and Wellness Program. A ship's doctor, Undersea Specialist, and Video Chronicler are also onboard.


Day 1 - DAY 1: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Arrive in Guayaquil and transfer to the 44-roomHotel del Parque. Call for recommendedinternational flights or additional nights at thehotel.
Day 2 - DAY 2: Guayaquil / Galápagos / Embark
Fly to Baltra in the center of Galápagos, a littleworld unto itself in the Tropical Pacific. We arewelcomed by our naturalist staff and startexploring the islands. (B,L,D)
Day 3 - DAY 3-6: Galápagos
Listed below is a sample of islands we may visitduring our expedition. Our expeditions begin andend at Baltra, and include visits to Isla Santa Cruzand a careful selection of diverse islands. Each ofour itineraries offers an optimal balance of wildlife,landscapes and experiences. All ship itinerariesare subject to Galápagos National Parkregulations. (B,L,D Daily)North Seymour: Encounter nesting frigatebirds,plus land and marine iguanas, and enjoy abeautiful coastal walk.Santa Cruz: Call at Puerto Ayora, the largest townand headquarters of both the Galápagos NationalPark and Charles Darwin Research Station. Headto the lush, green highlands to see giant tortoisesroaming in the wild.Isabela: Toast crossing the Equator at VolcánEcuador, northernmost of Isabela’s six great shieldvolcanoes. Keep an eye open for whales anddolphins as you ply these rich waters, once thehaunt of whalers and pirates.Fernandina: One of the most active oceanicvolcanoes in the world, it’s the youngest and mostpristine island in Galápagos—and home to thestrange flightless cormorant and the largestmarine iguanas.San Cristobal: Search for red-footed boobies andthe endemic mockingbird and lava lizard—foundonly on this easternmost island. Explore BaquerizoMoreno, where sea lions thrive in the middle oftown.Española: Home to swallow-tailed gulls, Españolamockingbirds, Nazca boobies and seasonally, theworld’s only population of waved albatross atPunta Suarez.Floreana: Follow a trail past a rose pink-tintedlagoon frequented by flamingos. Snorkel amongsea lions and abundant fish, or cruise alongChampion Islet by Zodiac. Visit the famous barrelat Post Office Bay.
Day 4 - DAY 7: Disembark / Baltra / Guyaquil / Depart
Return by air to Guayaquil, where we enjoydayrooms at the Hotel del Parque before flightshome—or continue to Quito for an optional two-night extension. You may also opt to overnight andfly home on Day 8 at no additional cost. Ask yourExpedition Specialist for details. (B)
Day 5 - Please note:
Itineraries are subject to change

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
13-08-202219-08-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
13-08-202219-08-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
13-08-202219-08-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
13-08-202219-08-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
13-08-202219-08-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
13-08-202219-08-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
13-08-202219-08-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
18-08-202224-08-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
18-08-202224-08-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
18-08-202224-08-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
18-08-202224-08-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
18-08-202224-08-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
18-08-202224-08-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
18-08-202224-08-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
27-08-202202-09-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
27-08-202202-09-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
27-08-202202-09-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
27-08-202202-09-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
27-08-202202-09-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
27-08-202202-09-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
27-08-202202-09-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
01-09-202207-09-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
01-09-202207-09-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
01-09-202207-09-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
01-09-202207-09-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
01-09-202207-09-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
01-09-202207-09-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
01-09-202207-09-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
10-09-202216-09-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
10-09-202216-09-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
10-09-202216-09-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
10-09-202216-09-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
10-09-202216-09-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
10-09-202216-09-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
10-09-202216-09-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
24-09-202230-09-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
24-09-202230-09-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
24-09-202230-09-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
24-09-202230-09-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
24-09-202230-09-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
24-09-202230-09-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
24-09-202230-09-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
29-09-202205-10-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
29-09-202205-10-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
29-09-202205-10-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
29-09-202205-10-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
29-09-202205-10-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
29-09-202205-10-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
29-09-202205-10-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
08-10-202214-10-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
08-10-202214-10-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
08-10-202214-10-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
08-10-202214-10-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
08-10-202214-10-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
08-10-202214-10-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
08-10-202214-10-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
13-10-202219-10-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
13-10-202219-10-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
13-10-202219-10-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
13-10-202219-10-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
13-10-202219-10-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
13-10-202219-10-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
13-10-202219-10-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
19-11-202225-11-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
19-11-202225-11-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
19-11-202225-11-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
19-11-202225-11-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
19-11-202225-11-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
19-11-202225-11-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
19-11-202225-11-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
24-11-202230-11-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
24-11-202230-11-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
24-11-202230-11-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
24-11-202230-11-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
24-11-202230-11-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
24-11-202230-11-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
24-11-202230-11-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
03-12-202209-12-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
03-12-202209-12-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
03-12-202209-12-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
03-12-202209-12-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
03-12-202209-12-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
03-12-202209-12-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
03-12-202209-12-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
08-12-202214-12-2022AUD $7,530Category 1
08-12-202214-12-2022AUD $8,620Category 2
08-12-202214-12-2022AUD $9,500Category 3
08-12-202214-12-2022AUD $10,020Category 4
08-12-202214-12-2022AUD $11,170Category 1 Solo
08-12-202214-12-2022AUD $12,050Category 5
08-12-202214-12-2022AUD $12,690Category 2 Solo
17-12-202223-12-2022AUD $7,680Category 1
17-12-202223-12-2022AUD $8,740Category 2
17-12-202223-12-2022AUD $9,690Category 3
17-12-202223-12-2022AUD $10,200Category 4
17-12-202223-12-2022AUD $11,380Category 1 Solo
17-12-202223-12-2022AUD $12,290Category 5
17-12-202223-12-2022AUD $12,940Category 2 Solo
22-12-202228-12-2022AUD $10,590Category 3
22-12-202228-12-2022AUD $11,350Category 4
22-12-202228-12-2022AUD $12,530Category 1 Solo
22-12-202228-12-2022AUD $13,780Category 5
22-12-202228-12-2022AUD $14,300Category 2 Solo
22-12-202228-12-2022AUD $8,480Category 1
22-12-202228-12-2022AUD $9,650Category 2
31-12-202206-01-2023AUD $8,070Category 1
31-12-202206-01-2023AUD $9,180Category 2
31-12-202206-01-2023AUD $10,180Category 3
31-12-202206-01-2023AUD $10,720Category 4
31-12-202206-01-2023AUD $11,950Category 1 Solo
31-12-202206-01-2023AUD $12,900Category 5
31-12-202206-01-2023AUD $13,590Category 2 Solo


    • Experience all Galápagos offers in just one week, with departures on Saturday and Thursday
    • Add a two-night post-expedition extension in Quito, Ecuador
    • Snorkel and kayak in rich waters among shimmering fish, sea turtles, penguins, and playful sea lions
    • Walk among colonies of wildlife and seabirds unfazed by your presence
    • Maximize your time in the islands with options for exploration every day including hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and more