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10 Unique stays that should be on your bucket list

Original blog post featured on The Journal by Intrepid, by Rebecca Shapiro.

Sometimes any old hotel just doesn’t do.

Actually, any old hotel never does the job at Intrepid Travel. We’re all about locally-owned ones, authentic ones, and ones that offer something a little bit different.

So, to give you a sneak peak at some of the unique accommodations you can expect to stay in on Intrepid small group trips, here’s 10 of our photo-worthy favourites.

10. Bedouin Camp, Jordan

Bedouin Camp Jordan

Exploring the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum is an experience like no other. Hike it by day, watch the sun set, then take in the expansive, starry sky from the comfort of a well-ventilated tent.

STAY HERE: Explore Jordan, Cycle Jordan, Trek Jordan, Jordan Real Food Adventure

9. Junk Cruise, Vietnam


You’ll never forget the beauty of sailing through the emerald waters and limestone karts of Halong Bay. Enjoy a seafood dinner on board and then settle down for a comfortable night in the Unesco World Heritage Site.

STAY HERE: Vietnam Express Southbound, Best of Vietnam, Scenic Vietnam, Treasures of Vietnam, Classic Vietnam

8. Houseboat, Botswana

Houseboat Botswana

STAY HERE: Botswana Adventure, Amazing Southern Africa, Africa Experience

Arrive at your floating home via speedboat taxi and you’ll find you’re in for a treat. There will be hippos grunting, cicadas trilling, a dining area with games, twin-share cabins, and on-deck sundowners to go along with a spectacular sunset.

7. Hogan, United States

Navajo US

STAY HERE: Utah Parks Circuit, Utah, Nevada and California, Western USA Highlights

Stay in a traditional Hogan hut to get to grips with the culture of one of the largest North American Indian tribes, the Navajo. The facilities are basic but the reservation is home to 200,000 Navajo people, and the experience is unforgettable.

6. Lodge, Australia

Wilderness Lodge, Australia

STAY HERE: Discover Tasmania

A few hours drive from Hobart, this isolated wilderness lodge makes for a perfect base to explore rugged Tasmania. Finishing touches such as local wines, a lounge with a double fireplace, and premium rooms mean you’ll feel right at home.

5. Eco Camp, Borneo

Eco Camp, Borneo

STAY HERE: Essential Borneo, Borneo Family Holiday

Accessible via a boat ride then short walk, this accommodation is all about sustainable living. Think solar panel lighting and no running water or wifi. Yes, it’s time to get back to basics, breathe deep, and enjoy the awe-inspiring nature all around.

4. Ger Camp, Mongolia

Ger Camp, Mongolia

STAY HERE: Wild Mongolia, Beijing to Moscow, Trans-Mongolian Experience, Beijing to St Petersburg

Cosy and comfortable, ger camps are a must-have experience in the Mongolian countryside. Indulge in traditional cuisine and enjoy the epic landscapes around you.

3. Houseboat, India

Houseboat, India

STAY HERE: Cycle Kerala, India Family Holiday

A peaceful way to fall in love with the Southern Indian state of Kerala, little beats a night in a houseboat. Try your hand at fishing, experience local life on the water, and cruise the scenic lagoons and canals.

2. Ryokan, Japan

Ryokan, Japan

STAY HERE: Japan Real Food Adventure, Japan: Land of the Rising Sun

A ryokan is so much more than a traditional inn – it’s a place where you can feel connected to Japanese culture, sleep simply (a futon spread on the tatami floor), and enjoy an included breakfast and dinner.

1. Felucca, Egypt

Felucca, Egypt

STAY HERE: Egypt Adventure, Explore Egypt, Essential Egypt, Jordan & Egypt Uncovered, Discover Egypt & Jordan

Relaxing, unique and oh so cool, sailing the Nile by felucca is truly one for the books. Prepare yourself for a shared, open sleeping area, for tasty homemade meals from the Nubian sailing crew, and for the experience of a lifetime.

(All images courtesy of Intrepid Travel and the amazing properties stayed at on their tours.)

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