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A total eclipse of the travel kind

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There’s a unique phenomenon coming up that you should consider planning your travel around – a total solar eclipse!

Often as travellers we base the timing of our travels around certain world events, festivals, sporting events or even holidays. Whether it is attending the World Cup in Russia, witnessing the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan or enjoying a white Christmas in London – these all add a unique experience to our travels.

If you choose to schedule your next holiday around a total solar eclipse, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed witnessing this incredible event whilst enjoying the new surroundings and stunning views that go with it.

The most important thing to know is that tours to witness this spectacle sell out sometimes years in advance, so don’t put off your planning if this is an experience you would like to have!

So when is the next total solar eclipse and where should you be to see it? Here’s our guide:

July 2nd 2019 – Argentina and Chile

The next total solar eclipse (according to the NASA website) will be on the 2nd July 2019 over South America. The best countries for witnessing the eclipse will be in Chile or Argentina. According to timeanddate.com the path of the eclipse will mean the best viewing areas would be around La Serena, Chile and inland around San Juan, Argentina.

December 14th 2020 – Argentina and Chile

Argentina and Chile are lucky enough to be home to the next two total solar eclipses, with another set for the following year on 14th December 2020. This year however, the path of the eclipse will be further south and timeanddate.com eclipse map path suggests Rio Negro in Argentina as a prime viewing point.

December 4th 2021 – Antarctica

Perhaps our most favourite destination to see the magic of a total solar eclipse unfold, and one that we have high up on our travel wish list, is witnessing it whilst in Antarctica! On the 4th December 2021 this majestic part of the world will play host to this natural phenomenon and what could be more amazing than watching the darkness and light combine while on board an expedition ship in the middle of nowhere with ice, snow and unique wildlife surrounding you. The fact that there are no inhabitants in Antarctica, no bright city lights and no noisy traffic or bustling streets of people means that the summer sky will hopefully be crystal clear and you’ll have what could only be described as a once in a lifetime moment!

There are a number of tours available which will allow you to take in the amazing destinations in South America and be at a vantage view point during the time both total eclipses are scheduled for. There are also some incredible expeditions to Antarctica that depart this time of year in 2021 and would mean you have every opportunity of witnessing a stunning spectacle. Remember, these tours will book out fast!

Contact our team if you would like to know more about travel during these upcoming total eclipses!

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