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Easter treats around the world

One of the best parts about travelling is getting the opportunity to taste delicious local food along the way. A lot of different cultures celebrate special occasions by cooking traditional meals and sharing them with family and friends.

This Easter, we looked at a selection of traditional Easter treats around the world. Our mouths are watering just thinking about them…


In Southern Italy a very common Easter dish is Pizza Piena (or Pizza Chiena as they refer to it in Naples). This translates to a filled pizza, or pizza pie. Pastry, filled with ham, Italian sausage, cheeses and eggs, baked in the oven.


A delicious treat on the table at Easter time in Ecuador are empanadas. Empanadas de viento, or fried cheese empanadas, are stuffed with cheese and onion and fried, they are then served sprinkled with sugar.



In Peru Easter is a time for plenty of seafood! Depending on where you are from, the type of fish eaten will vary. A traditional fish and seafood soup called Chupe de Viernes is a traditional favourite as well as of course their local delicacy, Ceviche. Dessert is mostly Peruvian custards, they are three different colours, based on local ingredients; purple corn, caramel milk and rice pudding.



In Greece, the most symbolic food at the table at Easter time are dyed Easter Eggs. Boiled eggs, dyed red to symbolise the blood and sacrifice of Christ. Sometimes families will also dye them other vibrant colours, but traditionally they are red. On Easter families will hit their eggs together to crack them and the person who successfully cracks the eggs of the other people is said to have good luck for the rest of the year!



In Jamaica a favourite and traditional food at Easter is bun and cheese. It’s their own slightly varied take on a traditional hot cross bun. However, in Jamaica they pair their spicy Easter bun with a slice of cheese on top.


A delicacy and Easter treat in Egypt is Feseekh or salted fish. This dish is prepared around a month before to allow the fish to be stored and cooked by the salt. It is a very strong tasting fish and of course is quite salty. Another alternative for some families is smoked and salted herring.


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