Into the Wilds of Borneo (Coral Adventurer)

Into the Wilds of Borneo (Coral Adventurer)

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Explore the wild coastlines and exotic wildlife of Borneo on our inaugural expedition voyage from Singapore to Makassar over 14 nights onboard Coral Adventurer.

On your journey, meet the Indigenous Dayak people and see their traditional longhouses in Sarawak, encounter proboscis monkeys with their pendulous noses and the striking hornbill bird species distinguished by colourful down-curved bills. Visit with rehabilitated orangutans at Camp Leakey, an orangutan conservation centre in Tanjung Puting National Park only able to be accessed with an adventurous journey through jungle-clad waterways aboard a traditional klotok boat.

Meander through the bustling waterfront markets of Pontianak, formerly a Sultanate city and witness the floating markets of Banjarmasin, where vendors sell fresh produce from sampans. In Makassar, visit the Dutch-built Fort of Rotterdam, now a museum, where Sulawesi’s multicultural trading heart reaches as far back as the Chinese Ming Dynasty period.

Refresh yourself in between historic sights and cultural adventures with time at pristine palm-fringed beaches on little-visited Karimata and Doangdoangan Islands and snorkel over vibrantly coloured coral gardens at the Anambas Islands, known as the ‘Maldives of Indonesia’.

Trip Name
Into the Wilds of Borneo (Coral Adventurer)
Vessel Type: Expedition Ship Length: 93.4 meters Passenger Capacity: 120 (60 staterooms) Built: 2019 Designed and built to be the most modern tropical expedition ship afloat, Coral Adventurer debuted in April 2019. She features comfortable Australian interiors, Xplorer tender mechanism, intimate guest experience, and personalized service. EXPEDITION CAPABILITIES > Two trademark Xplorer tenders seat all passengers for shore excursions > Six zodiacs for more intrepid exploration > Lecture lounge with multimedia for daily expedition briefings and presentations > Small on-board Library > Shallow draft and advanced navigation and propulsion systems MARINE IMMERSION > Navigator lounge in the bridge giving a vantage point of ship operations > Over 1000 sq m of open deck space including a wrap-around promenade deck with panoramic views > Engine room tours and high level of crew interaction with guests > Barralong Room for hosting scientific research or exhibitions FOOD AND WINE FEATURES > Communal ‘wine table’ > Galley viewing window > Multiple indoor and outdoor bars, including our Explorer bar on the Vista Deck > Curated wine cellar featuring boutique wines and exceptional vintage Australian reds. GUEST COMFORT > All outside-facing guest cabins with en-suite bathrooms; majority have private balcony > Active stabilisers > Gym > Passenger elevator > Wi-Fi available in all guest areas


Board Coral Adventurer in Singapore at 4:00 pm where there is time to settle into your cabin before our 6:00 pm departure on 5 March 2021.
We spend two days exploring the island archipelago of Kepulauan Anambas, known as the ‘Maldives of Indonesia’ due to the exceptional clarity of the turquoise waters and the flourishing marine life. Lagoons are dotted with picturesque islands and atolls and there are many opportunities to swim, dive, snorkel and explore by Xplorer tender vessels.
The picturesque city of Kuching straddles the Sarawak River. In this region of Borneo, we will visit a traditional village of the indigenous Dayak people, ancient headhunters. Be welcomed to the longhouse, the massive structure that is the heart and main building of the village, and learn about the customs, culture and unique art and craft of these remarkable people.
Explore the lush rainforest and mangrove forests of Bako National Park. On nature walks into the jungle, we may spot wildlife such as tree-dwelling proboscis monkeys, which are found only on the island of Borneo, as well as macaque and silver leaf monkeys. The park is also inhabited by prolific bird species such as many varieties of kingfishers, woodpeckers, bluebirds and flycatchers.
A multicultural riverside city in West Kalimantan, Pontianak has a small but influential Chinese population with connections that link back to the Ming Dynasty some 600-odd years ago. Sited on the Equator, Pontianak is one of Indonesia’s most cultural cities. Here, we will visit the Equator Monument which marks the delineation between the northern and southern hemispheres as well as the Mosque and Chinese Temple. Later, spend time wandering the waterfront traditional markets where traders ply their wares from simple stalls or from sampans floating in the canals.
The Karimata Island group sits squarely in the middle of the Karimata Strait which separates Sumatra from Borneo. Mostly uninhabited and within a Marine Reserve, the two largest islands, Karimata and Serutu Islands are home to Bugis sea gypsies who live in a handful of small palm-fringed coastal villages.Far from civilisation, we take time to explore these pristine islands, walk the white-sand beaches, swim in the tropical sea and snorkel or dive over coral reefs, soaking up the tranquility of these picturesque islands.
Our introduction to Camp Leakey commences with an expedition through the inky-black waters of the Nipah waterway and the winding Sekonyer River, which we navigate from our Xplorer tender vessels. The final leg of the journey is by local klotok boat before disembarking at Camp Leakey orangutan sanctuary and research facility. We learn about conservation programs, the flora and fauna of this environment and take time to wander through the forest to see orangutans in their natural habitat.Here, we will hear from the expert conservationists at Camp Leakey to understand the culture and behaviours of the orangutans, as well as glimpse behind the scenes to learn about the conservation efforts and challenges. Finally, you can join with Coral Expeditions and fellow passengers in the adoption of orangutans to support the ongoing conservation efforts.
On a guided tour we visit the oldest mosque in Kalimantan, Sultan Suriansyah Mosque, with its elegant angles and timber construction that has stood for 300 years. Continuing our tour, we visit Sasirangan village which is well known for its traditional Banjarese fine craftworks and textiles. We take a guided walk through the village and may be able to participate in a local workshop before visiting Wasaka Museum which showcases the challenges faced by the South Kalimantan people.On our second day at the riverside city of Banjarmasin we take the Xplorer tender vessels to get up close to all the action at the famed Lok Baintan Floating Market. The river is a lively cacophony of sights and sounds as sampans are piled high with fresh produce and traders barter with buyers amid the bustle.
Our penultimate stop is at the small teardrop-shaped island of Doang Doangan Island, where we enjoy a relaxing day of snorkelling and beach walks along with a walking tour of the small coastal village.On our final evening onboard, we reminisce over about our Sulawesi expedition with new-found friends at dusk over Captain’s Farewell Drinks.
Coral Adventurer arrives into Makassar at 7:00 am. Farewell your Master, crew and fellow guests with disembarkation at 8:00 am.
Day 11 - Please Note:
This itinerary is an indication of the destinations we visit and activities on offer. Throughout the expedition, we may make changes to the itinerary as necessary to maximise your expeditionary experience. Allowances may be made for seasonal variations, weather, tidal conditions and any other event that may affect the operation of the vessel.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
05-03-202119-03-2021AUD $10,600CORAL DECK STATEROOM
05-03-202119-03-2021AUD $12,600PROMENADE DECK STATEROOM
05-03-202119-03-2021AUD $15,000EXPLORER DECK BALCONY STATEROOM
05-03-202119-03-2021AUD $15,900CORAL DECK STATEROOM SOLE
05-03-202119-03-2021AUD $16,600BRIDGE DECK BALCONY STATEROOM
05-03-202119-03-2021AUD $18,900PROMENADE DECK STATEROOM SOLE
05-03-202119-03-2021AUD $21,600BRIDGE DECK BALCONY SUITE


    • Step inside the traditional longhouses of the Dayak people at Sarawak and learn about their way of life
    • Wander the waterfront and explore the remarkable floating markets of Banjarmasin, the City of a Thousand Rivers. Walk along the wooden walkways and be welcomed into local homes.
    • Snorkel in turquoise waters of Kepulauan Anambas, the ‘Maldives of Indonesia’, known for its remarkable marine life
    • Explore the jungle on nature walks in Bako National Park, with the opportunity to spot native hornbill birds and wildlife including proboscis monkeys
    • Aboard a traditional klotok, cruise the Nipah waterway through the jungle to the Orangutan rehabilitation centre at Tanjung Puting
    • Relax on pristine palm-fringed tropical island beaches
    • Special Event: Enjoy a behind the scenes experience at Camp Leakey and learn from experts about conservation efforts to protect the orangutans, before lending your support by adopting an orangutan with Coral Expeditions and our guests.