Society Islands & Tahiti Iti (Paul Gauguin)

Society Islands & Tahiti Iti (Paul Gauguin)

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Big discoveries await you in “Little Tahiti” (Tahiti Iti), the smaller of the two landmasses that comprise the island of Tahiti. No other cruise line offers you the opportunity to explore this region of wild coastline, ancient petroglyphs and marae (temples), and pockets of authentic Polynesian culture. But because The Gauguin is owned by French Polynesia’s leading luxury hotel and cruise operator, we are the experts to the region, with resources no one else can match. Come sail the waters of French Polynesia that are our ship’s home, and let us give you an unparalleled, comprehensive view of the real Tahiti. This brand-new itinerary also features Bora Bora, Moorea, Huahine, and our own private paradise off the coast of Taha’a.

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Society Islands & Tahiti Iti (Paul Gauguin)
Vessel Type: Luxury Expedition Length: 504 feet, 153.6 meters Passenger Capacity: 332 Designed specifically to glide through the shallow seas of the South Pacific, The Gauguin is a small-ship cruiser’s dream. She delivers travelers to intimate ports inaccessible to larger cruise ships, all the while providing an onboard experience that is nothing short of luxurious. Guests aboard luxury cruises enjoy spacious suites and staterooms (more than 70% with private balconies), an onboard watersports marina, three dining venues, an extensive spa, and five-star service. Life onboard also reflects the beauty and rich cultural heritage of the islands she calls upon, with a warm, friendly feel, informal setting, and even a beloved troupe of Gauguines and Gauguins—local Tahitians who serve as cruise staff, entertainers, and storytellers. Ship Features All oceanview accommodations, nearly 70% with balconies, measuring from 200 to 500 sq. ft., including balcony Butler service, in-suite bar setup, and iPod® music system in suite/stateroom category B and above A choice of three dining venues Complimentary 24-hour room service, including selections from L’Etoile restaurant during regular dining hours Complimentary beverages, including select wines and spirits, beer, soft drinks, bottled water, and hot beverages Onboard gratuities for room stewards, dining and bar staff Full entertainment program including Polynesian artists, musical entertainment, a pianist, and a professionally operated casino with slot machines Spa and beauty services, including hand and foot treatments, body treatments, facials, and spa programs Optional PADI SCUBA diving program and certification Watersports marina for complimentary kayaking and paddleboarding, and Zodiacs® for optional dive excursions Fully-equipped fitness center Presentations by local naturalists and a variety of special guests Spacious outdoor decks and pool La Boutique duty-free shop Book library (open 24 hours a day) Wi-Fi hot spots throughout the ship to cover most suites/staterooms and common areas, as well as guest-accessible computers, available 24 hours a day for a nominal fee Laundry services available Certified medical services 166 suites/staterooms on Decks 3-8, including one wheelchair-accessible stateroom and select staterooms that can accommodate three guests


Day 1 - Day 1 – Embark the m/s Paul Gauguin in Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands
The islands of Polynesia are a gorgeous collection of volcanic atolls strewn across the grand Pacific Ocean, and the island of Tahiti is the largest of all 118. Explore the dynamic dining, nightlife, and shopping in the capital city of Papeete before embarking on The Gauguin.
Day 2 - Day 2 – Vairao, Tahiti Iti
Pay a rare visit to “Little Tahiti” (Tahiti Iti) on today’s full-day call on the port city of Vairao. Those wanting to experience authentic Tahitian culture might visit one of the traditional Polynesian villages that dot the region. Venture to Fenua Aihere to explore caves, petroglyphs, and marae (temples). Or bask on La Plage de Maui (Maui Beach), considered by many to be the best white-sand beach on the entire island.
Day 3 - Day 3 – Huahine, Society Islands
Known as “The Garden Island,” Huahine’s lush rainforests and dramatic terrain surround sacred sites and legendary landmarks that are among the best-preserved archeological sites in French Polynesia. If Huahine’s expansive lagoon is calling your name, enjoy a SCUBA diving excursion or picnic on the beach.
Day 4 - Day 4 – Taha’a (Motu Mahana), Society Islands
Embark on your choice of exciting shore excursions today, or spend your whole day relaxing on Motu Mahana, our very own private islet. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking, or simply lounge on the beach with a chilled beverage from our floating bar. Les Gauguines will also be on hand to provide musical entertainment and demonstrate traditional Polynesian crafts. A delicious barbecue lunch is provided.
Day 5 - Day 5 & 6 – Bora Bora, Society Islands
A bucket list destination for many, stunning Bora Bora welcomes you for two full days of exploring lush peaks, white-sand beaches, colorful coral reefs, and romantic lagoons. Experience the natural beauty of the island with an optional snorkeling excursion, sunset jetboat ride, or a helicopter tour that flies you over Bora Bora’s iconic Mount Otemanu. You can also spend time at our private beach which offers volleyball, snorkeling, kayaking and paddleboarding.
Day 6 - Day 7 – Moorea, Society Islands
Vibrant colors abound during the leisurely days in Moorea, in everything from fresh fruits and flowers to multi-hued lagoons, and from spectacular mountain peaks to palm-fringed beaches. Shop for local handicrafts, embark on an optional dolphin-watching expedition with a marine biologist, and sample the local pineapples, said to be the most delicious in all of French Polynesia.
Day 7 - Day 8 – Disembark in Papeete, Tahiti, Society Islands
Tahiti’s capital city of Papeete welcomes you back with emerald hillsides, sapphire waters, and warm breezes. If you’re not ready for your South Pacific vacation to end, spend a few days here experiencing resorts, spas, restaurants, nightlife, and shopping.
Day 8 - Please Note:
Itineraries are subject to change.

Trip Dates

StartEndPrice FromRoom Type
20-02-202127-02-2021AUD $5,180Porthole Stateroom
20-02-202127-02-2021AUD $5,720Window Stateroom
20-02-202127-02-2021AUD $7,260Balcony Stateroom. From
20-02-202127-02-2021AUD $9,340Veranda Stateroom
20-02-202127-02-2021AUD $11,420Veranda Suite
20-02-202127-02-2021AUD $14,250Grand Suite
20-02-202127-02-2021AUD $15,080Owner's Suite. From
06-03-202113-03-2021AUD $9,340Veranda Stateroom
06-03-202113-03-2021AUD $11,420Veranda Suite
06-03-202113-03-2021AUD $14,250Grand Suite
06-03-202113-03-2021AUD $15,080Owner's Suite. From
06-03-202113-03-2021AUD $5,180Porthole Stateroom
06-03-202113-03-2021AUD $5,720Window Stateroom
06-03-202113-03-2021AUD $7,260Balcony Stateroom. From
24-04-202101-05-2021AUD $6,280Porthole Stateroom
24-04-202101-05-2021AUD $6,910Window Stateroom
24-04-202101-05-2021AUD $8,360Balcony Stateroom. From
24-04-202101-05-2021AUD $10,510Veranda Stateroom
24-04-202101-05-2021AUD $12,650Veranda Suite
24-04-202101-05-2021AUD $16,060Grand Suite
24-04-202101-05-2021AUD $16,960Owner's Suite. From
08-05-202115-05-2021AUD $6,280Porthole Stateroom
08-05-202115-05-2021AUD $6,910Window Stateroom
08-05-202115-05-2021AUD $8,360Balcony Stateroom. From
08-05-202115-05-2021AUD $10,510Veranda Stateroom
08-05-202115-05-2021AUD $12,650Veranda Suite
08-05-202115-05-2021AUD $16,060Grand Suite
08-05-202115-05-2021AUD $16,960Owner's Suite. From
10-07-202117-07-2021AUD $7,120Porthole Stateroom
10-07-202117-07-2021AUD $7,600Window Stateroom
10-07-202117-07-2021AUD $9,470Balcony Stateroom. From
10-07-202117-07-2021AUD $11,820Veranda Stateroom
10-07-202117-07-2021AUD $13,900Veranda Suite
10-07-202117-07-2021AUD $17,640Grand Suite
10-07-202117-07-2021AUD $18,540Owner's Suite. From
21-08-202128-08-2021AUD $7,120Porthole Stateroom
21-08-202128-08-2021AUD $7,600Window Stateroom
21-08-202128-08-2021AUD $9,470Balcony Stateroom. From
21-08-202128-08-2021AUD $11,820Veranda Stateroom
21-08-202128-08-2021AUD $13,900Veranda Suite
21-08-202128-08-2021AUD $17,640Grand Suite
21-08-202128-08-2021AUD $18,540Owner's Suite. From
18-09-202125-09-2021AUD $6,280Porthole Stateroom
18-09-202125-09-2021AUD $6,910Window Stateroom
18-09-202125-09-2021AUD $8,360Balcony Stateroom. From
18-09-202125-09-2021AUD $10,510Veranda Stateroom
18-09-202125-09-2021AUD $12,650Veranda Suite
18-09-202125-09-2021AUD $16,060Grand Suite
18-09-202125-09-2021AUD $16,960Owner's Suite. From
30-10-202106-11-2021AUD $6,280Porthole Stateroom
30-10-202106-11-2021AUD $6,910Window Stateroom
30-10-202106-11-2021AUD $8,360Balcony Stateroom. From
30-10-202106-11-2021AUD $10,510Veranda Stateroom
30-10-202106-11-2021AUD $12,650Veranda Suite
30-10-202106-11-2021AUD $16,060Grand Suite
30-10-202106-11-2021AUD $16,960Owner's Suite. From
15-12-202122-12-2021AUD $4,350Porthole Stateroom
15-12-202122-12-2021AUD $4,830Window Stateroom
15-12-202122-12-2021AUD $6,280Balcony Stateroom. From
15-12-202122-12-2021AUD $8,570Veranda Stateroom
15-12-202122-12-2021AUD $10,860Veranda Suite
15-12-202122-12-2021AUD $13,420Grand Suite
15-12-202122-12-2021AUD $13,980Owner's Suite. From


    • Get off the beaten path with Tahiti Iti, a sparsely populated island with feats of bravery by local daredevil surfers thanks to the world famous wave of Teahupo'o, and spectacular views looking back at big sister Tahiti Nui.
    • Spend a relaxing day on Motu Mahana, our very own private islet, complete with white-sand beaches, swaying palm trees, a barbecue lunch, drinks served in coconuts, and a floating lagoon bar.
    • Explore Bora Bora your way—visit our exclusive white-sand beach with volleyball, snorkeling, kayaking or paddleboarding, or opt for an optional four-wheel-drive safari, aquabike excursion, or glass bottom boat ride.