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Nepal Earthquake 2015 – Client Feedback

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ANZAC Day 2015 will always hold special meaning for me, as on that day I was trekking high in the Everest region of the Himalayas when The Earthquake struck. We were out on the trail when the whole mountain range started to shake and roll like a rag doll. It was both an awesome display of the strength of nature, and it was terrifying.

After we got through the initial issues such as the trail cracking, suspension bridge crossed etc., and we could get to relatively safer ground away from rock slides, my first thoughts were “How do I get down and out from here?”. Being part of a Peregrine trek gave me some confidence.

Later that night in our tea house in Khumjung, the wi-fi service was available and so I could send a message to the Peregrine Adelaide Facebook page, and let my agent Louise Carter know that for the time being I was safe, as were all members of the team, which included another South Australian.

Over the next 48 hours messages flowed back and forth, and I knew that my family had been in touch with Louise, which I think was of great comfort to all parties.

Soon enough, my trek leader was able to arrange for a chopper to take us back to the relative safety of Lukla.

Louise let me know that my flight out of Kathmandu was still scheduled to fly on time, pending the capacity of the flight out of Lukla to operate. It did, and I made the flight from Kathmandu.

Now, I compared my own situation to that of a couple from the U.K. who were also in the tea house in Chumming, but who were travelling on their own and who appeared to NOT have the support of a travel agent. Apart from being very scared in terms of The Earthquake situation, they couldn’t arrange to get a chopper ride, had no idea what they should do to get back down the mountain, and certainly only had third hand hearsay about the conditions and operating capacity of Kathmandu airport. While I felt sorry for them, I just had to look after my self and do what was best for my family.

Having Peregrine Adelaide with Louise on my side, gave me such an advantage, and so much peace of mind.

It was all the better when I got back home to my loved ones, and also popped in to the Peregrine office to say hello and thanks. Great relief all round.

This post was written by Peregrine Travel Centre client – Rod Ettridge


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