Kenya Wildlife Safari


Kenya Wildlife Safari

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Immerse yourself in the animal kingdom on this safari adventure through some of East Africa’s finest game parks. Veer off the beaten track to search out elephants, hippos, leopards and lions against the impressive backdrop of the Great Rift Valley and Lake Naivasha. Then, staying in the world-famous Masai Mara, deepen your understanding of Kenyan culture by experiencing tribal life in Loita Hills, as you’re welcomed into the homes of the Maasai warriors and their proud village community. Join Intrepid on this perspective-shifting journey that encompasses unforgettable moments and memorable wildlife encounters.

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Kenya Wildlife Safari
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  • Meet Maasai warriors and experience Kenya's tribal life at an overnight village visit in Loita Hills
  • Venture into the incredible Masai Mara National Reserve for a full-day game drive in 4x4s
  • Keep your eyes peeled for black and white rhinoceroses on an adventure through Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Get a taste of Nairobi, an exciting, cosmopolitan city of sterling restaurants, cafes and museums
  • You'll be in excellent hands for the duration of your trip, travelling with a crew of three experienced locals – a leader, driver and cook


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Day 1 - Nairobi
Jambo! Welcome to Kenya, your adventure begins with a welcome meeting at 6 pm, however if you arrive early, why not head out and soak up the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Nairobi. There are plenty of good bars and restaurants, while markets and shops have most things you could want or need, as well as various arts and crafts from the region. There's also the National Museum of Kenya, the Karen Blixen Museum (author of Out of Africa), or Bomas of Kenya (displays of traditional homesteads of several Kenyan tribes) open for exploration. After the welcome meeting, perhaps join your new travel companions for an optional group dinner. Unfortunately, petty crime has become common in Nairobi and recently arrived visitors to the capital can often make for tempting targets. Your trip leader will verse you in a few worthwhile precautions at the welcome meeting. Some top tips are to get local advice on where to walk, keep valuables in a neck wallet or money belt or leave them secure in your hotel, and to not leave belongings unattended on chairs or the floor. Stay aware even when inside, as thieves and pickpockets have been known to operate indoors as well. There's no need to be paranoid but appearing vigilant is a great deterrent to would-be thieves.
Day 2 - Lake Nakuru National Park
Drive north-west past splendid views of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha and Elementaita to Lake Nakuru National Park (approximately 3–4 hours). Situated in the heart of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Nakuru National Park's small and compact area makes a great location for spotting wildlife. Head to a nearby village with your guide – this is a fantastic opportunity to interact with the local folk and get a feel for everyday life here. Enjoy a cooking class and return later in the evening to share the spoils for dinner.
Day 3 - Lake Naivasha
Wake early for breakfast and head into the Lake Nakuru National Park for a game drive in the overland vehicle. Along with the other members of the Big Five, Lake Nakuru is home to rhinos, and there will be a good chance of spotting and photographing one of these magnificent beasts. Return to camp for lunch before driving to your camp near Lake Naivasha (approximately 3 hours). One of the few freshwater lakes in the Great Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha has floating islands of papyrus reeds and a border of flat-topped acacias. It's also home to a healthy population of hippos and a tremendous variety of birds.
Day 4 - Lake Naivasha
Enjoy a free day to choose from a variety of optional activities available around Lake Naivasha. Perhaps venture to Hell's Gate National Park, which boasts beautiful cliffs, gorges, rock towers, volcanoes and a range of geothermal phenomena. Another great choice is to take a boat trip across Lake Naivasha – perhaps the best way to take in the atmosphere of this lush area. If you're looking for something active, why not hire a bike for the day and make some of your own discoveries, venturing beyond the cacti and olive trees.
Day 5 - Loita Hills Maasai Village
Depart Lake Naivasha, making a short stop in Narok to do a spot of food shopping. Continue to Loita Hills (approximately 5–6 hours), stopping for lunch enroute. Today's drive crosses the Great Rift Valley, Africa's immense and spectacular great divide, and takes you into the remote region of Loita Hills. This is the home of the traditional Maasai people. You will visit the Maasai, who are known for their vibrant red dress and elaborate jewellery, and gain an insight into the culture and ancient ways of this proud East African community. We’ll be camping at Tepesua Village, which is known for championing Maasai women’s health and education. Arrive and be welcomed by traditional Maasai warriors song & dance. After setting up your tent enjoy a fascinating talk, full of insights into this remarkable and ancient culture. Your host will explain the details of Maasai Warrior training and you may have an opportunity to learn how to throw a spear, or jump like a Maasai warrior. Take a walk to the community village which was founded for widows who had lost their cows due to drought, and can never remarry. The village offers support, safety and economic growth through the ‘Tepesua Widows Income Project’. Here, the women are engaged in making handicrafts and sewing eco-friendly handbags and backpacks to sell to visiting travellers and locals. Learn about village life and be shown around a traditional Maasai home, and their cattle enclosures. You may even have the opportunity to meet the community founder, Hellen Nkuraiya, and hear stories of the incredible work she is doing. Spend the evening around a campfire and learn more about their age old culture and traditions as you share stories with Maasai warriors into the night.
Day 6 - Masai Mara National Reserve
Today you’ll travel from Loita Hills to Masai Mara (approximately 1–2 hours). The road is dusty when dry, and could be slippery and muddy when wet, so the going may be slow. The Masai Mara is the quintessential African experience, with sparse open plains, dramatic skies and some of the world's most tremendous animals. After setting up camp, sit down to some lunch. Then it's time to jump in 4WDs and go for a game drive through the wilderness of the Mara.
Day 7 - Masai Mara National Reserve
Venture into the Masai Mara National Reserve for a full day's game drive in 4WDs. You'll explore this diverse environment and most likely see a multitude of wildlife. An optional balloon ride over the Mara at sunrise is an unforgettable experience. If you have pre-booked this activity (see the 'Important Notes' section) you will be picked up before dawn and driven to the launch site for a safety briefing from your pilot. Then you will glide through the dawn, sometimes at tree height, which provides amazing photo opportunities. Sometimes you will ascend, getting an overview of the enormity of the plains and of the early morning movements of the teeming herds. After landing, you'll be treated to a bush breakfast, then be returned to your campsite.
Day 8 - Nairobi
Say goodbye to the open expanses of the African bush and return to the bustling metropolis of Nairobi (approximately 5–6 hours). No accommodation is provided for tonight, but this can be arranged – please enquire at the time of booking this trip. You can be dropped at your hotel upon arrival in Nairobi.

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Camping (with facilities) (5 nights),Hotel (1 night),Camping (with basic facilities) (1 night)


Overland vehicle,4x4 safari vehicle