Top 5 sites to visit in Israel

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In February this year, right before COVID-19 took over all of our travel plans, our team member Sherrie embarked on an 8 day Intrepid trip through Israel & the Palestinian Territories. It was a quick, but in-depth look at a fascinating destination, filled with an interesting history and many iconic sites. Sherrie has put together […]

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Intrepid’s Jordan Women’s Expedition

Did you know Intrepid have a range of special expeditions exclusively for women? While it’s always fun to travel with a mixed group of travellers, there are some countries where travelling with only females can give you a completely different experience. These limited-edition series of expeditions are all about breaking down barriers, encouraging discussion and […]

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Travelling to Japan during 2020’s big sporting event? Here’s everything you need to know.

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Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid Travel, by Emily Kratzmann. The countdown is on. In July 2020, hundreds of thousands of sports-lovers from around the globe will descend on Japan for one of the biggest sporting events on earth. If you’re thinking of going, here’s everything you need to know about travelling […]

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Festival fun around the world

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Travel gives us the opportunity to learn about different places, people and cultures. When we return home, we bring with us not only memories but often new life lessons that we’ve learnt along the way. Incorporating your travel with a local festival or celebration is an incredible way to add a different experience and gain […]

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Why Canada’s Johnstone Strait is a dream destination for wildlife lovers

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Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid Travel. Between the mainland of Canada‘s British Columbia and the misty forests of Vancouver Island, there’s a particular stretch of water that’s become famous around the world. This is Johnstone Strait, home to the biggest resident pod of killer whales (orca) on the planet. There’s no […]

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5 things I learned conquering Everest Base Camp as a solo female traveller

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Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid, written by Tayla Gentle. As a woman travelling solo you run the gamut of emotions; everything from liberating highs to paralysing fears can cross your adventuring path. For me, independent travel has always been an incredibly freeing experience – I am woman, hear me roar/snore/speak terrible […]

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5 experiences that prove Sri Lanka is an adventurer’s paradise

Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid, by Ryan Bolton. Let’s start here: Sri Lanka has it all, adventure-seekers. Remarkable landscapes that take a while for you to register all that you’re seeing. Rich, succulent foods with exotic flavours that dance in the sea breeze. Vast multi-cultural and multi-religious roots. Fun-loving, curious locals. […]

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Our Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping in Italy

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Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid, by Sinead Blessing. Mouth-watering cuisine, majestic landscapes, pristine beaches – and more than a few superyachts thrown in for good measure. The islands that dot the edges of Italy’s coast are indeed some of Europe’s most exclusive and glamourous travel destinations, but you don’t have to […]

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