The Northeast Passage Luxury Expedition Cruise From Anadyr to Tromsø

The Northeast Passage Luxury Expedition Cruise From Anadyr to Tromsø

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Explore the coasts of the High Arctic on this elusive route navigating the realms of polar bears and rare bird species.

Journeying to Earth’s most remote polar regions and faraway destinations, these are true expert-led expedition voyages, combining rugged adventure and Zodiac landings with rare discovery, extraordinary wildlife and stunning landscapes few have ever seen.

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The Northeast Passage Luxury Expedition Cruise From Anadyr to Tromsø
Vessel Type: Small Ship / Expedition Cruise Passenger Capacity: 200  EXPLORE Curated journeys offer intrepid adventure and extraordinary insight into fascinating destinations and intriguing cultures. Let your inner explorer guide you in choosing the the type of expedition that speaks to your own personal sense of adventure. SIX-STAR SERVICE Indulge in Crystal’s legendary six-star service with one of the highest staff-to-guest ratios in the industry. An experienced crew, selected from the award-winning ranks of Crystal, is joined by a team of experts – explorers, scientists and more. MICHELIN-INSPIRED-DINING Discover unmatched culinary options with flexible, open-seating dining in each of Crystal Endeavor’s six stunning venues. WATERSIDE - Exceptional dining on inspired menus and modern specialties. UMI UMA & SUSHI BAR - The Japanese-Peruvian fare of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. PREGO & THE VINTAGE ROOM - Northern Italian favorites; indulgent wine dinners. BISTRO ENDEAVOR - European-inspired bistro. MARKETPLACE - Contemporary culinary presentations with striking views. THE PANTRY & ROOM SERVICE - Indulge every craving. EXPLORE IN LUXURY All-suite accommodations are among the largest in expedition cruising, each featuring a private verandah, high-tech amenities and butler service. ENTERTAINMENT From Crystal Endeavor’s two-story, glass-enclosed Solarium to the only casino on an expedition yacht, enjoy all manner of entertainment day into night. SOLARIUM - Awe-inspiring views, day into night. PALM COURT - The hub of entertainment. CRYSTAL COVE - The heart of Crystal Endeavor. RESORTS WORLD AT SEA CASINO - Luxury gaming amidst rare adventure. CONNOISSEUR CLUB - A place for aficionados. FACETS & APROPOS - High-end fashions and commemorative gear. EXPEDITION STUDIO & CAPTAIN'S LOUNGES - Places to gather and learn. THE PROMENADE - Ocean views enjoyed from within. THE MARINA - A platform for viewing the spectacular. WELLNESS The state-of-the-art Crystal Life Spa and high-tech fitness center help you keep ship-shape for shoreside adventures. CRYSTAL LIFE SPA & SALON - Be pampered, anywhere in the world. CRYSTAL LIFE FITNESS - Adventures in wellness. CRYSTAL LIFE SAUNA - Restorative and rejuvenating.


Day 1 - Day 1: Anadyr, Russia
The easternmost town in Russian, Anadyr has only been a town for just over a century. Its position along the Bering Sea made it pivotal to World War II air transport. Its airfield received thousands of American troops headed to the Eastern Front along the Alaska-Siberian air route, ironically sharing “twin city” status with former foe Bethel, Alaska. The remote town’s colorful architecture stands brightly against the open tundra, set against mountains and the Anadyr River.
Day 2 - Day 2: Provideniya, Russia
Gateway to the Russian Far EastPerhaps as close to a city as one can find in the extreme north, Provideniya is an urban hub of about 2,000 residents, most of them of Yupik descent. What was once an important depot for Russian military operations is now a relatively booming community that welcomes visiting explorers. Local museums tell the tales of the rugged history and heritage of the people and wildlife here, while the surrounding Provideniya Bay highlights the natural beauty of the area.
Day 3 - Day 3: Cape Dezhnev & UelenVillag, Russia
Arctic Ice Cap CharmsIn the wild, wild east, Cape Dezhnev sits on the Bering Strait, the farthest point of the Chukotka Peninsula. Surrounded by icy seas that are home to whales and seals who frequently appear above the water line, the cape is also home to Uelen Village, the easternmost settlement in Eurasia and the only remaining inhabited village on the cape. A lighthouse monument to the region’s Soviet border guardsmen presides over the vast tundra, which blooms with green in summer months.
Day 4 - Day 4: Kolyuchin Island, Russia
Wild SanctuarySmall in size and uninhabited, this Chukchi Sea island is teeming with life. Residents here take the form of walrus herds that crowd the rocky shores, and thousands of puffins, thick-billed murres and kittiwakes that congregate on the cliffs of Bird Rock. The Russian polar station here was abandoned in the 1990s, leaving outbuildings and huts for explorers to discover.
Day 5 - Day 5-8: Wrangel Island, Russia & Ayon Island, Russia
Bering Sea SisterThis island high in the Russian Far East has been home to giant Arctic mammals for millennia, known as one of the last stomping grounds of the woolly mammoth. Scientists have found astonishing fossil evidence of the extinct beasts here, where polar bears, musk oxen, Arctic foxes and the world’s largest population of Pacific walrus now roam. As wildlife still far outnumbers human presence on the island, opportunities for observing the many magnificent species here abound.
Day 6 - Day 9: Medvezhiy Islands, Russia
Bear IslandsGranite plateaus in the East Siberian Sea create a rocky tundra wandered by bears, foxes, seals, deer and wolves from the mainland. The remote, uninhabited islands constitute an unlikely commercial fishing hub, considering the fast-moving ice that surrounds the land masses. Also unexpectedly found on this complex of six islands: flourishing flora that includes lush reindeer moss and lichens, mushrooms and abundant flowers.
Day 7 - Day 10: Cruising the East Siberian Sea
Day 8 - Day 11-12: New Siberian Islands
Day 9 - Day 13: Cruising Laptev Sea
Day 10 - Day 14: Cape Chelyuskin, Russia
Extreme & ExtraordinaryThis northernmost point on the Eurasian continent (or any continental mainland) embodies the fortitude and innovation required to thrive in such extreme geography. It’s home to a weather and hydrology station whose magnetic observatory sits on the eastern side of the cape’s point, as well as the region’s northernmost airfield.
Day 11 - Day 15-16: Severnaya Zemlya, Russia
The Last Charted Place on EarthTruly no man’s land, covered in glacier-carved peaks, vast tundra, dramatic fjords and surrounded by the icy Vilkitsky Strait, this northern Siberian land of four islands was not officially documented until the early 20th century. Before that time, it was an unknown white space on the map, favored only by birds, lemmings and wolves. Not much has changed in this time, as its extreme terrain and location beckon only the heartiest travelers, rewarding them with magnificent ice domes and vistas.
Day 12 - Day 17-19: Franz Joseph Land, Russia
Watchmen of the NorthThis archipelago of 192 flat islands is an ideal lookout point across the Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean. A home base for Russian military operations in the north since 1932, the islands are still inhabited only by servicemen and women, as well as a few polar bears. Franz Josef Land offers and ideal vantage point for those exploring the pole and beyond, with seas and shores that house the great white bears, bowhead whales, ivory gulls and walruses.
Day 13 - Day 20: Novaya Zemlya, Russia
Mountainous Arctic GemExplorers have been attempting to transit the Northeast Passage through the High Arctic since the 16th century, having used this steeply accented archipelago as a stopping point. It is now a preserved Russian Arctic National Park, with restricted access enforced to preserve the ecosystems that comprise polar bears, Arctic foxes, bearded seals, walruses and many species of sea birds. Explore the terrain of expeditions past and marvel at the expanse of the extreme North during this rare visit.
Day 14 - Day 21-22: Cruising the Barents Island
Day 15 - Day 23: Kanin Cape, Russia
White Sea OutpostNot surprisingly, the chilly seas surrounding this peninsula are playgrounds for beluga and sperm whales who crave the cold. The unexpected lies in the 29 species of butterfly that populate the forest-tundra and 14 species in the hypoarctic region, which add color and life to this remote expanse of land.
Day 16 - Day 24: Arkhangelsk, Russia
Legendary CultureAn important Russian seaport situated across the White Sea from Finland, Arkhangelsk has played starring roles in Russian-European trade since Tsar Ivan the Terrible in the 16th century, Peter the Great in the 18th century, and both World Wars. It is an epicenter of culture and commerce, home to thriving fishing and timber operations, and a number of art and literature institutions. Legend tells that this is also the exact place where the Archangel Michael defeated the devil, as depicted on the city's coat of arms, adding to Arkhangelsk's mystique.
Day 17 - Day 25: Solovetsky & Zayatsky Island, Russia
Holy Sanctuary of the ArcticNow a UNESCO-listed complex of islands in the White Sea, the “Solovki” were once home to the Solovetsky Monastery, an important holy site and pilgrimage destination. The monastery was reinstated as a place of worship following the 20th century’s World Wars. Today, the islands welcome not only the faithful, but the most intrepid history buffs and nature lovers, who can explore the remarkably preserved Annunciation Church and ascend to the top of St. Nicholas Church.
Day 18 - Day 26: Cruising the White Sea
Day 19 - Day 27: Murmansk, Russia
Defenders of the Soviet ArcticThis city in the far northwest of Russia is built around the pivotal port that it houses, established in 1916 and integral to Soviet efforts in the World Wars. But beyond its "all business" port facade is a playground for outdoor activities of all kinds. Murmansk's population of 300,000 makes it a cultural hub of the region, but the pride of the city is its former military clout. Monuments and museums dedicated to naval history and Arctic research are prominent here, most notably the statue Alyosha that presides over the city.
Day 20 - Day 28: Honningsvag, Norway
Wonderland of FjordsThe northernmost town in Europe, Honningsvåg embodies the natural majesty of Norway, presenting a sprawling natural landscape of Arctic adventure. Quaint fishing villages set along spectacular fjords offer delectable seafood, with quests for king crab on the “can’t miss” list. Within reach are the North Cape and magical Magerøy Island, as well as endless opportunities for rugged exploration in any direction from town center.
Day 21 - Day 29: Tromso, Norway
Capital of the ArcticLong renowned as an important center of science and exploration, Tromsø lies on a forest-covered island in a narrow waterway, hemmed in by steep mountains and connected to the mainland by a bridge. The imaginative Arctic Cathedral, the Polaria Centre and a scenic cable car ride are among its varied attractions.
Day 22 - Please Note:
Each Crystal Endeavor itinerary balances days at sea with scheduled ports of call, and is intentionally designed to be flexible, allowing the Captain and his team of experts to incorporate unplanned "expedition days" when favorable weather conditions invite the opportunity for uncommon discovery. The order of expedition calls/stops and/or itineraries may change due to weather/sea conditions or permit specifications.

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    • The New Siberian Islands are an archipelago in the Extreme North of Russia, to the North of the East Siberian coast between the Laptev Sea and the East Siberian Sea north of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic.