Head off on an all-female adventure with Intrepid!

Break down the cultural barriers of traditional tourism with Intrepid’s range of women’s expeditions!

Intrepid believe travel is for everyone. But in some countries, there are things mixed-gender groups just can’t do. What if, as a female traveller in Iran, you could head down to the beauty salon with your female leader and get your hair done? The hijab comes off and there’s a real chance to connect. Or you might prefer to lace up your hiking boots and head off on a trek in Nepal, led by an all-female mountaineering crew.

This limited-edition series of expeditions is all about breaking down barriers, fostering discussion and creating immersive local experiences for women that are ordinarily off limits on regular group departures.

Below are the great women’s expeditions available, including two BRAND NEW trips just released!

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