Arnhem Land, Kakadu & Litchfield Adventure

Arnhem Land, Kakadu & Litchfield Adventure

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Head into the heart of the Northern Territory’s rugged Top End on a short but sweet three-day tour. Witness mystical landscapes where russet earth meets emerald flora and rushing cascades alike in Litchfield National Park. Learn about indigenous legends and customs from a Binninj guide while sailing down the East Alligator River, then uncover art from tens of thousands of years ago on a visit to Mawurndaddja. Learn from a local Indigenous Guide that will join us for the entire day. Try to spot crocodiles while cruising down the Yellow Water Billabong and take a dip in the secret waterholes of Kakadu. From the red soil to the orange sunset – this adventure will leave you with a lasting impression of the beauty and culture of the Australia’s rugged north.

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Arnhem Land, Kakadu & Litchfield Adventure
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  • Learn about the cultural importance of the Binninj tribe while hearing stories of the dreamtime from a local indigenous guide
  • The Mawurndaddja art site offers a unique insight into ancient indigenous culture – uncover artefacts and art from over 18,000 years ago while exploring this site
  • Take not one but two cruises along the waterways of the North – uncovering a mix of culture and nature as you potter along rivers and billabongs alike
  • Cool off in the secret watering holes of Kakadu and Litchfield, swimming under waterfalls and marvelling in the hues of the surrounding terrain


ABORIGINAL CULTURAL EXPERIENCES/COMMUNITIES: Please note due to cultural sensitivities, entry to particular parts of local Aboriginal communities may be unavailable. Where Aboriginal guide is unavailable in Red Centre an Intrepid guide will lead the interpretive cultural walk. Top End cultural experiences are only available during the dry season (May-Oct) as site is subject to flooding (contact our customer service team for availability). Participants may be absent due to cultural commitments with minimal prior notification and Intrepid reserves the right to amend the itinerary in these circumstances with no obligation to refund.

Day 1 - Litchfield National Park
Welcome to Darwin, capital of Australia’s Northern Territory. After meeting with your group, depart en route to explore Litchfield National Park to get a proper glimpse into the rugged landscapes of the Top End. Visit Florence falls, Buely Rock Hole, Wangi Falls and the Termite Mounds before departing in the afternoon to the Mary River campsite. From watery gorges to dry, monolithic termite mounds, Litchfield’s landscapes are astounding. The region is characterised by rich reddish-brown soil and cliff faces, which create a contrast next to the rough green leaves of the gumtrees above. Swimming under the cascading waterfalls and relaxing in waterholes is a favourite pastime for visitors and locals alike – they’re a fantastic place to hide away from the heat.
Day 2 - Arnhem Land exclusive access
Next stop, head to the border of Kakadu and Arnhem Land to experience a cruise through Guluyumbi along the East Alligator River. Travelling with a Binninj guide, understand more about the cultural importance of the East Alligator River to the region’s traditional custodians while hearing tales of the dreamtime – the religious-cultural concept crucial to the Aboriginal understanding of the world. Once the cruise wraps up, jump in a vehicle and cross straight into Arnhem Land for an unforgettable afternoon of exploration. Begin at the Injalak Arts Centre to discover incredible examples of indigenous art, witnessing traditional paintings, bark art, basket weaving and screen-printing being created during a walk with an Indigenous guide – the option to purchase a piece to take home with you is also available once the walk comes to a close. After visiting the arts centre, unveil more indigenous art at two exclusive sites. The first site, Mawurndaddja, is a spectacular series of galleries with art thought to be over 18,000 year old – your guide will explain the importance of this art and the methods used to perform this expressionism as you wander through the site. Keep an eye peeled to find ochre and ancient spear tips lying on the ground, offering a glimpse into the history of an age long past. Spend the afternoon exploring this historic site, breaking time up with a few snacks and drinks along the way. Following this, head to Kakadu for an overnight stay.
Day 3 - Kakadu National Park
Take a cruise down the famous Yellow Water Billabong, one of Kakadu’s best-known natural attractions thanks to its abundant wildlife and transforming landscapes. These lush wetlands are patterned with tiny water lilies, contrasted by semi-submerged trees that rise from the water with a determined stoicism. Try to listen out for warbling magpies, spot soaring eagles or do a double take as you spy floating driftwood to see if it’s a crocodile while floating along the lazy waters. Afterwards, head towards Maguk (Barramundi Falls) or Gunlom to enjoy one last splash in Kakadu’s enchanting swimming holes, then return to Darwin where this North Australian adventure comes to a finish.

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Permanent, furnished tented camp (with shared facilities) (2 nts)


All Terrain vehicle