Adriatic & Aegean Odyssey

Adriatic & Aegean Odyssey

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This is not an itinerary which a large cruise ship could operate but one which is ideal for the Panorama II. Sailing from Dubrovnik to Athens we will explore a magnificent array of ancient ruins and attractive towns and villages during our guided excursions, combined with some relaxing, day time sailing allowing time to appreciate the beautiful scenery of the region. Our journey will start with an overnight and full day in Dubrovnik before we sail south to Albania, calling into wonderful Kotor along the way. Unusually we have dedicated four days to Albania, a fascinating country where one of the highlights of our explorations will be the marvellous site of Butrint where settlement can be traced back to the 8th century BC. Our route continues to ancient Olympia and Delphi and on through the Corinth Canal to charming Nafplion and finally to Athens. By the end of the voyage you will have seen and learnt so much and exploring in small groups, our trips ashore will be a pleasure. Whether your interest lies in ancient history, modern politics or simply the joy of experiencing new places, this journey has something for everyone.

Trip Name
Adriatic & Aegean Odyssey
Vessel Type: Sail Cruiser Length: 54 metres Passenger Capacity: 49 Built / refurbished: 1993 / 2008 / 2012 / 2015 Launched in 2004, fully renovated in 2012 and upgraded again in 2015,  the two-masted Panorama II is a 164 foot motor sailer accommodating just 49 guests. If you find large resort style vessels accommodating many thousands of passengers attractive then of course this isn’t the vessel for you. However, if you prefer an informal and warm atmosphere more akin to a private yacht combined with an itinerary dedicated to both discovery and relaxation then you need look no further.  All the cabins on board Panorama II are designed for comfort and have a nautical feel with light fabrics and wood trimmings. Cabins range in size from 97 to 173 square feet and those located on the Upper and Main Decks are equipped with windows, while those on the Lower Deck have portholes. Cabins either have twin beds or fixed double beds. (Cabins  A1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 14, 15, 16, 17). Facilities include en suite bathrooms with showers, cabin TV (for DVD only), mini-fridge, safety deposit box and hairdryer. The public areas include a main lounge and bar with comfortable sofas, a restaurant located on the Lower Deck and the Upper Deck al fresco dining area where meals can be enjoyed when weather permits. There is also a swimming platform enabling guests to swim when weather and anchorage conditions permit and the Upper Deck provides a generous semi covered or sun exposed space with sun loungers and chairs, ideal for relaxation and fantastic views.  Located on the Lower Deck, the indoor dining room seats all passengers in a single, unassigned seating and offers generous buffet space. The aft area on the Upper Deck provides a generous semicovered area where guests can enjoy meals al fresco with wonderful views, weather permitting. Food is served at the table or displayed on the hot and cold buffets stands. The menu is Greek and international, with a focus on local specialties. On each itinerary, we have included the opportunity for you to dine ashore independently allowing you to experience the local flavours.  During the day, life on board focuses around the indoor lounge area, and the indoor dining room, as well as the open and inviting deck areas. These are natural gathering places and perfect for enjoying your meals al fresco, settling into a comfortable chair with a good book or socialising with your fellow passengers and enjoying the views. The swimming platform on Panorama II’s stern enables you to swim off the yacht when weather and anchorage conditions permit. (only applicable for voyages around Greece).  Deck plans vary depending on cruise operator, please check for details.


Day 1 - Day 1 - London to Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Fly by scheduled flight. On arrival, transfer to the Panorama II and embark. Enjoy Welcome Drinks and Dinner this evening. Moor overnight.
Day 2 - Day 2 - Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik is a breathtaking sight and its many historic and cultural treasures have earned it the designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded by the Romans in the 7th century, it eventually came under the influence of the Byzantine Empire, then Venice, Hungary and finally Turkey. This morning our local guides will lead us through the bustling old town taking in the beautiful civic buildings, the Rector’s Palace, the Romanesque- Gothic Dominican and Franciscan Monasteries and the Sponza Palace. After lunch we have free time to explore further at our own pace and perhaps walk along the city walls to enjoy the views.
Day 3 - Day 3 - Kotor, Montenegro.
Be on deck early this morning as we sail through the stunning fjord-like scenery into Kotor. On arrival at our berth, a morning walking tour will explore this Medieval town and UNESCO World Heritage Site. This really is an extraordinary place full of marvellous architecture and pretty town squares. Our walk will include the 12th century cathedral of St Tryphon, the ancient town gates, the Maritime Museum and Romanesque churches including St Luke’s. Return to the ship for lunch and enjoy the afternoon to explore at your own pace. This evening is free to enjoy dinner in one of the local restaurants. Moor overnight.
Day 4 - Day 4 - Shkodra, Albania.
There will be a choice of activities today and on the full day tour we will drive from Kotor through the Montenegro countryside. We will cross the border into Albania to reach Shkodra which was founded in the 4th century BC and has been occupied by the Romans, Serbians and Venetians. Here we will visit the Rozafa Castle which rises majestically on a rocky hill just outside the city, and explore the museum within the walls. We will continue into the countryside for lunch where we will enjoy a slow food experience of Albanian specialities before returning to the Panorama II which will have relocated to Shengjin port. Alternatively you may prefer to stay on board and enjoy a day cruising through the Kotor fjord and along the coast.
Day 5 - Day 5 - Durres.
From our berth in Durres we embark on a full day tour to include the Albanian capital of Tirana. Here we will see the fascinating nuclear bunker built by the dictator Enver Hoxha in the 1970’s and only opened to the public in 2014. This five storey underground building is packed with original artefacts from the communist period. We continue to the National Museum where we will learn of Albanian history from ancient to modern before walking through the city centre to see the Mosque, Clock Tower and the ‘Bloku’ area of the city. It is here where the politburo officers once lived, an area forbidden to ordinary Albanian citizens. We will enjoy lunch in the city before returning to Durres which was colonized by the Greeks in 627 BC and still has the remains of a 15,000 seat amphitheatre, the second largest in the Balkans. We will explore the Medieval city before returning to the Panorama II this afternoon.
Day 6 - Day 6 - Sazan Island.
Located around ten miles from the port of Vlore, Sazan is Albania’s largest island albeit at only 2.2 square miles. Having been under Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman control due to its strategic location it was occupied by the Italians in 1914 and only returned to Albania in 1947. During the Cold War the Russians built a submarine base and the Albanian Communist regime built a military base complete with bunkers and tunnels which could withstand a nuclear attack or western invasion. Since 1992, following the end of communism, the island has fallen into disrepair but we are able to explore this derelict base and ruined buildings which still contain original furniture and the tunnels. We return to the ship for lunch and this afternoon explore the rest of the island which is situated in the Karaburan – Sazan National Marine Park.
Day 7 - Day 7 - Sarande for Butrint.
Our last call in Albania sees us discover the archaeological and ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the ruins that feature the remains of many eras and cultures. From the Hellenistic period there are temples, the promenade and the 4th century BC theatre. From the Roman era are the public baths, gymnasium and fountains. From the Byzantine era we see chapels and the large Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, whilst the Venetians are represented by a watchtower and a small castle with commanding views over the Straits of Corfu. Return to the ship for lunch and enjoy an afternoon cruising.
Day 8 - Day 8 - Olympia, Greece.
The port of Katakolon will be our base today for our excursion to Olympia. Pastoral and lush, Olympia’s plentiful ruins are shaded by Aleppo pines and olive trees. The fame of Olympia rests upon the Olympic Games. During the celebrations that accompanied the Games, competitors, while not forgetting that they were Athenians, Spartans or from other city states, remembered that they were Greeks and regarded an Olympic victory as the highest honour. We will see the gymnasium, the stadium and the palestra or wrestling school. We will also explore the Altis, or sacred precinct of Zeus, which houses structures including the Temple of Zeus, one of the largest temples on the Greek mainland and the Archaeological Museum which houses some fine sculptures and artefacts from the site. After our visit enjoy free time for lunch and an afternoon at leisure in Olympia before returning to the ship.
Day 9 - Day 9 - Delphi & Corinth Canal.
From our berth in Itea, we will drive through lush olive groves up to Delphi, stunningly situated upon a mountain terrace and one of Greece’s most important sites of antiquity. Our visit begins at the Castalian Spring, erupting from the spot where Pegasus is said to have struck his hoof. We will continue up the Sacred Way, passing the treasury of the Athenians and the bases of many monuments, the temple of Apollo, the 5000 seat theatre dating from the fourth century BC and the ancient stadium. Return to the vessel for lunch and be on deck later this afternoon as we transit the Corinth Canal. Completed in 1893 and only 6.4 kilometres long and 21.5 metres wide, it is only small ships like ours which can now make this journey.
Day 10 - Day 10 - Nafplion.
Nafplion’s sheltered location below a rocky headland and large natural fortress crowned by a Venetian castle is perhaps unrivalled in Greece. From here we will enjoy a scenic drive through the Argos Plain, once ruled by Agamemnon, conqueror of Troy, to the famous citadel of Mycenae. High above the confluence of two boulder-strewn ravines, Mycenae is entered by way of the Lion Gate. Once inside the gate, we will explore the Royal Palace, the shaft graves and the remains of the city walls. Return to the ship for lunch and enjoy an afternoon at leisure.
Day 11 - Day 11 - Athens to London.
Disembark after breakfast and enjoy a panoramic drive through Athens before transferring to the airport for our scheduled flight to London.

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01-07-201811-07-2018£4,395Main Deck Cabin Sole
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24-09-201804-10-2018£3,795Lower Deck Forward Cabin Sole
24-09-201804-10-2018£3,995Main Deck Cabin
24-09-201804-10-2018£3,795Lower Deck Cabin


    • Discover Dubrovnik with its many historic and cultural treasures
    • Explore Kotor
    • a Medieval town and UNESCO World Heritage Site
    • Join a full day tour to the Albanian capital of Tirana
    • Visit pastoral and lush Olympia