Cruising the Cape Verde Islands

Cruising the Cape Verde Islands

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Neither Senegal nor Portugal, the Cape Verde Islands march to the beat of their own drum. This incredible archipelago might just be the ultimate adventure cruise destination, a land whose particular brand of exotic defies classification. Set off from Praia to San Tiago and discover the history of the old Portugese capital of Cidade Velha, from the slave trade to the shipwrecks. Head north to Fogo to walk through laval landscapes and scale its volcanic peak, and on to friendly San Nikolau where the Faja Valley and quaint Rebeira Brava invite exploration. Move on the rich green of San Antao’s valleys and peaks, a land of sugarcane and heady ‘grogue’, before a rendezvous in the cultural capital of Mindelo and a dose of Baroque in beautiful Maio. With all shore activities optional, you have the flexibility and freedom of making this Cape Verde getaway as leisurely or as active as you please.

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Cruising the Cape Verde Islands
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  • Gaze in awe at landscapes like that of Fogo, aka the ‘Island of Fire’, and Santo Antao, the cape’s crown jewel of lush valleys, gorges and craters
  • Be charmed by the well preserved colonial towns of Cidade Velha, San Felipe and Rebeira Brava
  • There’s no place quite like Mindelo. As well as galleries and restaurants, this cobblestoned heartthrob of a town is abuzz with music, especially ‘morna’, the style unique to the cape
  • Sample the aptly named ‘grogue’, the potent national drink of Cape Verde


Travelling by sea is a fantastic way to explore, but it brings some challenges when weather conditions are not ideal. The itinerary may be subject to change, based on winds and sea conditions which may render anchorage and landing at some stops difficult. We reserve the right to change the itinerary for the safety of passengers and the ship. Shore excursions are subject to shore and weather conditions and are based on a minimum participation. Each days' schedule will be posted by the cruise co-ordinator listing necessary information such as arrival/departure times, meal times, days activities and other information. This is given as a guideline and is subject to change. The optional activities noted in the itinerary require a minimum number of passengers wanting to take place.  The mimnimum number can vary depending on the activity.  They are also subject to changes due to site restorations, weather, heavy traffic or other conditions.  Should sites or museums be closed on our visiting days, alternativ visits will be offered.  The tours can be quite active and require good physical conditions.  We recommendwearing comfortable shoes and taking sunscreen, a hat and water.

Day 1 - Embarkation in Palmeira, Sal
Embarkation will take place at 4.00pm at the port of Palmeira, Sal. After a safety briefing and welcome dinner, we will set sail for Boa Vista Island. Overnight at sea.
Day 2 - Sal Rei, Boa Vista Island
We arrive early this morning into Sal Rei on the island of Boa Vista. Boa Vista offers the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago, and amazing landscapes, both on its coasts and in the heart of the island. Relax on the beach or enjoy an all-day optional excursion to discover the most authentic aspects of the island: its villages with colorful facades, its artisans of ceramics, and its agriculture. Lunch will be at a local restaurant, before we return to the Harmony V to sail towards Santiago island. Overnight at sea.
Day 3 - Praia, Santiago Island
We have an early morning arrival at Praia, Santiago, the largest of the islands of the archipelago. After a morning at leisure and lunch on board, the optional afternoon excursion will bring us to Cidade Velha, the first colonial city built in the tropics and classified by UNESCO. The fort and the nearby settlements were once a thriving slave trade centre. Late in the evening we will sail north towards Fogo, the island of fire. Overnight at sea.
Day 4 - Sao Felipe, Fogo Island
Early morning arrival in Fogo, with its dominating sight of the Fogo Volcano which rises 3,000 meters over the sea level. Our optional full day excursion will bring us at the top of the volcano, right at the crater edge. You will walk through a landscape of lava. Lunch will be at the crater's village. We will also visit the city Sao Filipe with a characteristic colonial charm. Late in the evening we will sail to Sao Vicente. Overnight at sea.
Day 5 - Mindelo, San Vincente Island
Once a vibrant commercial island, San Vincente has evolved into a cultural center and Mindelo is one of the most well -preserved colonial cities in Cape Verde. Our optional walking excursion will allow you to visit galleries and discover busy restaurants, musical events that give Mindelo its label of the Cultural Center of the Cape Verde. It is no surprise that the National Museum of Handicrafts is located in Mindelo. Overnight in port.
Day 6 - San Vincente to Porto Nova, Santo Antao Island
Early in the morning depart for a short sail towards the island of Santo Antao, the greenest of all Cape Verde Islands with landscapes of verdant plantations of sugarcane alternating with old craters. Our optional full day excursion will include the luxuriant Valley Paul where sugarcane is still exploited and where you will taste the "grogue" the national drink of the Archipelago. You will also reach the Valley of Ribeira das Patas and discover rock formations coming from lava formations. Tonight, dinner will be on board and overnight in port.
Day 7 - Porto Nova, Santo Antao Island
This morning, choose from two optional excursions: enjoy an optional full day excursion including lunch, discovering the major sites of the island, passing by the famous road of Corda, Água das Caldeiras, Ribeira Grande, Ponta do Sol and, of course, by Paul – a green jewel among the villages of Santo Antão. On the way we will visit plantations of sugar cane and we will taste in home-distillery “grogue” – the white rum made by sugar cane. Or enjoy an optional half day excursion, to the south-western part of the island - a safari through volcanic landscapes, pozzolans fields and isolated villages with dropwise agriculture and different kind of plantations.Return on board to depart towards Sal. Overnight at sea.
Day 8 - Disembark in Palmeira, Sal Island
We arrive early this morning and disembarkation will take place after breakfast

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