Amazon River Cruise (4 days) Delfin II

Amazon River Cruise (4 days) Delfin II

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The Amazon Rainforest is named after the Amazon River, the live force of the jungle. It is a unique ecosystem that harbors 1/3 of all living species in the world! The total extent of this incomparable tropical jungle is estimated in comparison to the complete land area of the United States. 28 billion gallons of its waters flow into the Atlantic every minute, diluting the salinity of the ocean for more than 100 miles offshore The Amazon watershed is home to the world’s highest biodiversity. As well, it is home to more species of plants and animals than any other terrestrial ecosystem on the planet, and its biodiversity is so astounding that scientists regularly discover new species of flora and fauna.

Your Amazon journey takes off on arrival in Iquitos, were we will pick you up and take you to our vessel. In the following days, you will experience an ideal combination of natural wonders, dramatic scenery, indigenous cultural history, and a relaxed self-contained way to explore the rainforest while sightseeing nature at its best. Here in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, you are about to explore one of the world’s most intriguing environments. Flora and fauna are abundant and time seems to stands still.

High Water Season (November to May) vs Low Water Season (June to October):

If seeing the glorious flooded forest and getting close-up looks at lots of birds and mammals (and enjoying a slightly cooler temperature) sounds attractive, then the flooded season might be the best choice. (Remember: Despite its name it only gets about 10% more rain than falls in the dry season). If jungle hikes, seeing exotic migratory birds perch on trees as they pass through Amazonia, still having the chance to see monkeys and other mammals, and going on great fishing expeditions top your list, you might be happier choosing the hotter, less rainy dry season. Perhaps the best solution of all: choose one, and we hope that you will like it so much that you may want to return to experience the other season in the Amazon as well.

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Amazon River Cruise (4 days) Delfin II
Vessel Type: Luxury River Boat Length: 36 metres Passenger Capacity: 28 (in 14 suites) Built: 2009 A perfect ship for touring along the Amazon river. Public Areas: Outdoor areas include the well-designed, comfortable Top Deck, where sofas and chairs invite you to linger with a good book or a pair of binoculars. Enjoy drinks at the bar and unwind on cool, wooden-slat hammocks. The Top Deck is where the natural history staff will give their presentations with maps, large flat-screen plasma and digital technology. There is a small reference Library and the Bridge, where you are welcome to meet the captain and officers. Meals: The air-conditioned dining room’s large windows provide panoramic views. A different visual presentation greets you at every meal, which are served in a single seating with unassigned tables. Meals on Delfin II are to be savored. Often special dishes will include sustainable products of the rain forest and sauces made with exotic regional fruits. The chef prepares dishes equal to any five-star restaurant. Suites: Elegant, air-conditioned guest suites on the Main and Upper Decks all offer exceptional vistas. Each spacious suite has a minimalist décor with a luxurious overtone. Enjoy complimentary organic sun block, insect repellent, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Expedition Equipment: 10-person skiffs — with individual seat cushions and plenty of leg room. Rain ponchos are kept handy in the skiffs and distributed if needed. Rubber boots are provided before an excursion if deemed necessary. Special Features: Guests may swim directly from the skiffs using the convenient swim ladder, weather permitting.


Day 1 - 1 DAY Embarkation
PMEmbarkation:arrive to Iquitos, transfer to Nauta, VIPreception at our private port, embarkation. PMPahuachiro:skiff exploration.
Day 2 - 2 DAY Amazon
AMYanayacu Pucate:community visit & kayaking. PMAmazon Natural Park:natural walk to learn about medicinal plants.
Day 3 - 3 DAY Amazon
AMYanayaquillo:picnic breakfast & skiff excursion. PMPiranha Creek:skiff exploration on the Amazon confluence.
Day 4 - 4 DAY Disembarkation
AMDisembarkation:Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) to learn about manatees and other threatened species en route to Iquitos airport.
Day 5 - Please Note:
This Itinerary based on High Water Season. Itineraries vary based on whether the travel dates fall in the high water/rainy season or low water/dry season. The itineraries are subject to change due to weather conditions at certain times of the year. The water levels of the rivers also vary from time to time, as well as the hours of sailing. Excursions may be modified at the discretion of the Delfin crew.

Trip Dates

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    • Canopy discoveries in the treetops
    • Hiking & trail walks
    • Fishing for piranhas & other underwater wonders
    • Paddleboarding
    • Kayaking
    • Birdwatching
    • Swimming with dolphins
    • Skiff explorations along the banks
    • Visiting native communities …and much more!