5 Day Amazon River Cruise

5 Day Amazon River Cruise

From USD $4,700


Discover the secrets of Amazonia

Whether you choose a 3- or 4-night stay onboard our cruises, rest assured you will get and unforgettable experience. All of our programs have been carefully crafted to showcase the best flora and fauna that the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve have to boast, along with offering ideal soft adventure excursions for travelers to further discover the secrets of the Peruvian Amazonia.

Although all activities are optional, we encourage our guests to tempt their adventurous side and choose among our big array of experiences, including: kayaking in the calm creeks and lakes, swimming with dolphins, fishing for piranhas at sunset, skirting the riverbanks in search of playful creatures, birdwatching, trail walks, and visits to local communities to interact with the native people, and more.

Please note that the itinerary provided is for the high-water season, and there might be slight variations for the low-water season itinerary. For more information, please contact us.

Trip Name
5 Day Amazon River Cruise
Vessel Type: Luxury River Boat Length: 21 metres Passenger Capacity: 8 Built: 1978 / refurbished 2010 Delfin I takes you one step beyond in terms of service, intimacy and personal attention. This classic river cruise features 4 oversized suites, all with private panoramic terraces, 2 of which offer a private whirlpool for the ultimate treat. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow nature to be part of the natural suite décor, and cabin service 3 times a day will ensure you the most personalized experience. On the top deck, guests will find a lounge area, bar and entertainment center which are perfect places to relax in while the jungle unfolds before your eyes.


Day 1 - DAY 1 Iquitos
PMArrive:To Iquitos, embarkation, and orientation. PMPahuachiro:Skiff exploration.
Day 2 - DAY 2 Amazon Natural Park & Samiria River
AMAmazon Natural Park:Canopy Walkway. PMSamiria River:Night Safari.
Day 3 - DAY 3 Samiria River
AMSamiria River:Skiff Exploration. PMSamiria River:Swimming near pink dolphins.
Day 4 - DAY 4 Fundo Casual & Pahuachiro
AMFundo Casual:Walk Trail. PMPahuachiro:Community visit & confluence.
Day 5 - DAY 5 Disembarkation
AMDisembarkation:Rescue & RehabilitationCenter of River Mammals (Amazon Forever).
Day 6 - Please Note:
Please note that the itinerary provided is for the high-water season, and there might be slight variations for the low-water season itinerary. For more information, please contact us.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
22-02-202426-02-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
22-02-202426-02-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
07-03-202411-03-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
07-03-202411-03-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
12-03-202416-03-2024USD $4,900Suite
12-03-202416-03-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
12-03-202416-03-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
12-03-202416-03-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
14-03-202418-03-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
14-03-202418-03-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
21-03-202425-03-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
21-03-202425-03-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
28-03-202401-04-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
28-03-202401-04-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
04-04-202408-04-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
04-04-202408-04-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
25-04-202429-04-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
25-04-202429-04-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
29-04-202403-05-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
29-04-202403-05-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
30-04-202404-05-2024USD $4,900Suite
30-04-202404-05-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
30-04-202404-05-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
30-04-202404-05-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
02-05-202406-05-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
02-05-202406-05-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
07-05-202411-05-2024USD $4,900Suite
07-05-202411-05-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
07-05-202411-05-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
07-05-202411-05-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
09-05-202413-05-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
09-05-202413-05-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
16-05-202420-05-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
16-05-202420-05-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
23-05-202427-05-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
23-05-202427-05-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
28-05-202401-06-2024USD $4,900Suite
28-05-202401-06-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
28-05-202401-06-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
28-05-202401-06-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
30-05-202403-06-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
30-05-202403-06-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
04-06-202408-06-2024USD $4,900Suite
04-06-202408-06-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
04-06-202408-06-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
04-06-202408-06-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
06-06-202410-06-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
06-06-202410-06-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
13-06-202417-06-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
13-06-202417-06-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
18-06-202422-06-2024USD $4,900Suite
18-06-202422-06-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
18-06-202422-06-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
18-06-202422-06-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
20-06-202424-06-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
20-06-202424-06-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
25-06-202429-06-2024USD $4,900Suite
25-06-202429-06-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
25-06-202429-06-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
25-06-202429-06-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
27-06-202401-07-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
27-06-202401-07-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
02-07-202406-07-2024USD $4,900Suite
02-07-202406-07-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
02-07-202406-07-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
02-07-202406-07-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
09-07-202413-07-2024USD $4,900Suite
09-07-202413-07-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
09-07-202413-07-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
09-07-202413-07-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
11-07-202415-07-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
11-07-202415-07-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
16-07-202420-07-2024USD $4,900Suite
16-07-202420-07-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
16-07-202420-07-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
16-07-202420-07-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
18-07-202422-07-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
18-07-202422-07-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
23-07-202427-07-2024USD $4,900Suite
23-07-202427-07-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
23-07-202427-07-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
23-07-202427-07-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
25-07-202429-07-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
25-07-202429-07-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
30-07-202403-08-2024USD $4,900Suite
30-07-202403-08-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
30-07-202403-08-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
30-07-202403-08-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
01-08-202405-08-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
01-08-202405-08-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
06-08-202410-08-2024USD $4,900Suite
06-08-202410-08-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
06-08-202410-08-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
06-08-202410-08-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
08-08-202412-08-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
08-08-202412-08-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
13-08-202417-08-2024USD $4,900Suite
13-08-202417-08-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
13-08-202417-08-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
13-08-202417-08-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
15-08-202419-08-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
15-08-202419-08-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
22-08-202426-08-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
22-08-202426-08-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
27-08-202431-08-2024USD $4,900Suite
27-08-202431-08-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
27-08-202431-08-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
27-08-202431-08-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
29-08-202402-09-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
29-08-202402-09-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
03-09-202407-09-2024USD $4,900Suite
03-09-202407-09-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
03-09-202407-09-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
03-09-202407-09-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
05-09-202409-09-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
05-09-202409-09-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
12-09-202416-09-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
12-09-202416-09-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
24-09-202428-09-2024USD $4,900Suite
24-09-202428-09-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
24-09-202428-09-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
24-09-202428-09-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
26-09-202430-09-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
26-09-202430-09-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
01-10-202405-10-2024USD $4,900Suite
01-10-202405-10-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
01-10-202405-10-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
01-10-202405-10-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
16-10-202420-10-2024USD $4,700Suite
16-10-202420-10-2024USD $4,900Master Suite
17-10-202421-10-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
17-10-202421-10-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
24-10-202428-10-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
24-10-202428-10-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
31-10-202404-11-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
31-10-202404-11-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
07-11-202411-11-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
07-11-202411-11-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
14-11-202418-11-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
14-11-202418-11-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
19-11-202423-11-2024USD $4,900Suite
19-11-202423-11-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
19-11-202423-11-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
19-11-202423-11-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
21-11-202425-11-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
21-11-202425-11-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
26-11-202430-11-2024USD $4,900Suite
26-11-202430-11-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
26-11-202430-11-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
26-11-202430-11-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
28-11-202402-12-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
28-11-202402-12-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
03-12-202407-12-2024USD $4,900Suite
03-12-202407-12-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
03-12-202407-12-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
03-12-202407-12-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
05-12-202409-12-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
05-12-202409-12-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
10-12-202414-12-2024USD $4,900Suite
10-12-202414-12-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
10-12-202414-12-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
10-12-202414-12-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
12-12-202416-12-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
12-12-202416-12-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
17-12-202421-12-2024USD $4,900Suite
17-12-202421-12-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
17-12-202421-12-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
17-12-202421-12-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
19-12-202423-12-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
19-12-202423-12-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
24-12-202428-12-2024USD $4,900Suite
24-12-202428-12-2024USD $5,000Upper Suite
24-12-202428-12-2024USD $5,300Corner Suite
24-12-202428-12-2024USD $5,900Owner's Suite
26-12-202430-12-2024USD $6,000Master Suite
26-12-202430-12-2024USD $6,500Deluxe Master Suite
31-12-202404-01-2025USD $4,900Suite
31-12-202404-01-2025USD $5,000Upper Suite
31-12-202404-01-2025USD $5,300Corner Suite
31-12-202404-01-2025USD $5,900Owner's Suite


    • Unforgettable Flora and Fauna: Experience the best of the Peruvian Amazonia in the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers, exploring the diverse flora and fauna of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
    • Exciting Soft Adventure: Tempt your adventurous side with a variety of optional activities, from kayaking in serene creeks to swimming with dolphins and fishing for piranhas at sunset.
    • Cultural Encounters: Interact with local communities and native people, immersing yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the Amazonia.