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Help raise money for Shree Shikhar Primary School in Swanta, Nepal

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Geoff Simpson, founder of Peregrine Travel Centre Adelaide recently took a group trekking in Nepal in November 2015.
Included in the trek was a visit to a local school ‘Shree Shikhar Primary School’ in the villiage of Swanta in the Annapurna region.

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The trekkers and Geoff donated some money to the school during their visit, and met the local children.

Nima the local Nepalese trek guide interpreted back to the group after talking to the chairman of the School, that the school needs 2 full time teachers to keep it continually running and to allow the children to get a regular education.

Geoff asked how much a full time teacher costs, and was surprised when the school chairman replied that it was only $1000 USD per year!

The school needs 2 full time teachers and 30 school uniforms to educate the local children, which only costs $2,300 USD per year or just over $3000 AUD. Providing the children with school uniforms gives the kids a sense of pride and encourages them to come to school everyday.

The money will be handed directly over to the school by our local Peregrine contact, so there are no middle men and all of the funds raised will go directly to the school and to funding the children’s education for a whole year!

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We have set up a ‘GoFundMe’ page to help raide money for Shree Shikhar Primary School in Swanta, Nepal. Please click here to see more and donate – every dollar counts!

Click here to support the Shree Shikhar Primary School in Swanta!

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