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Why you should consider a family adventure with Explore!

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A family holiday can seem a bit daunting – especially when planning to visit exotic locations with so much to see and do. Have you considered a small group tour, specifically for families? Not only does this take the hassle out of planning your adventure, but it combines the must see sights with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the company of other like-minded families (which means the adults can take a break while the kids are entertained with other kids on tour).

Explore Worldwide have 42 family adventure itineraries to pick from all over the world! So we’ve sat down with the experts to find out why a family adventure is a great option for travellers.

1. How big are the tour group sizes? Will there be kids a similar age in our group?

Our usual family tour group size is 12-18 people. A major highlight of travelling on a group family adventure holiday is sharing your experiences with other families, and having your children make new friends. The minimum age for children on these family adventure is 7 (we do accept applications if there is a sibling younger than 7, this is determined at the time of booking), however the average age of children travelling on our trips is 13, though it will depend on the trip you choose and your travel consultant can find out the ages of the kids already booked onto a tour you choose so you can ensure the best possible fit for your family.

2. Are all families welcome on a family adventure?

Of course! Travelling in a small, informal group makes it really easy for any family, large or small, to fit in and quickly make friends. Single parent families and families with only one child have found the small group format works well and extended families are welcome too, we often have grandparents, uncles and aunts joining the holiday!


3. What is the activity level like on these trips?

We have different paces of trip to suit different families and ages of children. Our ‘relaxed’ holidays have chilled mornings and dedicated pool days, with plenty of time to see the sights of your destination, too. ‘Moderate’ trips have fuller days with down-time built into the itinerary, while our ‘full-on’ family holidays are busier, with some early starts. You’ll see more, as each day is full of amazing experiences.

This means that families can pick a trip that best suits their idea of a holiday – and have as little or as much downtime as they like!

4. What is the accommodation like?

We use a mix of homestays, characterful lodges and locally-owned hotels. Wherever possible, we make sure you have at least two nights in each place, so you won’t feel like you’re constantly on the move, unpacking and repacking. Swimming pools are one of the most important features for our families, and we always try to find family-friendly accommodation with pools. Some of the accommodation options are really special too – you can stay in tree tents, houseboats or beehive huts. And whether you all want to stay together in one room, or prefer your own space, we’ll work with your consultant to accommodate your needs – most of our group trips offer a combination of triple and single room options.

5. Is there a group leader on the trip the whole time?

There certainly will be! We choose local leaders for their travel experience, their passion for their country and culture, and their ability to make a truly memorable trip. Our leaders look after all the logistics and go out of their way to make sure you all have the family trip of a lifetime. Trip leaders on our Family trips also have extensive experience in working with children – so yes, it will also feel like a holiday from the kids at times!

6. Are the travel days and drives ok for smaller children?

We keep driving times to a minimum and have two-night stops along the way so we’re not on the road for two days in a row. This allows travellers time to enjoy and get under the skin of the destination. The ‘full-on’ style of trips do involve some early starts and long driving days. The flip side is you’ll get to see some amazing sights along the way.

Families that want to keep travelling to a minimum could consider one of our multi-active centre-based trips in Europe where you’ll stay in a single family-run hotel throughout your holiday and travel out each day to try exciting activities.

As you can see, a family adventure with Explore is definitely a great way to enjoy a new family adventure, keep the kids entertained along the way, and take the stress out of the logistics for the adults! If you’d like to know more about Explore family trips or request a brochure please contact our team of consultants on 08 8223 5905.

Download a flyer of some of the great family trips available.

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