Kvarner Bay of Islands (Premium Ships)

Kvarner Bay of Islands (Premium Ships)

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Explore stunning Kvarner Bay islands and Zadar. Spend your mornings admiring the spectacular scenery, enjoying swimming in crystal clear Adriatic sea and your afternoons and evenings exploring old historical towns or having fun till morning hours.

Please Note: Shorter, 6 day itinerary is available. Please contact us for more details.

Trip Name
Kvarner Bay of Islands (Premium Ships)
Vessel Type: Small Ship Lenght: from 29 meters to 35 meters Passenger Capacity: 21 to 45 Premium steel hulled vessels with modern traditional look offer accommodation in air-conditioned, spacious en-suite cabins with double or twin beds, hair dryer and safety deposit box. Ships are from 29m to 35m in length with cabins 8 to 14m2 in size. Included services: buffet breakfasts, three course lunches, Captain’s dinner, English speaking tour manager on board, one guided tour, daily cabin service, mid-week fresh set of towels and bed linen, luggage handling. Antonela Year of built - 2007, Length - 33 m, Width - 7,5 m. 18 cabins with twin or double beds + 1 single cabin for guide Vapor Length - 33 m, Width - 7,6 m. 18 Cabins, All cabins are airconditioned Eos Length- 39 m, Width - 7,8 m. 21 Cabins. Dionis Length - 33 m, Width - 7,5 m. 19 Cabins, All cabins are airconditioned Dalmatia 19 cabins divided in two decks (11 on main deck, 8 below deck) out of which: 7 cabins on deck with twin beds (2 have extra bed possibility) 6 cabins below deck with twin beds (2 have extra bed possibility). Spacious airconditioned cabins with private shower and toilet. Spaceful restaurant on the top deck, 1 bar, Salon on deck – dining tables for 40 pax, bar, wine cellar. Total sundeck space approx. 200 m2 Jadranska Kraljica (Adriatic Queen) 15 cabins divided in three decks (5 on top deck, 4 on main deck, 6 below deck) out of which 9 cabins with double bed (4 have extra bed possibility), 5 cabins with double beds can be either double or twin, 2 cabins have bunk beds. Spacious air-conditioned cabins with private shower and toilet. Spaceful restaurant, 2 bars, Salon on deck – dining tables for 37 pax, bar, wine cellar. Spaceful sundeck (approx. 75 m2) Meridijan Length- 32.5 m, Width - 7,5 m. 19 Cabins. Pape Prvi Length - 29 m, Width - 7 m. 15 Cabins. Morena Length - 29 m, Width - 7 m. 16 Cabins. Emanuel Length - 27.6 m, Width - 7 m. 18 Cabins. Vjeko Length - 30 m, Width - 7,3 m. 9 Cabins, All cabins are airconditioned Pictures shown below are from various ships in fleet, actual layout of cabins and ship may differ. Please Note: the deckplan below is an example only and may vary from your ship.


Day 1 - Day 1 - ​Saturday OPATIJA - KRK ISLAND
Departure at 13:00h with lunch on board followed by a swim stop in the crystal clear sea on route to Krk island - the largest of the Croatian islands. Krk has immense variety in its villages large and small, gentle green promenades bare rocky wilderness, tiny islands and hundreds of hidden bays and beaches. Evening at leisure to enjoy numerous cafes and restaurants alongside the waterfront. Overnight in town of Krk.
Day 2 - Day 2 - Sunday KRK ISLAND - RAB ISLAND
After breakfast cruise towards Rab island known as the “island of love”. Sightseeing of town encircled by medieval walls, Romanesque church towers, churches, palaces, stone streets and ancient facades. Enjoy the “gallery” on the streets and squares and try famous “Rapska torta“ cake, it is a must. If the time allows walk up to Kamenjak hill to enjoy the magnificent sunset. Overnight in town of Rab.
Day 3 - Day 3 - Monday RAB ISLAND - ZADAR
Morning cruise from Rab towards Zadar along Pag island with a swim stop on the tiny MAUN island. Enjoy optional guided tour of the city, which was for centuries the metropolis of Dalmatia, and today the centre of the region. Zadar is rich in monumental heritage of world importance visible on every step. Here you can see The Roman forum dated to the 1st century AD, the church of St. Donatus dated to the 9th century AD – the most famous Medieval basilica and the symbol of the city, the mighty city walls with representative Port and Land gates from the 16th century AD, and numerous palaces, villas. The town is full of great restaurants packed in the centre. Of special interest are the famous Zadar Sea Organs, one of a kind in the world and “The Greeting to the Sun” light installation. Overnight.
Day 4 - Day 4 - Tuesday ZADAR - MOLAT ISLAND or OLIB
Early departure for Molat or Olib island (depending on available space in the small harbours). Both islands are situated in the northern part of Zadar's archipelago where one can enjoy peace and serenity. Captain's dinner party on board and overnight.
After breakfast and morning swim, cruise towards Ilovik, the island of flowers for a short stop before departing for Lošinj island, one of the most popular islands on the northern Adriatic due to the abundance of pine trees and clear waters. Mali Lošinj is known as the “sunshine island”. On arrival take a walk along the harbor or walk up to the Lošinj Aromatic Garden or simply visit nearby, picturesque, town of Veli Lošinj. Overnight in Mali Lošinj.
Day 6 - Day 6 - Thursday LOŠINJ ISLAND - CRES ISLAND
After a morning swim leave for Cres island, a long and narrow island covered with oak, beech and pine forests as well as wineyards and olive tree plantations. Cres and Mali Lošinj used to be one island but a channel dug by the Romans separated them. Spend the night in the harbour of this typical medieval town Cres.
Day 7 - Day 7 - Friday CRES ISLAND - OPATIJA
After breakfast we leave for Opatija. On route we can experience the spectacular views of famous Opatija Riviera. Late afternoon arrival to Opatija for a stroll along the famous Franz Joseph promenade – Lungo Mare to the numerous cafes and restaurants in Opatija or nearby fishermen's village Volosko – well known for excellent seafood restaurants, the best in the region, as well as among the best in Croatia. For your last night on board we recommend a farewell party on the ship, a great opportunity for exchanging addresses with other passengers who have by now become your new friends.
Day 8 - Day 8 - Saturday OPATIJA
After breakfast say goodbye to the crew and hope to see you again aboard Katarina Line cruises.
Day 9 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
14-04-201821-04-2018€650Upper/Main Deck
14-04-201821-04-2018€620Lower Deck
21-04-201828-04-2018€620Lower Deck
21-04-201828-04-2018€650Upper/Main Deck
28-04-201805-05-2018€650Upper/Main Deck
28-04-201805-05-2018€620Lower Deck
05-05-201812-05-2018€715Upper/Main Deck
05-05-201812-05-2018€675Lower Deck
12-05-201819-05-2018€675Lower Deck
12-05-201819-05-2018€715Upper/Main Deck
19-05-201826-05-2018€675Lower Deck
19-05-201826-05-2018€715Upper/Main Deck
26-05-201802-06-2018€675Lower Deck
26-05-201802-06-2018€715Upper/Main Deck
02-06-201809-06-2018€775Upper/Main Deck
02-06-201809-06-2018€710Lower Deck
09-06-201816-06-2018€710Lower Deck
09-06-201816-06-2018€775Upper/Main Deck
16-06-201823-06-2018€865Upper/Main Deck
16-06-201823-06-2018€805Lower Deck
23-06-201830-06-2018€865Lower Deck
23-06-201830-06-2018€925Upper/Main Deck
30-06-201807-07-2018€960Upper/Main Deck
30-06-201807-07-2018€890Lower Deck
07-07-201814-07-2018€890Lower Deck
07-07-201814-07-2018€960Upper/Main Deck
14-07-201821-07-2018€890Lower Deck
14-07-201821-07-2018€960Upper/Main Deck
21-07-201828-07-2018€890Lower Deck
21-07-201828-07-2018€960Upper/Main Deck
28-07-201804-08-2018€890Lower Deck
28-07-201804-08-2018€960Upper/Main Deck
04-08-201811-08-2018€890Lower Deck
04-08-201811-08-2018€960Upper/Main Deck
11-08-201818-08-2018€890Lower Deck
11-08-201818-08-2018€960Upper/Main Deck
18-08-201825-08-2018€925Upper/Main Deck
18-08-201825-08-2018€865Lower Deck
25-08-201801-09-2018€925Upper/Main Deck
25-08-201801-09-2018€865Lower Deck
01-09-201808-09-2018€805Lower Deck
01-09-201808-09-2018€865Upper/Main Deck
08-09-201815-09-2018€805Lower Deck
08-09-201815-09-2018€865Upper/Main Deck
15-09-201822-09-2018€805Lower Deck
15-09-201822-09-2018€865Upper/Main Deck
22-09-201829-09-2018€710Lower Deck
22-09-201829-09-2018€775Upper/Main Deck
29-09-201806-10-2018€650Upper/Main Deck
29-09-201806-10-2018€620Lower Deck
06-10-201813-10-2018€650Upper/Main Deck
06-10-201813-10-2018€620Lower Deck
13-10-201820-10-2018€650Upper/Main Deck
13-10-201820-10-2018€620Lower Deck


    • Swimming at secluded beaches
    • Zadar Sea Organs
    • Rab belltowers
    • Lošinj scent garden