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CLIQUE Hidden Travel Gems

The amazing guys over at CLIQUE Mag (with a little help from one of their favourite travel agents) have put together a list of hidden travel gems to help you fulfil those wanderlust dreams of yours. We can help you turn those dreams into a reality and you’ll be packed, at the airport and on your way to a new adventure in no time!

Head over to the Clique website and check out the places we think need to be on your travel bucket list this year as well as our exclusive insider travel tip for each destination.

In case you still want more, here’s a little extra info about some of our must visits.




Often referred to as the country’s cultural capital, Fez is primarily known for its Fes El Bali walled medina (old town), which is one of the world’s largest car-free urban zones so you can immerse yourself in old-world atmosphere. It is also admired for its medieval Marinid architecture and vibrant bazaars.


Known as the ‘Wind City of Africa’, this port city on Morocco’s Atlantic coast attracts plenty of surfers and windsurfers to its atmospheric palm-lined fortified medina.




Known for its pastel colonial architecture and winding narrow streets that seem to call your name, Camaguey is a place where you just want to get lost.


Cuba’s so-called ‘Pearl of the South’ is built around the country’s most stunning natural bay. It is known for its classical French architecture and feisty Caribbean spirit.

Sri Lanka


This ancient rock fortress near the town of Dambulla, rises from the central plains to expose an iconic rocky projection and one of Sri Lanka’s most spellbinding sights. Atop the near-vertical walled summit remain the ruins of an ancient civilization, thought to be once the epicentre of the short-lived kingdom. From the top you get a spectacular panorama of lush and wild forest.

Kalpitiya Peninsula

Best known for its surfing conditions and dolphin sightings this is a peninsula where you can go on a boat safari to witness hundreds of these majestic mammals jumping and playing.



Bay of Kotor

Take a road trip down the coastal road to discover this unspoiled medieval town on the Adriatic. From island monasteries and colossal citadels, to a hilltop fort looking over the peacock blue water inlet, The Bay of Kotor offers an illustrious and historical sojourn.


As part of the Budva Riviera, this town is known for its sandy beaches and buzzing nightlife. Stonewalls built by the Venetians surround the medieval old town that is crisscrossed with narrow streets, historic sights and a seaside citadel.



San Pedro de Atacama

Set on an arid high plateau in the Andes Mountains, this dramatic landscape heralds desert, salt flats, volcanoes, geysers and hot springs. The Valle de la Luna is a moonlike landscape of unusual rock formations, a huge sand dune and pink-streaked mountains.


On South America’s southern frontier is a place where nature grows wild and unencumbered. Amid jagged peaks, pristine rivers, bright blue icebergs and golden grasslands, Patagonia herald’s rare and beautiful wildlife that thrives.

Contact us for more information on these hidden gems and to start your holiday planning!

Blog post co-written by Iona Maclean, Clique Magazine.

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