Central Croatia luxury cruise from Split

Central Croatia luxury cruise from Split

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A cruise designed for people who have cruised southern Croatia before, and for those wanting to see a quieter side of the beautiful Croatian Coastline. We will stop for a swim every day (weather permitting) and explore the towns and historic ports where we spend our afternoons and evenings. You are free to choose from the many restaurants that line the streets.

We will visit two areas of great beauty – Krka National Park renown for its waterfalls, and Telašćica Nature Park – a maritime area of many islands and contracting landscapes.

Emperor Diocletian built himself a huge palace and this now makes up most of Central Split. A humming pedestrianized zone of cafes, museums, restaurants, hotels, shops and houses. Mali Losinj resembles a mini Venice (and has great ice cream) and Zadar is another historic walled port.

Solo use supplement (on request) +50%
3rd adult sharing a cabin -30%
Child (age 3 – 11) in cabin with 1 adult -30%
Child (age 3 – 11) in cabin with 2 adults -50%

Trip Name
Central Croatia luxury cruise from Split
Vessel Type: Small Ship Length: 49 Passenger Capacity: 36 Built: 2019 Made to satisfy your refined cruise expectations, this luxury vessel features many state-of-the-art amenities. Its newest navigation and safety systems, modern and fully equipped comfortable air-conditioned cabins with private facilities and Wi-Fi, extra large restaurant with bar, VIP saloon with lounge area, a spacious sun deck with elegant rooftop Jacuzzi, swimming platform, along with other fine details, guarantee a perfect cruise in Croatia! SMALL AND POWERFUL: JUST LIKE A PRIVATE YACHT Our small cruise ships are designed as small yet powerful luxury yachts. They will take you where the bigger vessels cannot go, navigating through the narrow waterways into the very hearts of bustling Dalmatian cities, anchoring in hidden Adriatic bays, docking in small Croatian island ports. If you choose to cruise with us, you don’t have to worry about those time-wasting disembarkations. M/S SWALLOW will unlock the treasures of Croatian coast and islands for you. All of the attractions will are at your hand’s reach, just as if you were cruising aboard your own private yacht! TOTALLY CROATIAN We are very proud of a fact that all of the small cruise ships are designed and constructed in Croatia. Moreover, they are family-run, following the centuries-old tradition. All of our ships boast all-Croatian crews and captains who descend from the generations of seafarers. These are people who know and love the Croatian coast and sea. Moreover, they will do their very best to accommodate your wishes and make your Croatian cruise totally enjoyable. PUBLIC AREAS M/S Sea Swallow is 49 m long and 8.6 m wide luxury yacht-like ship that will satisfy your refined expectations for a comfortable and safe cruise along the Croatian Coast. Built for the cruise season 2019, M/S Sea Swallow boasts the latest state-of-the-art equipment and amenities, guaranteeing an intimate cruise for all the guests. Closed Circuit Video surveillance, complete navigation equipment, fire alarm, smoke detectors, life rafts and tenders are there for your personal safety. Public areas include an extra-large fully air-conditioned salon-restaurant on the upper deck with separate bar and lounge area, big screen LCD TV, corner table for buffet breakfast, wireless Internet, loud-speakers and audio-system for announcements by Captain or cruise manager, along with beautiful large windows for complete passenger’s satisfaction. VIP Saloon is located at the ship’s front. Its lounge area offers a 180 degrees vista through a single large window, ensuring you enjoy all those breathtaking seascapes as you cruise along the Adriatic coast. Outside, you’ll find a fully covered terrace with sitting area, tables, and chairs that can be closed with removable plastic windows in a rare case of winds. M/S Sea Swallow has a platform for swimming and 2 ladders with handholds, to enable easy water access. The ship also has two outdoor showers and public toilettes. On the high deck, all the passengers can relax on the 390m2 sun deck with sun beds. The sundeck is partly shaded for clients’ comfort. Here you can also enjoy our elegant Rooftop Jacuzzi, designed to ensure an unforgettable cruise. CABIN INFORMATION Passenger cabins are situated on two decks while crew members are accommodated in the separate living quarters. All guest cabins are very comfortable and fully air-conditioned, with an independent ventilation system enabling fresh air all the time. Each cabin is conveniently designed as a modern private ensuite, with both toilet and shower in the cabin. Cabins are equipped with the following amenities: independent air conditioning control board, satellite LCD TV, designed wallboards, work table and chair, mirror, night lamps, safe deposit box, radio, hairdryer, 220 V electric supply, lifejacket, wardrobe cabinet, luggage space under bed, as well as with the latest safety and fire alarm systems, along with a sound system for notifications from a cruise manager or a group leader. Standard deck cabins have two portholes and a dual ventilation system. Main deck cabins have a cabin window and a porthole in a bathroom. All cabins are soundproof and have a fireproof door.


Day 1 - Day 1. Saturday Split
Embark is in the afternoon and at 6.00 pm our English speaking guide will do takea Split City tour on foot through theworld famous Diocletian’s Palace. Split is thesecond largest city in Croatia. More than 1700years old, Split abounds with cultural andhistorical sights, lots of them situated within theSplit’s historical nucleus which has been inscribedon the UNESCO World Heritage list since1979. At 7.30 pm we will have awelcome dinner on board. All the latearriving guests will be provided with a dinner.Overnight in Split, (WD)
In the morning we'll sail for Skradin with a swimstop on the way. Skradin is a romanticMediterranean town of narrow intertwinedstreets, arches and staircases, located at theentrance to the Krka National Park. It has a2000 year history as evidenced by nearbyimportant archaeological sites. The whole town ofSkradin is a protected cultural monument. Afterlunch onboard we will visit Krka National Park.Krka National Park covers a total area of 109 km²of the loveliest sections of the Krka River, the vastand unaltered area of exceptional natural value.We will arrive with Park`s wooden boat directly atSkradinski Buk. Upon arrival, head for the last setof falls before the river meets the sea, where theSkradinski Buk Falls form a spectacular multi-levelcascade over cliffs.The whole area is rich with vegetation as well asbirds and fish. Due to new strong preservationlaws, this extraordinary area has been kept in itsoriginal pristine state.After exploring Krka, we will cruise to Šibenikwhere we will have a city tour. Šibenik isthe oldest city on the Adriatic coast and is one ofthe largest and best preserved medieval cities.Most of the treasure can be seen by walkingthrough the ancient streets, museums andchurches which hide unexpected surprises. There is a large number of important historic buildings and 17 palaces in the Old citycentre of which is the most famous Saint JacobsCathedral – cultural and historical pearl underUNESCO protection.We will attempt to overnight in Skradin, butonly two ships are allowed in port overnight. Alternatively we will have a short cruise andovernight in Šibenik.Overnight in Skradin or Šibenik, (B,L)
We continue to Zadar with aswim stop near Galešnjak Island, located in thePašman channel of the Adriatic. Galešnjak Island attractedattention of the world in2008 when Google Earth declared it one of thefew natural heart-shaped phenomena on earth. Lunch on board and continue to Zadar.Afternoon arrival in Zadar followed by a city tour ofZadar’s historical centre with its compact pedestrianzone, perfect to explore on foot and admiredefensive walls built in 16th century by Venetiansas a defense from Turks. You will see 16th centuryPort Gate where a Venetian lion (symbol of Venice)still guards the entrance, the Square of the 5 Wells,Church of St. Donat, Roman Forum (1st centuryBC) and the biggest Cathedral in Dalmatia - St.Anastasia Cathedral.Zadar`s finest attractions arethe sound-and-light spectacle of the Sea Organand the Sun Salutation, which need to be seenand heard to be believed.Overnight in Zadar, (B,L)
After breakfast we will start our cruise to Rab.Stop for a swim at Maun Island, where we find thefamous Sipa cove, and “en route” lunch onboard.Upon arrival we will have Rab city tour. The townof Rab sits on a narrow sliver of land protrudingtowards the mainland, bounded by ancient citywalls and recognizable by four church towers thatform the familiar outline, depicting Rab as a shipwith four masts: bell tower of the church of theAssumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - thecathedral, the bell tower of the church of St. Johnthe Evangelist (located near the ruins of theChurch), the belfry of the church of St. Andrewthe Apostle and the bell tower of the church of St.Justine. Further inland from the old town is abeautiful park called Komrčar, whose numerouspaths wind around wooded hills all the way downto the beaches of Rab. After dinner on your ownat one of the local restaurants of your choicecome back to the ship where we will havea presentation and tasting of “Rabcake”. You will have special opportunity to try andlearn how to make famous “Rab cake” as well as “muštaćon, baškotin,smokvenjak” (the names sound strange but they are all delicacies of this Island).Modeled on the “Rab cake” locals also producedGin & Tonic, which you will also have opportunity totry. Gin is flavoured with almond, orange andlemon peel – ingredients of “Cake”.Overnight in Rab, (B,L)
Morning departure to Mali Lošinj, passing byislands Ilovik, Silba, Olib. Upon arrival our englishspeaking guide will walk us through Mali Lošinj,the largest town on Lošinj Island. Situated on topof a long natural harbour and surrounded bygraceful, gently weathered Mediterranean townhouses and green hills, the town straddles bothcoasts on the narrowest section of the island.We`ll visit the Museum ofApoxyomenos, a uniquearchaeological and architectural culturalinstitution and it is entirelydedicated to only one exhibit – the bronze statueof a young athlete, the Apoxyomenos. The statuewas discovered in 1997 by a Belgian tourist at thedepth of 45 m. In 1999, it was taken out of thesea where it spent nearly two millennia. TheMuseum of Apoxyomenos tells the original storyof an athlete of perfect physical proportions, an impressivepiece of art. The bronze statue ofApoxyomenos is from the time of Greekcivilization, dates to either 2nd or 1st c. B.C., andits name stems from Greek term for an athletethat is cleaning his body from oil, sweat, and sandafter exercise or competition. The statue is entirely preserved, onlymissing a little finger of the left hand and eyes, while the right foot was still attachedto the original bronze base.This museum is created especially for thisbeautiful antique sculpture and it has becomeLošinj’s symbol and trademark. TheApoxyomenos’ timeless beauty, his unusual andmysterious story, and a distinctive museumsetting haven’t left anyone unimpressed!Overnight in Mali Lošinj, (B,L)
Morning departure to the Telašćica Nature Park witha swim stop along the way. The area of Telašćica NaturePark is an area of great contrasts: an area with quietand peaceful beaches and gentle coastlineon one side, and wild and steep cliffs on theother; an area of Aleppo pine and holm oakforests on one side, and barren karst on theother; an area of cultivated fields covered invineyards and olive groves, but also an area ofdegraded forms of vegetation covering dryhabitats. Due to its extreme beauty, richness andimportance, this bay surrounded by 13 islandsand islets, together with 6 islets inside the bayitself, was proclaimed a Nature Park in 1988.Telašćica first acquired the status of a protected area 1980 because of its valuable flora andfauna, geological and geomorphologicalphenomena, versatile sea life, andinteresting archaeological heritage.This evening in the heart of the Nature Park andin the silence of a beautiful cove we will have galaCaptain`s dinner on board.Overnight in Telašćica, (B,L, Captain`s dinner inheart of the Nature Park)
After breakfast wedepart for a pleasant cruise through the middleof The Kornati archipelago, which is a labyrinth ofstone, with eighty-nine islands, islets and rocks inthe sea. Whether you look at theKornati Islands from the air, from the sea, or fromsightseeing points on the islands, the view isequally impressive – and yet different to the eyeevery single time. The landscapes are perhaps attheir most impressive on the part of thearchipelago facing the open sea, where cliffs risehigh above the sea surface. With a swim stop on the way we`ll cruise toPrimošten. Primošten is a small town locatedbetween Šibenik and Split. The old town issituated on a small island which is connected withthe mainland. Primošten attracts tourists with itsinteresting architecture, beautiful beaches andcrystal clear waters. In the past, the populationwas oriented towards cultivation of grapevines,olives, fishing and today it is mostly oriented totourism. Once an island, Primošten has preservedthe atmosphere and all the architectural featuresof a medieval Mediterranean fishing village. Uponarrival you will have rest of the evening free toenjoy in your last wonderful evening on thisjourney and to have inmate farewell dinner onyour own.Overnight in Primošten, (B,L)
Morning cruise to Split, where we should arrive by10 am. It is time to say farewell to all your newfriends. (B)

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
07-05-202214-05-2022EUR €1,150Standard Cabins MS Invictus
07-05-202214-05-2022EUR €1,350Standard Cabin MS Swallow
07-05-202214-05-2022EUR €1,490Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
07-05-202214-05-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
14-05-202221-05-2022EUR €1,150Standard Cabins MS Invictus
14-05-202221-05-2022EUR €1,350Standard Cabin MS Swallow
14-05-202221-05-2022EUR €1,490Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
14-05-202221-05-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
21-05-202228-05-2022EUR €1,490Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
21-05-202228-05-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
21-05-202228-05-2022EUR €1,150Standard Cabins MS Invictus
21-05-202228-05-2022EUR €1,350Standard Cabin MS Swallow
28-05-202204-06-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
28-05-202204-06-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
28-05-202204-06-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
28-05-202204-06-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
04-06-202211-06-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
04-06-202211-06-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
04-06-202211-06-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
04-06-202211-06-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
11-06-202218-06-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
11-06-202218-06-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
11-06-202218-06-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
11-06-202218-06-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
18-06-202225-06-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
18-06-202225-06-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
18-06-202225-06-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
18-06-202225-06-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
25-06-202202-07-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
25-06-202202-07-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
25-06-202202-07-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
25-06-202202-07-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
02-07-202209-07-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
02-07-202209-07-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
02-07-202209-07-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
02-07-202209-07-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
09-07-202216-07-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
09-07-202216-07-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
09-07-202216-07-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
09-07-202216-07-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
16-07-202223-07-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
16-07-202223-07-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
16-07-202223-07-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
16-07-202223-07-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
23-07-202230-07-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
23-07-202230-07-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
23-07-202230-07-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
23-07-202230-07-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
30-07-202206-08-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
30-07-202206-08-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
30-07-202206-08-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
30-07-202206-08-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
06-08-202213-08-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
06-08-202213-08-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
06-08-202213-08-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
06-08-202213-08-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
13-08-202220-08-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
13-08-202220-08-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
13-08-202220-08-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
13-08-202220-08-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
20-08-202227-08-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
20-08-202227-08-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
20-08-202227-08-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
20-08-202227-08-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
27-08-202203-09-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
27-08-202203-09-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
27-08-202203-09-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
27-08-202203-09-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
03-09-202210-09-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
03-09-202210-09-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
03-09-202210-09-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
03-09-202210-09-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
10-09-202217-09-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
10-09-202217-09-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
10-09-202217-09-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
10-09-202217-09-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
17-09-202224-09-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
17-09-202224-09-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
17-09-202224-09-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
17-09-202224-09-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
24-09-202201-10-2022EUR €1,390Standard Cabins MS Invictus
24-09-202201-10-2022EUR €1,590Standard Cabin MS Swallow
24-09-202201-10-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
24-09-202201-10-2022EUR €1,890Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
01-10-202208-10-2022EUR €1,150Standard Cabins MS Invictus
01-10-202208-10-2022EUR €1,350Standard Cabin MS Swallow
01-10-202208-10-2022EUR €1,490Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
01-10-202208-10-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow
08-10-202215-10-2022EUR €1,150Standard Cabins MS Invictus
08-10-202215-10-2022EUR €1,350Standard Cabin MS Swallow
08-10-202215-10-2022EUR €1,490Main Deck Cabin MS Invictus
08-10-202215-10-2022EUR €1,690Main Deck Cabin MS Swallow


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