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Buon Appetito – a foodie’s guide to travel in Italy

What’s one of the best things about travelling? Tasting amazing local food and drinks of course! Getting a taste for a destination through trying one of their traditional dishes is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a new culture and bring home memories, new recipes (and potentially a few extra kg’s) to always remember your time away.

Italy is a country known for it’s delicious food – pasta, pizza, arancini, parmigiana, salsiccia – the list goes on (and that’s not including desserts)! There are many ways to feed your inner foodie – eating at local restaurants, visiting food markets or attending a cooking class. It’s definitely a great way to add a new dimension to your trip and help give you some local insight.

For all you avid food connoisseurs out there –  did you know you can turn your passion into a complete adventure?

Tantalise your taste buds and take off on the Intrepid Real Food Adventure – Italy or Real Food Adventure – South Italy and completely immerse yourself in the traditional Italian cuisine and all it has to offer. Learn to cook traditional meals, discover where the passion of food and cooking came from and most of all be inspired. If you want to fit your local food experiences into your own travel plans, then an Urban Adventures day tour will still give you an authentic tasting experience of Italy. Depending on what regions you are visiting, there are a range of day tours and experiences available to ensure you truly get the local perspective and taste of Italy.

Here’s a couple of our favourite Urban Adventures food and wine tours in Italy:

  • Cicchetti & Wine Tour of Venice
  • Florence Foodie Walk
  • Ancient Tastes of Genoa
  • Tasting Cinque Terre
  • In Focus: Trastevere 0-Kilometre Aperitivo

Not sure where in Italy you want to start? We think this infographic by Vinepair does a great job at showcasing traditional Italian meals and wines by region. Now the hard part is choosing what dish you want to experience first!

Infographic by Vinepair

Whether your preference is savoury or sweet, we guarantee that Italy will leave you feeling satisfied and wanting more!

Contact us to let us help you plan your ultimate real food adventure or to discuss what Urban Adventure experiences will fit well into your itinerary.

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